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  1. BASC responds to revocation of general licences Apr 23, 2019 BASC is advising members that Natural England (NE) is temporarily revoking three general licences in England for controlling certain wild birds from Thursday this week. These licences (GL 04/05/06) cover 16 species of birds including several members of the crow family, Canada goose and some gulls and pigeons. There is uncertainty as to when the temporary revocation will end. During that time, anyone needing to control one of these 16 bird species where there is no reasonable non-lethal alternative will need to apply for an individual licence. Natural England says it has simplified the process for applying for such a licence and details will be available on its gov.ukwebsite on Thursday. NE says this action is the first stage of a planned review of general and class licences, which will be completed this year. The change follows a legal challenge to the way the licences have been issued, which could mean users who rely on them are not acting lawfully. “To take such a step without consultation and proper notice is utterly unacceptable from a statutory body and leaves many people at risk of breaking the law at a crucial time of the year when their need to control pests could not be more pressing.” Glynn Evans, BASC’s head of game and gundogs, said: “This change will clearly cause disruption and disarray and we urge people who may be affected to carefully follow the advice issued by Natural England. “BASC is disappointed with the lack of notice from Natural England and we feel it unnecessarily puts people at risk of unwittingly falling foul of the law. “We will be accepting Natural England’s offer of an urgent meeting to discuss these changes and the other issues around general licences. We will update our members at the earliest opportunity.” Natural England has issued this advice: What to do if you use a general licence It is expected that, over time, many situations currently covered by the three general licences will be covered by new licences. Natural England is undertaking new licensing assessments to support lethal control of certain birds in defined situations, such as to prevent serious damage to livestock from carrion crow and to preserve public health and safety from the impacts of feral pigeons. It intends to start issuing these licences on gov.uk from the week commencing 29 April when more details will be available. If people need to take action in the meantime they will need to apply for an individual licence, using a simplified process which will be available on gov.uk from 25 April. In limited circumstances, people may be allowed to undertake urgent action in accordance with the existing requirements of section 4 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. Anyone exercising lethal control of birds after Thursday 25 April 2019 without taking the above steps will not be covered by a general licence and could be committing an offence. If you are unsure what you should do on your land, visit the Natural England licensing webpage for more information and advice. The three general licences being revoked are as follows: General licence GL04: To kill or take certain species of wild birds to prevent serious damage or diseasehttps://www.gov.uk/government/publications/wild-birds-licence-to-take-or-kill-to-prevent-damage-or-disease General licence GL05: To kill or take certain species of wild birds to preserve public health or public safetyhttps://www.gov.uk/government/publications/wild-birds-licence-to-take-or-kill-for-health-or-safety-purposes General licence GL06: To kill or take certain species of wild birds to conserve wild birds or flora or faunahttps://www.gov.uk/government/publications/wild-birds-licence-to-take-or-kill-for-conservation-purposes
  2. David Hancock


    Martin B - if you are thinking this route, look at Tract Optics. Their spec trashes Riton - Tract have Schott glass on some models. I have just imported the Tract Toric into the UK direct from the US. Scope cost was around £800, Express shipping (ordered Sunday evening, arrived Wednesday 12.00) guarantee and customs was around £150. Website gives duty prices and CEO Jon LaCorte is sublime to deal with. They have lesser price models on 1 inch tubes but the Toric is a great piece of kit.
  3. David Hancock

    Shooting Fleece

    I've just bought a Shooterking Venatu suit and it is darned good in terms of finish, fit and quality. It certainly breathes and has some nice features. They have some very good looking kit in the rest of the range. Maybe worth a looksee at their fleeces.
  4. David Hancock

    Tract Scopes

    Stunning. OK, so they are not Swarovski before anyone chirps in, but neither are they Swaro prices. I have a £1372 Delta Stryker on my 6.5cm but the top end Tract Toric UHD 4-20x50 - to give it its full name was ordered from the States on a Sunday at 21.00 and arrived in the UK on the Wednesday by 12 - and knocks the Delta into next week - which is a great scope. Retails at around UK £985 excluding postage. It is on on my Sauer 100 .223. Sublime customer service - some UK companies could learn (Many are excellent !) Heavy but not a huge long lump. 30mm tube. Mil / Mil matching click values. Also available in MOA / MOA. Schott HD glass which is so so clear, great reticle IMHO, sunshade and easy to fit zero stop and a stunning bronzey finish. The parallax has the IL switch - on / off / on / off The pull-up push-down locking turrets are sublime, there is the detail of a rubber o-ring in the turret allen key centre, the clicks are very precise and line up. It tracks / ladder tests mm perfect. The rings are so easy to use and smooth. 30 day return. Easy USA postage and customs. I was honestly looking at a Zeiss Z6 with ASV but in my mind it felt cheap, but the two do not compare - my view. The lower level Tracts are getting good feedback in the USA - Tekoa. I took a punt after a recommendation and am very pleased. I would equally put in on my 6.5. I can pm pics.
  5. Bump - offers on this.
  6. David Hancock

    Tier 1

    Tier 1 website direct. Sign up and receive a ££ discount
  7. David Hancock

    Bergara b14

    Facebook James Fowler at Ruag
  8. SOLD to Ian subject to usual. Thank you Ian.
  9. Near new Athlon Argos BTR 6-24x50 FFP scope. Illuminated. ATMR Mil Ret / Mil turret. Parallax. Really clear glass 30mm tube Small cosmetic mark on parallax cap - gun case mark shown Lenses immaculate. Taken off 7Hornet In original box with instruction booklet £230. RMSD £10 UK only PM for extra pics.
  10. Immaculate pair of Vortex 8x42 binoculars, Come with eyebell and objective lens covers. Great glass and resolution. Soft shell case, next strap, two spare objective lens covers £120. RMSD £10 UK only.
  11. David Hancock

    Hertfordshire Police and FEO, great service.

    I've always found Essex to be good. (Not sitting reading a newspaper !!! ) I had a .17H and it just was not working for me, spoke to Samantha to find out their workload. Chopped in the .17H, on a Saturday, RMSD 1-4-1 Monday, arrived Tuesday, ticket Friday, new Sauer 1200 fluted in .223 Saturday. Great rifle. LOVES 56gn GECO in .223. Just put a TRACT Toric scope on it. Super scope. ATB.
  12. David Hancock

    Hertfordshire Police and FEO, great service.

    Bob. Essex beat that for me. Three working days for a calibre variation. Credit where credit's due.

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