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  1. David Hancock


    Geoff, I agree. It was supposed to be a semi custom "blueprinted" rifle . . . .
  2. David Hancock

    17 hornet

    15 on Guntrader, but not like the HW66 I have which is stunning .
  3. David Hancock

    6.5 PRC

    Article today on www.6mmbr.com about the PRC calibre. Worth a shuftie . . .
  4. Re squibs - I had one and didn't realise it. i was very lucky that the bullet had only gone into the barrel a very short distance and prevented the next round from fully chambering, other wise it could have been pretty bad. I think that was the incident that really made my mind up to get out of 17HMR. Ditto. If you discount (broccoli, not bothered as I don't smoke !!!) the cost differential of .17HMR compared to the fun / benefit / confidence / practicality my 17H gives me, then .17HMR is a dodo !
  5. Chaz - I have just picked up a HW66 Jagd-Match in .17 Hornet to replace my .223 as I deliberately wanted an (smaller cal) accurate vermin and fox calibre to shoot from 100 - 300 metres - 150 yard fox. I have a 6.5Creedmoor for further. I do not reload. I sold my .17HMR five years ago due to poor / inconsistent ammunition. It still continues. I had a .204 which was supposed to be bluepirnted and shot like a pig - it's a great calibre and a lot of people love them. My "cheap crappy" Howa 1500 .223 shot lights out everything from 40gn V-Max to 50 gn Sako and 55gn V-Max. Stunning. The drop on a .17HMR with a 100 yard zero - to 200 is Circa 4.4in. The drop on the .17Hornet with a 200 yard zero - to 300 is Circa 6in with a 20gn Hornady V-Max shooting 3650 ft s. Check the Hornady website for more. I will get slightly less than this as the HW has a 18inch barrel. There is a limited choice of ammunition at the moment - Hornady 20gn V-max and the 15.5gn Eco stuff. 25 rounds is £24.00. I'm getting 0.6 or 0.7MOA. There is no recoil. The suppression with a Wildcat Panther Moderator is significantly less than a .17HMR. It's a dream to shoot. If you keep the .223, you will still have a deer legal rifle (unlike the 22 Hornet) and shooting GECO will be cheaper than .17H Personally, I love the .17H / HW66. It totally trashes the rationale of a .17HMR and can be reloaded.
  6. David Hancock

    17 Hornet. HW66 J-M

    GT3 - yes 18 inches 😍
  7. Anyone with direct experience of these please ?
  8. David Hancock

    17 Hornet. HW66 J-M

    I can get a tweeked one from Athlon - added to my never ending list !!!!
  9. David Hancock

    17 Hornet. HW66 J-M

    Snaggle. I like the Athlon for the money - £320. I like the FFP and glass clarity. The turret cap does not line up on the marking of the turret body which does my OCD in. It dials fine but £ for £, I like the Hawke Sidewinder. Comparing apples I have a Delta Stryker on my Creedmoor which is stunning but then again it's £1300 not £320 and Richard Utting was comparing the Delta against the IOR's and Athlon Cronus I believe.
  10. David Hancock

    17 Hornet. HW66 J-M

    17 Hornet in HW66 Jagd-Match. Tier One rings, Wildcat Panther Mod and Athlon Argos BTR 6-24x50 FFP mil/mil scope. Windy out today, first time to run in but delivering three shots with Hornady 20gn V-Max Superformance at 80 yards consistently in less than a 10 pence piece. A surprising little calibre for vermin and fox and suppression which is measurably less than .17HMR. It's a right hand stock, but 10 minutes with a Dremel scalloped out a little bit of stock to fit my leftyness.
  11. David Hancock

    Rifle scope for 22LR

    On a 22LR, I use a Hawke Sidewinder. I cannot fault them for the money and the package and the aftermarket support from Deben. I would argue they are better than the Nightforce SHV's two of which I had and they were milky !! They went back. You then have PAO, Athlon, Delta and Vortex in that price bracket - if you can tolerate the very fickle eye relief with the vortex. Konus is another brand which has recently popped up. Zeiss Terra is another option. And on and on and on
  12. David Hancock

    6,5mm Creedmore or 6,5x47L for F Open?

    Gadarene - "involving or engaged in a headlong or potentially disastrous rush to do something". Also referring to swine ! Just learned a new word, thanks Laurie 😂 I do like my Creedmoor though and am looking forward to the new Sako 120gr ammunition as / when / if it becomes available. OFRN - cringe away matey.
  13. David Hancock


    I sold my bug holing Howa 1500 .223 for a .17 Hornet - testing on Friday - and a 6.5 Creedmoor, this after having a "blueprinted .204 which would not hit the proverbial barn door. There is a lot to be said for a (smaller) deer legal varminting .223 shooting 40gn Vmax - 55gn Sako gameheads..

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