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  1. Chanonry

    Stock stiffening

    Tried once. Nightmare/Fools Errand for me anyway. New stock or new rifle...
  2. Chanonry

    MOA - Mills

    Bolt grease, now this AGAIN 🛫 The sun is shining away oot and fiddle wi yer knobs, mil or moa or indeed IPHY 😁
  3. Chanonry

    Bolt lube

    I preferred the bipods thread ....
  4. Chanonry

    Wanted: Bolt Lube

    👍 cheap at the price 😂
  5. Chanonry

    Bolt lube

    FFS stop the bus, its the definitive argument. Never mind anything to back it up Bob57 has said it is so. How can we have 4 pages of drivel on BOLT LUBE. Has nobody got anything interesting to post about anymore?
  6. Chanonry

    Tikka CTR - Super Varmint

    Yes, I know you can, and it was a sweeping generalisation but I didn't want to be a bore and write a dissertation 😀. Much as love my 308's the 7.62 was never really designed to be a 1000 yard target round unlike the 65CM where the modern bullets kick render the uncompetitive. My 243 with a 107gr SMK make it look well frankly rubbish in comparison actually) and I am using Bergers/Amax/all those tricks to get the most out of the 308. Equally I think there is a lot of hype around the new 65's. They don't do anything the 65Swede can/could do and funnily enough its not nearly as popular as the 308. Wonder why, and its not action length !
  7. Chanonry

    Tikka CTR - Super Varmint

    Depends on the emphasis... CTR - semi weight barrel is good for vermin and deer. Not tried it on the range. 6.5CM and 308 will work on anything running about up here. BUT if target dominates the round count and 1000 is available then you want 6.5CM (much as I love the 308, it is really an 800 yard round) with a long heavy barrel. You can suck that up on the odd stalk. I have shot a Varmint in the cairngorms for years. Depends on yer legs 😀
  8. Chanonry

    Bolt lube

    Grease is just a medium for holding shite in wee crannies. So you are paying premium prices for Branded slippy stuff to make a grinding paste ?? 🙉
  9. Chanonry

    New barrel breaking in

    One of the great truths of all shooting sports. It does not matter one jot whether the equipment really makes a difference, if its presence frees your head to fully concentrate on the essential action it is an essential piece of kit.
  10. http://bulletin.accurateshooter.com/2019/04/velocity-test-with-four-different-barrels-surprising-results/
  11. Chanonry

    New load development

    Similarly I used Reloader 17 with the luxury of loading to 2.950 and was seeing 2700. It was full mind.
  12. Ok so ... 1. It is a small effect. The errors inherent in the numerical models are likely to vary and on such a small effect may well produce different results depending on their exact initial configuration. How about that? 2. Confucius say "Man with two watches never knows the time". Who says he is wrong, maybe he has a better model. Plenty other software has spin drift and coriolis options, as you point out. So why the cynicism? 3. They have other things to worry about for now that generate bigger errors? As the game progresses that may not always be the case. There are heaps of scientific advances that are don't have practical usage for decades. The AI algorithms were written tens of years ago but until we got big data, cheap compute, and the ability to load large databases across multiple processors they weren't much use. You can't just advance science when it suits you. Just wait until you can profile the wind with a laser. As for the rest of it, you are being obtuse and I will leave you to it.

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