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  1. I use FFS with a trimble. Obsolete OS is no issue, it works so no need to update it FFS does all you need and more
  2. Avian

    Wanted: Swarovski HD Spotting scope

    I have a Leica APO Televid 82 with 25 - 50 x eye piece if that is of any interest.
  3. Avian

    Foxes. What do you do with them?

    How does it differ from one dying of natural causes under a hedge?
  4. I have a .338 Accuracy International moderator and the o ring type seal juts on the inside has gone. Can these be simply pulled out and a new one pushed in, or does it need to be taken apart to fit a new one? Where can I get a new one from ?
  5. Sporting services had them in stock.
  6. Thanks Baldie Please let me know when you get them in, I'll take 5 if I can so I have them spare for the future if I need them.
  7. Thanks, I'l try AI direct. Do you know when you might get some in Baldie? Are they just normal O rings or some heat resistant material ones?
  8. Dyfed Powys firearms office have now confirm to me that they will now confirm whether land has been cleared over the phone to certificate holders with a closed certificate.
  9. How do you check with your local firearms department if land is cleared? Can one simply phone and they check on their database or does one have to do it in writing? I have my FAC now cleared for deer and AOLQ on land I have cleared and also on land cleared by the local chief police officer. If i am invited to shoot on other land how do I check it out, at short noitice.
  10. I'm not asking for them to clear it. I want to know if it has already been cleared I would have through a phone call would have sorted that. I was told today by Dyfed Powys that I have to send in a letter showing I have permission and a land clearance form. I explained that I was not asking for it to be cleared only enquiring if it already was and for what calibre . The lady said I need to send in the documents. I have followed it up with an email asking it that is their policy as I would have though a simple phone call would save both them and myself time and resources.
  11. Avian

    CNC Foam cutting?

  12. Avian

    AI muzzle break (mod compatible)

    Thanks First time I did it I was concerned that I'd messed something up seeing how precise the barrel fits into the action.
  13. Avian

    AI muzzle break (mod compatible)

    With my AXMC if I screw the break on until it stops turning the openings on the side are not horizontal. I have to back it up a little and then tighten the screw. Is that how it should be? Edit Just looking at the manuals after I posted this. The AXMC manual does not mention this but the AT308 does, say to back it off and tighten the screw.
  14. Avian

    AI muzzle break (mod compatible)

    I just remove the mod, before coming off the range.
  15. Avian

    AI sound mod.

    My AI mod on my AXMC has done well over 500 rounds in 338 and over a thousand in 308 and is still going strong.
  16. Avian

    Scope Calibration

    If you do it with live fire it is not the scope you are checking, it is the scope, rifle, user, bullet, load combination. If you want to check if the scope is tracking properly then check just the scope. If that tracks properly then then add other variables
  17. Avian

    Scope Calibration

    To check accurate vertical tracking get a tall target printed accurately with increment of known value, say 1cm. Place it at exactly 100m, measure with steel tape not range finder, and set the scope up on one point. Then dial scope and see if it moves to the correct position on the target. As with any experiment if you change more than on variable you are looking at more than one thing. If you use bullet placement you are looking at: Scope alignment on rifle Cant of scope on rifle Rife itself Shoot error load variation neck tension bullet variance etc You can do the same with left and right. Also for vertical tracking if you ensure that the line of the target is exactly vertical you can check that as well To test the scope, juts test the scope
  18. Avian

    Scope Calibration

    If you want to check the tracking of a scope you need to test JUST the scope. If you put it on a rifle and test shot then you are testing the scope, the rifle, the load and the bullet head. Surly if you want to test the tracking of the scope you mount JUST the scope on something that does not move, make sure it is level and the track it. Anything with more than one variable is open to question.
  19. Avian

    Reloading course

  20. Avian

    Reloading course

    Courses https://basc.org.uk/sporting-services/basc-training-courses/basic-metallic-cartridge-reloading-course/ http://www.dauntseyguns.co.uk/ammunition_reloading.php https://www.lantra.co.uk/awards/product/purdoms-range-cartridge-reloading-course http://www.precisionreloadingservices.co.uk/
  21. Avian

    Reloading course

    Maybe worth your doing courses Mark as I'm sure a lot of people would be interested in doing one, I know I would.
  22. Avian

    Reloading course

    At least take a look at them I knew absolutely nothing about reloading before I looked at these and after watching them and a few phone calls and emails with Mark I now reload all my bullets for 3 calibers and have very good success with accuracy. Mark has probably forgotten more than you and I will every know about reloading and is VERY helpful in advice. You have nothing to loose in looking at them as they explain it from start to finish. Just my 2 cents worth
  23. Avian

    Reloading course

    Have a look at spuds stuff on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMnH01tclAJ2tv8P2LbsUPA
  24. LYMAN UNI TRIMMER WITH 9 PILOTS Image https://www.dropbox.com/s/mvnwtx60cxps6ht/IMG_0942.jpg?dl=0 Unused, 60 pounds including postage Trimmer now sold Bench-Source Vertex Annealing Machine With two torch heads that came with it from manufacturer. Unused as I never had time to get around to using it and have now bought an AMP one as I didn't fancy flames in my small reloading room. 550 pounds including postage Reduced to 450 including postage for quick sale as it's just taking up space in my small reloading room Image https://www.dropbox.com/s/2tyvsrd61oimvf3/IMG_0941.jpg?dl=0

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