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  1. Interesting, what's the barrel profile ?
  2. Satterlee load development method

    Not guaranteed to find a nice flat spot in my experience. Some loadings do, others just give a nice linear(ish) trend in what were acceptable velocity ranges (for me). +1 on accuracy and consistency required in the loading process. If not the result is an illogical mess
  3. Looks like one I saw on the rack at Sporting Targets a while back. 308 right enough.
  4. Building the 'Long Dog'

    Oh I don't know, it does it for me. I guess its an engineers thing. Walnut stocks are sooo 1950's....
  5. Expander Mandrel

    6mm Looking for a body as well...
  6. Expander Mandrel

    Anybody got one sitting in cupboard they don't need ?
  7. EVO bipod and 243 modified case pls pm sent
  8. 6.5mm varmint bullet choice

    got a mate dropping things with 120 ELD Match. very effective
  9. Scope Calibration

    Of course it isn't. Calibration is the act of empirically assessing the ACTUAL click value. It includes any effects of deficiencies in the theory arising from currently 'unknown unknowns'. That is one reason why theory and practice diverge.
  10. Gun Crime on the UP

    Conspiracy theories are always fun but this is just a performance indicator to save them doing unnecessary analysis if there isn't a problem. Easy to see someone a long time ago deciding that it would be good to measure gun crime statistics. Once they start to measure something then they are very reluctant to change the definition as you lose the validity of the trend. So they stick with it even if it doesn't quite measure the precise issue, but it will attract attention if there is a big shift and then get some more analysis. It is pretty obvious from there pronouncements that the Home Office understands the issue is with illegally imported guns. So looks to me like the crude metric told them something was happening and they went away did some analysis and got to the root cause. What's the problem with that.
  11. Aimpoint 30mm pic rail ring

    Anyone got one sitting around in the cupboard ??
  12. Scope Calibration

    and if you are going to great lengths to test our scopes to ensure there isn't a disastrous 2% error what are you doing to test your ballistic app to ensure its output is equally valid ???? i get the point and i do it too but this game is a chain. if the scope is accurate to 0.001%, your rifle shoots 0.001moa your runout is 0.25 thou but your app data is pish your results will be, well, equally pish and really the only way you are going to be sure your 9.5 mil is reliable at 1500m is if you have dope to there or beyond. So to get a complete solution we end up shooting groups at range. At least in the UKD world. Can't avoid the shooter... like reloading, there are diminishing returns. gbal's point really, worth it if the result requires it. still, I enjoy reading the results so please keep us informed. I think Lowlight uses a scope testing rig like the one described above to test students scopes on his classes. On the basis of those tests Kahles are a bargain, if they float yer boat
  13. Wanted 243 dies

    Looking for some secondhand decent quality dies pls...
  14. Lyman Gen 6 - views from a loading bench!

    Well that'll be me then. Like you I have come and gone on the idea. Was warming up to it again as my TargetMaster went south, never convinced about the build quality of that either really. Then I read an incidental comment from Laurie about shooting in the order you load to limit any effects of the scales drift. Hmmm.

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