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  1. I see what you are saying and why but I don't think I would be betting my house on it. The chatter is exactly that, chatter; and the study does not look statistically valid. To be fair to the guys that did it, they actually say that themselves in their comments about sample size. Looking at the standard deviations and the changes in velocity, they are so similar at the longer barrel lengths that you could prove anything you wanted. Some of the numbers also just look odd which demonstrates the problem. As the numbers don't go beyond 30" and are dubious close to that value, I don't see how anyone can make any informed comment at all never mind a definitive statement. Still it is better than nothing? Maybe not. The other point in the thread in general I don't really get is the apparent belief that once the powder is burnt then any extra barrel is a waste. Well if the bullet still had 30 kpsi or whatever up its chuff it is still going to accelerate so the extra inches are worth while ? I have not run quickload on this cartridge but on others that I have the powder burn often finishes well down the barrel and the residual pressure adds a lot to the final muzzle velocity
  2. Chanonry

    How do You prep Your brass? UKV survey.

    Wipe. Junk/check anything I don't like the look of - don't waste time on a duff case. De-prime Brush inside neck and primer pocket Body resize Neck resize Cordless drill - trim, debur chamfer + run up and down the case a couple of times with steel wool - cheapskate trim and clean process 100% - Simple visual check. 100% - NoGo bullet hand seating test - check neck is sized/I have not screwed up again etc etc Sample check - concentricity gauge - QC to ensure process is giving desired results not producing junk Store/Junk/Rework/Time to Anneal? ....
  3. There isn't one gun or calibre that will do all of that 'well'. Its a well trod path with no agreed answer. Some thoughts though... None of the rounds you mention are a good compromise for that list (IMHO, others will differ i am sure). Do some googling and see what the common rounds people use for each of your areas of interest. Long range target seems to split into a couple of broad groupings - 6.5's for long barrel life or 7mm WSM etc for best performance but high demands on the wallet for replacement barrels. 284 Win somewhere in the middle ? 300 Win Mag is 'unloved' (?) with many due to its belt complicating reloading - one of the reasons for WSM's and SAUMS. Large UK deer. I hump a varmint rifle up the Cairngorms in 308 but my AI would be beyond the pale. Fine off the bonnet or for sitting in a bush though. If you are looking at recreational stalking any of your 3 calibres would be fine. As a minimum IMO you are looking at 2 rifles - target + hunting. To try and be helpful rather than just being a smart ass, some ideas -> 1. Target - buy an accuracy international AT or similar with a 6.5 barrel for target - cheap to shoot, as good as a custom (arguably better); has quick change barrel so very flexible; the 6.5 will perform well enough but not beat you up. Its not stupid money and is an excellent product. 2. Hunting - 30-06 minimum; custom (if you want) built along the lines of the Mauser 03 with a semi weight barrel (#5 or so)
  4. Chanonry

    Foxes. What do you do with them?

    😀 how did I get 'in' then ??? There is a guy in Cornwall that eats them - but normally limited himself to assorted roadkill. Keeps 'em in a freezer. Gets a lot in as much of it is 2 - dimensional. There was a documentary on him a few years back, the wife refused to be seen on camera for some reason. The biggest shock was that he had a wife...
  5. Chanonry

    Bump shoulder back

    Depends what you are doing. Why not resize it every time and have a constant load ? Seems like a plan. There was a view once upon a time that best accuracy was achieved by neck sizing only, but that seems to have been debunked. Overworking the brass is one common reason for not fully resizing the brass. Is that really a problem? Views differ. SO - I use Redding body dies. Nowt to adjust really. Set it up square and away you go. Works fine. IF - you want to be a bit more precise/techhy then you can get some shell holders from Redding (+others?) that control how much you bump the shoulder back. 2 thou bump is a popular number for some reason. I suppose it gives a consistent minimum amount of squeeze so you get a consistent minimum resized round. I suspect there is a way you can adjust the die to achieve the same thing but without the small expense, can't remember how. Basically I have the kit but don't bother with it. I fl resize with a body die and then resize the neck. The AI will do 0.25 moa consistently without coal tuning so its not a terrible practice. Rather not risk failing to load a round
  6. Chanonry

    Elcho powders

    I still have some Elcho 17. I have used it most in my 308, it is my go to powder. It works well with heavier bullets, I have had good results with 180 - 208gr. Wasted on lighter bullets really i.e. no appreciable performance gain, but they still go bang. I would expect you to find yourself filling the case/compress the load with the heavies if you are loading for velocity. Reloader 17 data is equivalent as it is the same powder. My current tub does not seem to produce the same energy levels as previous tubs, if you have a crony it is worth checking the assumption that it is "the same as X". It is also somewhat temp sensitive. I don't have precise numbers but stiff loads designed for normal weather gave a decidedly stiff bolt on a hot summers day. Again if that matters, it is worthwhile collecting some temp vs velocity numbers.
  7. Chanonry

    IOR problems?

