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  1. Chanonry

    Pierced primer! Trip to the gunsmith?

    "stiff loads" implies an acknowledgement on your part that you are operating at high pressures? Real world observation, never mind the book. If you are getting plastic deformation of the case then by definition you are over stressing the brass. You can read manuals and Quickload output all you want for your pressures, but if your load is resulting in plastic deformation of the brass then your load is over pressure for your COMPONENTS irrespective of standard SAMMI pressure limits. There is a reason people buy decent brass. Not much of a jump and pretty simple really.
  2. Chanonry

    Walking the dog the other night

    Dog is up for it !
  3. Chanonry

    Pierced primer! Trip to the gunsmith?

    a simpler view would be to avoid over pressurising your components
  4. Chanonry


    Before we start getting aroused by "doppler radar data". Hornady 4DOF bull or Ballistic Bitches ? You choose. 4DOF Hype?
  5. Chanonry


    He is not alone in that experience, although I suspect (no data to support this view) it is coincidence rather than science that it "works". It certainly does not work on demand. With some loads the G1 seems to give a better model than G7 even with the "wrong" bullets.
  6. Chanonry


    They work fine for me
  7. Chanonry

    6.5CM Necksizing Problems

    Does it work on newish brass while at the same time not work on older brass ? Or is the die just not working for some reason?
  8. Chanonry

    6.5CM Necksizing Problems

    Don't throw the Collet die in the bin ! Buy a Redding Body Die to FL resize every time and use the Collet Die for the neck. Excellent set up for a fraction of the cost. and avoids those damn expander balls
  9. Chanonry

    New 223 lapua brass

    No you don't, but you can if it makes you feel better. People do lots of stuff with a theory backing it up but with no data driven evidence to demonstrate any benefit. Its more superstition really than science.
  10. None. They are all as bad as each other 😂. 6.5 CM "you can get factory ammo" yes loaded by Hornady. The same people who don't seem to be able to make two bullets the same length or decent brass. Feel free... 260 mag length, heavy bullets and loading depth issues. Swede is just an oddball that doesn't do anything the others can't but is longer and takes more powder. So the CM fanboys tell me. Lapua can't get ammo. Really. The "benefits" is an exercise in hair splitting of the finest dimensions...
  11. Chanonry

    Lead ban

    Keep shooting lead until it is banned (if ever) better than the toxic heavy metal alloys ....
  12. Who won the rifle ?
  13. The effects of Coriolis and Spin Drift look an order of magnitude high ? Your data not mine, but a quick look at my 6mm load it seems 2x my values? Odd. Litz quotes powder sensitivity rates as : Good Double Base 1 fps/ ºF Average Single 0.5 ºF Best Single 0.2 ºF So part of the answer is you don't run a powder @1000 that you think is 2 fps/ºF ?
  14. Chanonry

    Finding the lands

    ...and stop bloody worrying about it. Shoot the thing until the pips squeak, enjoy yourself
  15. I started off with a home made tripod a bit like that. Worth revisiting now I have better skills. (shooting, nae woodworking!) Will report back...

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