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  1. Wanted 243 dies

    Looking for some secondhand decent quality dies pls...
  2. Lyman Gen 6 - views from a loading bench!

    Well that'll be me then. Like you I have come and gone on the idea. Was warming up to it again as my TargetMaster went south, never convinced about the build quality of that either really. Then I read an incidental comment from Laurie about shooting in the order you load to limit any effects of the scales drift. Hmmm.
  3. Bullet pointing

    some sierra's come pointed...
  4. BBC Country file certificate renewal

    All that may be true, but you may have to resort to the law to enforce your 'rights'. Plod from Lincolnshire (?) was on t'box contradicting what you are saying. Currently there no note from the doc and they will not grant/renew. Feel free to sue...
  5. BBC Country file certificate renewal

    Yes, i was a bit surprised at that, I thought this was about mental health. Unintented consequences and/or doctors building their part (GOD ++) ? Have there been any incidents that have arisen because someone had too many puffs on their inhaler ?? I was not impressed by the Countryside Alliance guy (yet again, but I am biased ever since the CA tried to throw us shooters under the bus to save Fox Hunting - pretty clear in my twisted head that it is just a front for the 'unspeakable'), refuse to provide a medical cert and the Police will just decline to grant/renew and it's your own fault. Who does that benefit ?? Should have had BASC on....
  6. Powder for 243 107gr SMK

    Thanks Laurie. Appreciated
  7. Powder for 243 107gr SMK

    Some advice pls. I am about to put a 28" 243 barrel on my AX for fun 'target'. Never reloaded for this calibre before so I am not sure what are the 'best' powders. The usual US sites may not be too helpful as they seem to suggest H1000 H4350 for the 107gr bullet, but given import restrictions etc they may not be a wise choice. What are the go to powders for this combination ?
  8. That's no help. "IF the user wishes..."
  9. NSX or Schidt & Bender

    Jonathan I have a NXS 5.5-22x56 MOAR which I had been thinking about moving on if that is of any interest. No zero stop. I got the MOAR to use both on the range and hunting. Personal thing really, but it seemed to be a bit more flexible in terms of dialing and/or holding Drop me a PM if you like Andy
  10. this has raged on and on (ad nauseam frankly) for years on other sites. Apocryphal stories of manufacturers posting break in processes on their websites 'cos people wanted one and kept phoning up interrupting fee paying work. Just sayin' Like other religion's, do what you want just don't try to covert me
  11. Upgrade Accuracy International AT

    AX and AX AICS not the same thing
  12. which calibre do you most enjoy shooting?

    470 Nitro Express The 12" flame ....
  13. can anyone help

    the benefit of the RL17 powder is high mv on heavy bullets so you get the benefit of their high bc (if chosen carefully) without the historic norms of lower mv. albeit at the cost of some temp sensitivity. imo 168 is not heavy enough. find some modern high bc bullets 175gr - 185gr ish. Berger hybrids or Juggernaughts are one (rather expensive, but very good) option. Avoid Sierra 168gr Matchking at all costs if you are planning on running them out towards 1000.
  14. can anyone help

    Ah. Ok. I have used RL17 a lot in 308. It works best with the heavy bullets i.e. 180gr and up. For 165gr and down its not really ideal, better with the Varget, Rl15, N140 type powders. Sounds like RS50 is more in line with that group ? So I would suggest you either go to heavier bullets and get the benefits of high mv's. Or change to a slower burning powder.
  15. .22 Semi Auto Laws

    crisis, what crisis ? Somebody says something that can be construed negatively and it becomes a crisis. Social Media fever comes to us oldies....

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