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  1. Few items for sale, All including mainland postage. 7.5x55 Swiss Lee factory crimp die, new - £12 7.5x55 PPU once fired brass x 100, boxed - £20 Lee Zip Trim, un-used in it's box - £15 Lyman shell holder, fits most presses, x7 - .303 etc, used in it's pack - £4 Lyman shell holder, x13 - .338 Win Mag etc used in pack - £4 Lee hand prime shell holder, no.3 - £3
  2. Lee 7mm-08 factory crimp die

    As above, new or used. Thanks.
  3. Lapua crimped 308 brass

    Bought a bunch of 308 Lapua brass a short time back and noticed that the primer pockets have a military style crimp. They weigh the same as other cases I have, but was wondering why they had the crimp with one having a green colour? Doesn't seem like a sealing resin, just coloured. Would these have been military issue, if so, where for and what specific purpose if any? Might be common, but first I've seen. Any thoughts, info? Thanks.
  4. Hi, Don't know where abouts in the country you are, but there is a firearms auction at Newark tomorrow with a LOT of .303 going through. Some of it in 32 round packs, some Mk7, so I assume the old stuff. It's run by Scott arms - http://www.scotarms.co.uk - if you could make it there may be some bargains to be had.
  5. Hi Ralph, I reload because I enjoy it and enjoy the results when they are good. I get some satisfaction from it. It is time consuming though and if you do find it a chore later on, factor in the re-sale value of the brass from any factory stuff you buy. You would could probably pass on the once fired brass for £20 or so per 100, or maybe more depending on what make it is. If you find a round that your rifle really loves, this way might cancel out any cost advantage of reloading. Just a thought, as I said, I enjoy reloading.
  6. Hi, I'll take the RWS brass please if still available.
  7. Scenars sold pending.
  8. Advertised elsewhere also.
  9. FAC Variation

    Nice one. The way it should be. Mine just came back after almost seven weeks.
  10. Huge increase in bullet prices

    I think limits on powder include any loaded ammo you have also.

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