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  1. Chanonry

    284 win

    N165 would defo be worth a try. I run it in another cal and the vertical and velocity consistency is excellent. Crudely 1" at 560 yards. I don't have "scientific" numbers as I can't be arsed but its a good 'un
  2. The old stuff lying at the back of the cupboard. You are going to shot blast it off again, so who cares? After that car primers seem to work well, dry quick enough and you can find it cheapo
  3. Chanonry

    Accuracy Int AT - advice required

    Folder - major advantage. Also have the mb with thread for the can. Comments from others is that the can is very quiet. MB is great but a bit noisy when you forget to put yer lugs on.
  4. No had one for a week then ebay'd it. Just not stable enough. Either "Manfrotto with a Hog Saddle" idea (great for setting up a position for standing sitting kneeling and "too high" prone, nice rear support off a fence, not exactly speedy if just wandering about, bit heavy) or the 4 stick type idea (better for quick shots when stalking, nice and stable, less flexible but much lighter).
  5. Chanonry

    New to firearms, have a question.

    Well you may want to think about this a bit. It depends on your personal circumstances which we obviously don't understand, but there is nothing wrong with entering into a bit of a conversation with them to try a bit harder to justify a 223 (or something like it) rather than what they are trying to push on you. Picking a fight won't get you anywhere but if you point out the problems then it may. If you read their own advice https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/518193/Guidance_on_Firearms_Licensing_Law_April_2016_v20.pdf Its advice not law but it constrains them a bit and gives you a decent argument. If you have not seen this before, there is a table on page 123 which lists cartridges against suitable quarry species. The section relating to foxes with the rf cartridges generally shows these cartridges to be unsuitable except as defined by note 13.25. (it does state that 17HMR is suitable but you should be able to argue that it is equally low powered/wind affected and is not normally considered/used as a foxing round) So... On page 110. 13.25 Although not set out in legislation, common rifle cartridges considered suitable for the shooting of foxes range from .17 Remington, and .22 Hornet to .22 -250 and .220 Swift, though there is a wide range of suitable similar calibres commercially available. In windy areas, where heavier bullets aid accurate shooting, or if applicants wish to use one rifle for shooting both deer and foxes, they may choose a rifle in 6mm (.243/.244) or 6.5mm (.264) calibre. .22 Rimfires are generally considered as having insufficient muzzle energy to be used against foxes in most circumstances. However, these could be suitable for use at short range by experienced persons, and may be permitted in certain situations such as around farm buildings or paddocks. It is for the operator to ensure that the quarry species are shot at the appropriate range with the appropriate ammunition to achieve a humane kill. Combination shotgun/rifles should have the rifled barrel in a similar calibre. Expanding ammunition should be authorised for shooting foxes. Those involved in shooting foxes will normally be authorised to possess up to 250 rounds, but consideration should be given to each shooter’s individual circumstances, particularly where re-loaders are acquiring missiles. See also paragraph 13.9 on allowing the applicant flexibility to reasonably shoot other species on named land. So if you are not shooting at super close range you should point them to this and argue that they are insufficient to ensure a humane kill at your expected ranges (lets say 100 to 150 yards !) and it is notable that the range of suitable cartridges starts at 17 Remington and goes up. 223 being a common choice somewhere in the middle. I understand their caution, first FAC etc, but they need to give you a tool that can do the job. Dunno, but it is a thought... If you are in BASC you could phone them. They have always been helpful in the past even when I wasn't a member !!
  6. Chanonry

    UK Distributors too greedy?

    Well, there is isn't there. The US is the largest gun market in the world (I think) so if you are a big brand, you have to be there. Equally the Americans are not a bunch of tarts and are keen on buying American. With lots of large local suppliers, and some very cheap guns in the market, they set the price. If you want to be there you have to compete with that even if that means you are making lower margins. Its competition. Now if it was you and me we may not like that business very much but high volumes at low margins can still deliver a decent profit number. Other markets where the US manufacturers have higher costs (duties, supply chain, regulatory compliance all cost) mean the retail price required is higher. The local guys can therefore get a better price point and a bigger margin per sale. Its economics. One of the other reasons it is hard to get stuff in this country is that market is so small suppliers can't be arsed to serve it for such small $ numbers. A $4000 order has the same hassle as a $40,000 order .They have bigger customers in other countries (e.g.. Germany) where they can make the same $ with less hassle.
  7. Chanonry

    AI AT barrel weight

    Well its 20% shorter so as a maximum 20% less weight. So about 410gr, bit less because of taper Or more usefully - the rifle will go from 14.3 lbs to 13.4 lbs. A 6% reduction.
  8. Chanonry

    .243 load

    Glad you know you limits. For lots of shooters on here a shot at that range will be meat and drink
  9. Chanonry

    .243 load

    Oh dear....
  10. Chanonry

    .243 load

    Well just replicate the Federal load ?
  11. Chanonry

    Advice needed. Chamber issues

    Give it back to the guy who sold it to you and neglected to tell you about the problem. Refund or small claims court. His choice ?
  12. Google... Parallels or BootCamp are two options....
  13. Chanonry


    If you have a good dog, don't let it out your sight. The 'caravan club' wait round the corner, entice the dog over, chuck it in the back of the van and that's it. If its lucky it gets sold on, if not their fighting dugs get to practice on it. Scum of the earth, don't care what the politicos think. Lots of poachers at these Game Fairs. Doesn't surprise me in the least. Let the wife sit on her own not yer dog....?
  14. Chanonry

    Double rifle sling

    TAB Gear
  15. Thought that was a manhole cover or something ??

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