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  1. What on earth are you talking about ? I dont care what you do to squirrels and have never commented on it !!
  2. Not your post in particular - there is a drip drip drip of sectarianism in our sport ! No hypertension here. Rather the opposite - I am off to Shot Show in Las Vegas tomorrow. I shall spend a day on the range and 5 days walking the booths. No doubt, I will come across vendors with things that dont float my boat. And I will just walk by. I wont feel the need to blunder in and tell them they are doing it wrong ! It would be refreshing to see certain negative individuals do the same, online.
  3. Well said David. All this holier than thou bullshit gets tiresome. Each to their own ! Growing up in Ireland I thought I had experienced sectarianism..........then I became a shooter in the UK and realised I had seen nothing yet ! 90% of my shooting is competitive, be it CSR or the NRA run matches a few times per year. The rest is vermin and deer stalking. I dont particularly enjoy "plinking" but would not dream of looking down on those who enjoy it. Or claiming that my way of enjoying my hobby is superior / is "Gods way" :-/ Crack on and enjoy your shooting - be it unsupported or off a bipod, 100 yards or 1000 yards, F-class or CSR, airsoft or airgun, camo or leather etc etc etc And if you have nothing good to say about your fellow shooters choice of shooting, how about saying nothing at all !!
  4. Breacher

    UK Distributors too greedy?

    He was one of those long sleeve top under a garish short sleeve top festooned with sponsorship logos wearing types.
  5. Breacher

    UK Distributors too greedy?

    I was quite touched recently when a buyer for one of my bipods said he could have got the same bipod direct from Germany cheaper ( though same total when postage was added ) but chose me as he preferred to support UK dealers and especially small time guys like me. Compare that to the guy who sent 8 e mails trying to negotiate a discount and got upset when I said that the 2 hours wasted on e-mails could have helped him pay full price had he spent them at work earning ! He then tried to convince me he was one of the more respected shooters in UK and just having my bipod seen used by him would increase my sales. Hmmmmmm ok then.......
  6. Breacher

    Magpul Pmags

    I think I have a few 10rd pmags ( gen 3 black if I recall ) left over from when I used the AR for foxing - will take a look.
  7. If it helps - Phoenix Bipod uses the versapod size spigot. It will work on any versapod derived spigot.
  8. Breacher

    UK Distributors too greedy?

    How does the cost of an Accuracy International Rifle built in the UK compare between USA and UK ? Or a Schmidt Bender scope built in Germany compare between USA and Germany ?
  9. Buy these before I head off to Vegas for Shot Show and you can have them at the bargain price of £160 posted.
  10. Part number T1TAC30H Bought these ages ago but once mounted I found them a little too high. Never out of the house. Put them back in the box and kept them in case I might find a use on another rifle but I dont think thats going to happen. rrp is £219 plus postage - yours for £180 posted. 30mm tube - height from rail to tube centre is 38mm
  11. Breacher

    Ammo from 1960s compared to today.

    So, it sounds like the same theory preventing increases in speed limit despite huge advances in tyres, traction control and ABS - we cater for the most inept driver. As a Met Traffic Officer once remarked to me "Too many fast cars being driven by slow drivers"
  12. Breacher

    Ammo from 1960s compared to today.

    Harsh. But true :-)
  13. Would it be fair to say that modern ammunition ( and perhaps rifles ) are more accurate and effective now than when drafting the calibre requirement in the Deer Act back in the 1960's ? Also, the advances in propellant and projectiles ( and perhaps new calibre / cartridges ) mean modern ammo is more lethal now ? It occurs to me that the legislation has not changed in a very long time despite the advances !

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