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  1. Yes UK spec but sorry no receipts and yes it is working as should with not a mark on it that I can see.
  2. Hi...interested in the reloader.  Just need a few queries answered such as whether it's a UK spec model with original sale receipt and that all works as it should.

  3. Sightron III 8 - 32 x 56 first impressions

    I have same scope on my 308 Ruger Varmint and I have only used out to 600yds so far but I will be using it hopefully out to 1200yrs later in the year, very good scope for the money.
  4. Price drop to £210 posted
  5. Lyman Gen6 that’s about 18 months old with little use so in very good condition £225 posted. I can send pictures by email.
  6. Hand priming tools

    I have a RCBS universal primer that will take any caliber so no need for all the different shell holders, well built and works well
  7. Trying to reduce ES

    I always use a neck expander for all my calibers I reload, regardless whether I am using flat base or boat tail bullets which helps to give consistent neck tension.
  8. Power outage - a tidy solution...

    I also an wired up for a generator and I have a buzzer wired up to the grid side that is normal switched off, switched on during power failure so as soon as the power goes back on I'll know.
  9. Which Press Kit to start.

    I have a new Hornady Classic reloading kit for sale, it has everything you need except dies to start reloading £350 posted
  10. I found a Ruger stainless varmint 26" barrel with laminated stock in 308 last year that had very little use for £450. It shoots 155gr bullets in the x ring at 600yds, a great rifle.
  11. 30-06

    51gr of Vit N140 with a 150 Hornady interbond going at around 2800fps very accurate and little meat damage.
  12. 6.5-06 head sctratching

    I to use 58gr of N4831 in my 270 ( 6.8m ) which is a 30-06 case necked down with a 130gr bullet, so 50gr is very lite.
  13. 243 Dies

    I have a set of old but in good condition Redding F/L dies I could post to you for £25 if that's any help.
  14. .22 Wmr - any experiences

    I to use Remington 33gr Accu-tip in my Ruger and get ragged holes at 100yds. The Remington 33gr V-max shot the same as the Accu-tip which is handy.
  15. I only use N160 in my 243, I use 42gr with a 95gr Hornady SST which is not the top charge but is so accurate its unbelievable. If I do my bit you there is very little meat damage. I take a chap out over Christmas and he shot a CWD and a muntjac with 100gr factory loads and blow 6" holes in the chest with good shot placements.

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