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  1. price drop, as above.
  2. I have a 5 round PTG magazine for 6.5 Creedmore for sale that I had with my Remington short action mag conversion. £20 inc postage.
  3. Morning folks, I have 400 x 80gr A-Max bullets for sale in .224. £25 / 100 inc postage.
  4. deadcenter

    7mm-08 Brass wanted.

    As above, new or once fired. Thanks.
  5. Also pm'd about matchkings
  6. deadcenter

    Rifle cabinet / safe wanted

    Hi all, looking for a rifle cabinet for club guns. Max 300mm width. 4/5 gun. Located in Mansfield, Notts, so reasonably close please. Thanks.
  7. deadcenter

    Military surplus ammo. Post-war.

    I have some 7.62x54R 77 / 188 and 68 or 69 / 188 if you find yourself in Nottinghamshire at any point. All 147gr fmj. Pm me if interested.
  8. deadcenter

    Wanted part boxes of bullets

    I have 50 x 80gr A-max. £15 inc postage. Should go nicely with a 1-8 twist.
  9. Interested in 200 of the amax please

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