    1. It was ever thus. Why is/was Schmidt so popular? Military and Police contract so 'it must be the best' ?? 2. Absolutely. I managed to get a look though several of the big brand scopes side by side at a shooting show and spent a fun wee while switching back and forward. My unscientific conclusion? I could not tell the difference between the top of the line scopes optically. In reality that means nowt, but its my eyes looking through it. While the PRS thing may have been sponsored (he is just a regular Joe so how is he going to fund it?) it seems to be the only comprehensive study that has applied methodical testing so gives us some data to make a judgement on. The biggest flaw, IMO, isn't that the testing is sponsored by Vortex but he only tested one of each scope so how can we rely on their conclusions as to mechanical (or indeed optical) performance? If it was my scope being tested I would make sure I sent them a damn good one. So perhaps it is at best a measure of how well it can perform. Who knows?
  8. Chanonry

    Home Office FOI Request

    Yes that was the obvious argument to me. It's all very well grandstanding by passing laws that deal with theoretical risks, nice politics, but how about doing something to defend the populace by tacking a problem that really exists and has meaningful consequences i.e. the handgun offences. There is already legislation in place that does not seem to be protecting the population so what are they going to do about that rather than attacking law abiding citizens, and if that law does not work (demonstrably) why should they bother with another one that they presumably will not bother to enforce either. Now the data is out there (it always was just hard to find) why are the FSCA, BASC, NRA etc not upping the ante and attacking the Home Offices performance and strategy? F*cking useless bunch of old bufton tuftons that's why.
  9. Mods - what's a 'good' mod? Takes your pick, I suspect. SL5 is popular as it is a compromise between price, size, weight and life. So probably not best at any of them! Bergara vs Howa vs Tikka. Depends on the model and your app so that one is too hard. I have a semi custom Howa - very good but its a semi custom so costs from 'smithing. Tikkas I have known shoot well but stocks and mags are suspect so model selection is important - HOWEVER easy to trick up GRS Berserk, AI style bolt knobs just to swap in, aics bottom metal available. Bergera have 3 barrel profiles across the models, aics poss out the box, as is adj stock. Kind of have to make your own mind up on the compromises...
  10. Not sure I really want to ask this, but can't resist... Do they really do this ? I don't think they do it up here ? Waste of time, how is ground safe for 222 but not 308 ??
  11. If you want to hold accuracy over a longer shot string in a 'shorter' time period then you will appreciate the benefits of a 'heavier' barrel - so target/plinking/varmint/culling ?? If you are really trying to get the best velocity then the 24" will give you a bit more puff. 2" is marginal. in reality, its not going to make much diff to drop and even less to drift. Also starts to get long with a can on. Still, its available. Downside is starting to wander on a 'shorter' shot string. My very personal view is that a 22" in a heavier, non-varmint profile is a good compromise. A bit more puff than a 20", stiff enough for a field shot string and a bit of playing on the range, but not so heavy you don't want to take it out the safe. Which is why there are very few production rifles with 22" #5 barrel contours. Sporting - yes. Varmint -yes. Something in the middle - NO. So what do I know....
  12. Chanonry

    Best fibre cartridges for driven duck

    https://www.hullcartridge.co.uk/game/cartridges/steel-game oh look, HALF CHOKE
  13. Chanonry

    Best fibre cartridges for driven duck

    Please don't go giving people advice that is the opposite of what gun and ammunition manufacturers recommend on the basis of some fannying about on a pattern plate. Take some advice from the people who do it for a living. Half choke max. If someone f*cks their gun nice of you to provide a guarantee to them though. Good man.
  14. Chanonry

    Best fibre cartridges for driven duck

    Eh no, (the emphasis below is mine) .... KRIEGHOFF's POSITION ON STEEL SHOT Krieghoff Titanium Choke Tubes are suitable for use with both Lead and Steel Shot. In accordance with industry guidelines we recommend that the maximum choke constriction used with steel shot is 0.020", about Half Choke Krieghoff recommends that steel shot not be fired through tightly choked barrels, such as a full choked or improved modified choked barrel. Modified choke should be the tightest choke used with steel shot. Steel shot may create excessive wear to the ramp area of a tightly choked barrel and therefore may damage and ruin the barrel. Note that a more open choke with steel shot does not result in any loss of ballistic efficiency since steel shot patterns tighter than lead shot, and modified choke gives the optimal long range performance with steel shot. Krieghoff competition shotguns with factory choke tubes can be used with steel shot as long as the choke constriction does not exceed modified. Fixed choked barrels with chokes tighter than modified should ideally be equipped with steel shot suitable choke tubes rather than attempting to have the chokes opened. There are firms in the after market offering choke tube installations. One such firm that specializes in the installation of steel shot suitable choke tubes is Briley in Houston, Texas. They have many years of competent experience and are highly recommended by Krieghoff.

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