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  1. David Hancock

    Rifle scope for 22LR

    On a 22LR, I use a Hawke Sidewinder. I cannot fault them for the money and the package and the aftermarket support from Deben. I would argue they are better than the Nightforce SHV's two of which I had and they were milky !! They went back. You then have PAO, Athlon, Delta and Vortex in that price bracket - if you can tolerate the very fickle eye relief with the vortex. Konus is another brand which has recently popped up. Zeiss Terra is another option. And on and on and on
  2. David Hancock

    6,5mm Creedmore or 6,5x47L for F Open?

    Gadarene - "involving or engaged in a headlong or potentially disastrous rush to do something". Also referring to swine ! Just learned a new word, thanks Laurie 😂 I do like my Creedmoor though and am looking forward to the new Sako 120gr ammunition as / when / if it becomes available. OFRN - cringe away matey.
  3. David Hancock


    I sold my bug holing Howa 1500 .223 for a .17 Hornet - testing on Friday - and a 6.5 Creedmoor, this after having a "blueprinted .204 which would not hit the proverbial barn door. There is a lot to be said for a (smaller) deer legal varminting .223 shooting 40gn Vmax - 55gn Sako gameheads..
  4. Sold to DOZ. Subject to usual. Thank you.
  5. New in box. Branded with a March sticker as opposed to the normal Tier One stamp. 30mm tube. Medium height. Picatinny rail. New version with bubble. £75.00 posted UK mainland.
  6. David Hancock

    Spud Reloading

    Only a small order after discussing specifics with Mark, but arrived perfect. Great service.
  7. David Hancock

    17 HMR scope and mounts advice

    REALISITICALLY £600 buys you a lot of scope, particularly as you will not be shoot vermin past 200metres with 17 HMR and 300 on paper. IMHO, a Hawke sidewinder 4-16 with SR Pro reticle with eye caps, IL and tac turrets would be a good choice and great support from Deben and has better eye relief than a Vortex. A S/H Zeiss 3-12x50 would be good, or an Athlon. I could go on, and on, and on. The game fair is coming up, or look at Optics Warehouse site
  8. 1 - is it a new mod ? sometimes they need to "bed in". 2 - I sometimes find Remington, and particularly CCI - which I've stopped using are "cracky". The new Eley subs are consistently quiet
  9. David Hancock

    Delta Stryker

    Got it. 4.5-30x56 FFP. Impressed with 10% off Optics Warehouse and first impressions. Now have to wait two weeks to zero and test.😣
  10. David Hancock

    6.5mm varmint bullet choice

  11. David Hancock

    6.5mm varmint bullet choice

    I have 143 ELD-M pencilling through. 123 SST's next . . . .
  12. David Hancock

    Howa 1500 6.5cm...would you???

    I had a bug hole shooting Howa 1500 in .223. Mike Norris polished the trigger and it shot every factory ammunition I could put through it into 0.6MOA. I now have a Bergara HMR 6.5CM. It shoots factory into 0.5MOA and one hole three shots "groups" into a ragged holw. £1088. Heavy, lovely. The Bergara Timber version is worth a look. As for the range of ammunition available for 6.5CM - how many choices does one need ?? Norma and Hornady shoot fine from 123 gn to 143gn. The Bergara bolt race and trigger are very good. Game Fair - chance to try . . .
  13. David Hancock

    17H - 18, 20 or 22 inch barrel . . .

    Furyan. I had the 66JM in 17.HMR. I took a Dremel to the RH thumbhole and 10 minutes later it was a subtle left hooker with no ugly tell tale signs.
  14. David Hancock

    17H - 18, 20 or 22 inch barrel . . .

    Villa. Keep me posted. we're on the same decision path. ATB
  15. David Hancock

    17H - 18, 20 or 22 inch barrel . . .

    Villa, I've just sorted out tax and car tyres to I know now how much cash I have to play with You know how it goes. The Jagd-Match is still my favourite. I don't like the feel of the TH stock. Mod wise, people recommend the Wildcat Panther for its effectiveness.

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