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  1. David Hancock

    The Shooting Show

    I don't care about the whingers - and by Golly are they some in the shooting scene - but I had an excellent day at the NEC today. Great new products to view and review. Companies who had actually taken care over presenting their products with clarity and pride - not like the game fair going through racks of shite by some companies - great chats - thank you all, great courtesy and a couple of purchases shipped back to the office to hide from the wife !
  2. David Hancock

    17 HMR Finfire II, Tikka T1 or Anschutz ?

    Budget will determine it. £479 for the Tikka or (what are they ?) £750 - £875 for the Annie. The bolt on my CZ is actually much better than my last Anschutz. You have to try them for fit and feel. Personally, having had an original Finnfire, the new ones have lost something. I would not discount the CZ, or even the Lithgow - sublime bolt. Also, I'm not a fan of the Bowning T-Bolts which you may like. As a best kept secret - The Weihrauch HW66 Jagd-Match is a stunner. Check it out. Moderator - Wildcat Panther. Enjoy the search.
  3. David Hancock

    If you could choose one caliber for foxes, what would it be?

    I agree with the quietness. It's funny when you just don't "feel" it, and I didn't with the .17H. The HW66 was my second. Great rifle. I just love the Sauer and .223 allows me to snipe at the 200 I thought the 17H would give me. Have a great weekend. Weather looks OK
  4. David Hancock

    Valkyrie 6.5CM & .243

    Lovely. What's the reasoning for a 6.5cm and a .243 if I may ask ?
  5. I have a stunning Calibre Innovations OVB on my Bergara 6.5. Expensvie, heavy at 635gms BUT stunning in build quality and suppression. I have a Wildcat Evo on my Sauer .223. £240. Again stunning build and suppression. I would not go anywhere else for a future purchase other than Wildcat. UK made. Superb advice and back up from Alison Green
  6. David Hancock

    If you could choose one caliber for foxes, what would it be?

    I've gone back to .223. .17Hornet frankly is a marketing load of puffery with one available round (that being Hornady 20gn v-Max. Great !!!!!) HW100 .177. // .22LR. // .223 - 40gn to 56gn, and 6.5 Creedmoor big smiley face !!
  7. David Hancock

    Khales, minox

    Minox are through Blaser Sporting - Ian Spicer is the Marketing Manager. Also try The Country Store - 01223 837 977 - David, Michael or Phil could help. Kahles distribution had just gone over to Swarovski UK. Don't have their number to hand
  8. David Hancock

    Rim fire mod

    Another vote for Wildcat. UK made. Stunning. Sublime back up should you ever need it
  9. I had the same issue on my Weihrauch HW 66 threading - no undercut. Alison Green was a STAR and sent me a new diffuser for my mod which allowed it to mate perfectly. No washers or worries about loose bits etc.
  10. Fugly 🤣 Don't lose it in the snow !!
  11. David Hancock

    Primos Gen2 or Gen3 ?

    Green plastic coated canes from Homebase and some bike inner tube. Worked well for years for me and others !! £15 max
  12. David Hancock

    Primos Gen2 or Gen3 ?

    I had nothing but trouble with my Primossssses' . Sticking legs, broken internal gubbins, and I look after my kit. I acutally sawed the broken legs off, restuck on the rubber feet and now have a low tripod. I see the USA coyote chaps are using BogPods. £££££££. Tier One products are superb but ££. May be worth a look at the Shooting Show in a couple of weeks.
  13. David Hancock

    Primos Gen2 or Gen3 ?

    Viperflex -
  14. David Hancock

    17 HMR - has it a niche ?

    I had one of the first 17HMR's in the UK and Met police went nuts as it was such fast round - until I presented the fact it was frangible. I've had two. I sold my last one 6 years ago due to poor ammunition - a fact which still exists on occasions today. At 60 - 100 yards I dispatched over 400 foxes on a hill top pig farm in three years - head shots, three ran more than five feet. The cost of ammunition - £14.00 per box did not bother me as 20 fags are a tenner!!!!!! I recently purchased a stunning Weihrauch HW66 Jagd-Match in 17H having sold my .223. 100 rounds in and I have gone back to .223 (God it feels SO good) The 17H is a great round. As Richy rightly states, a rimfire (17HMR) is more likely to get clearance on smaller parcels of land / near houses than a CF. My rifle was so quiet - Wildcat Panther mod - compared to the kerack of a 17HMR and no recoil with - pretty much the only available factory pills, Hornady 20gn V-max, it would shoot in a 50p at 100 yards. I do not reload. I do not see the point of the 17WSM. Why sell the Hornet ? On two of my fox perms, I personally do not consider 17H to be a confident round to shoot in windy valleys at 200 yards. My opinion. My comfort zone. I'm much happier with a .223 with a 40gn V-max - or on Saturday shooting GECO 56gn into clover leafs at 100 and the ammunition / range of ammunition / availability is cheaper / better than 17H. The .223 also covers me for deer as a bonus. To answer your question - yes it does have a niche and a good one as a cheap 50 - 200 yard crow / rabbit rifle and 50 - 100 yard fox rifle.
  15. David Hancock

    .17 hornet brass

    Tony. I've got 5 boxes - 125 once fired rounds, Hornady (20gn V-max)

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