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  1. Newbie - needing a reloading kit

    Just my opinion, depends on what your goal is. General loading giving reasonable accuracy, I like an RCBS press and scales. I have good results with Lee dies and case prep items. BUT...... if it's extreme accuracy your after, it's high end stuff you want, which I'm sure some of the experienced folks on here will be happy to offer advice on. RCBS press in my opinion a definate though.
  2. Norma powders

    Interesting info, thanks guys.
  3. Norma powders

    Apologies if this has already come up. Anyone have any info on the Norma powders that have appeared? Who makes it, equivalents, prices etc.
  4. Powder for 69gr TMK

    I use N-140 with great results. 24gr is what works for me, 26" barrel, 2750fps. Shot this combo out to 600 metres with great results. No pressure signs and seems kind to the Lapua brass.
  5. I'll take the SSTs please.
  6. Wanted empty brass

    pm inbound.
  7. Wanted empty brass

    I think I have some 9mm also. I'll see what I can find.
  8. Wanted empty brass

    Sorry for the late reply. £10 for the 50 posted. Once fired, cleaned but not de-capped or sized.
  9. Wanted empty brass

    I have 50 once fired PPU .223 cases.
  10. Gun Crime on the UP

    In fact, looking at it again, surely it can't be right. Thant's an awful lot of guns!
  11. Gun Crime on the UP

    I found this a bit back. Gun amnesty from 2003. If the figures are correct, it's astounding. Hopefully I've attatched it. figures.pdf
  12. Berger .224 Bullets

    I have 60 x 70gr VLD match grade 22418 if they're any good to you.
  13. Hi, I'll take the 2 x RM50 mtm cases please if still available.
  14. Hi Bob, I'll take the 303s please.

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