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  1. Sightron but which one?

    E-mail sent, Watcher
  2. Sightron but which one?

    I'm not far away so maybe can arrange to come and have a look. Can you PM me if that suits?
  3. Sightron but which one?

    Will do, thanks. M
  4. Sightron but which one?

    For years I've shot TR and a bit of service rifle but now I'm just getting a bit too old and creaky. So I've bought myself a Savage Mod 12 BVSS in .223 1 in 9. I'm just going to be doing what my pal describes as recoil therapy and shooting up to 600 yards on the range. A lot of knowledgeable guys I know like Sightron particularly because of its tracking. My problem is that I don't want too much scope as I'm not really going to need it. The S3 looks good but even then I'm not sure I need that much scope. I'm certainly going to annoy all the guys in the club with endless questions but I'd appreciate your advice as well. TIA Matthew
  5. 1967 Spud

    A very quick response when I bought stuff from him.

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