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  1. Breacher

    Wtb KRG Spigot/ NV Cap

  2. Well, it costs a fortune to post IF you insure it for full value. However, I am flying to Dublin on 22nd November....................will pm you.
  3. NIGHTFORCE NXS 8-32X56 I have had it a few months but still in box and never used - straight from importers - a replacement for a 12-42 NXS which had an issue but not replaced like for like as it is no longer in production. I really wanted the 12-42 model so I am looking at selling this to fund a minty used 12-42 This has the np-2dd reticle Retail is £2250 - I would take £1800 for it - so you are in effect getting it for trade price ! Full warranty etc
  4. Breacher

    Oceania Defence

    No idea if Ti or not - I just remember being at the match and the moderators were very quiet indeed !
  5. Breacher

    Wanted Nightforce ATAC 7-35x56 MOAR

    Not ATAC but a Nightforce bargain. Brand new in box NXS 8-32 with NP2-DD reticle. In box, never mounted etc Retail is £2250 - yours for £1800
  6. Breacher

    Oceania Defence

    If thats the case - very quiet - quieter than my Ase Utra which is what I compared it to.
  7. Agreed. "Full clicks" ? As opposed to what ??
  8. Breacher


    Not really. I have sympathy as a dog owner - I would hate to lose mine. But, with any prized possession, one has to have common sense and situational awareness.
  9. Breacher

    223 Bullets

    I have a box of 75gr a-max if any good to you ?
  10. Breacher

    Tikka 595 trigger replacement

    I got a great Timney 2 stage for my 595 from Baldie.
  11. Breacher

    CSR Accuracy

    I tried cheap alternatives too - AKM in 7.62x39 and SVD in .308 While fun, they were by no means competitive and much of the time you are throwing money away every time you squeeze the trigger. I have gone with an AR and never looked back. Expensive at first but in the long term, not quite so bad.
  12. Is the Bix n Andy trigger single stage or two stage ?

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