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  1. Smock

    I have a GORKA jacket. Plain green with brown shoulder and elbows. Russian smock make out of tent fabric. Or more likely tarpaulin fabric. Tough as nails. Windproof. Showerproof ( apparently the fibres swell and seal to some extent when wet ) Very old school but I love it. Look on ebay - various colours available - and some even fleece lined now.
  2. Smock

    I came across one of those on the OP - mine was green but basically the same smock. AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE. I asked before I bidded on it whether it was cotton gabardine and was assured it was. When it arrived, it was basic cotton and poor grade cotton at that ! Not windproof at all and not at all well made.
  3. Wrong. Even with a bipod you still need to adhere to the principles. And if you hold the forend of your rifle ( as opposed to butt ) when shooting off a bipod, its no different to mag resting - its just the support is bit further forward. Using a bipod negates the principles no more than mag resting does.
  4. Is the image of the British shooter important?

    What a load of that which promotes growth and vigour. The OP talks about how non-shooters view us and form negative opinions based on what they see ? Yet, as a sport, we are full of narrow minded shooters who view FELLOW shooters negatively based on their attire, their choice of disclipine, their choice of rifle, the colour of their rifle, even whether they choose to shoot off a bipod or "as God intended" . Thats before we even start with the prejudice proffered by clay shooters toward practical shotgunners. Or TR shooters to Practical Rifle shooters. Airsoft - boy do they get some stick !! In short, when it comes to what we wear - our fellow sportsmen and women are more prejudiced than the non-shooting public.
  5. BiPods

    Ski or spikes - very much a personal choice - what works for one shooter / scenario will not for another. Which is why I offer both on the Phoenix Bipod.
  6. Looks great - how many hours did you put into it ?
  7. I have one in Olive drab spare..........
  8. Using a Sako TRG bipod on a Tikka T3X TAC A1?

    I think the Atlas is totally different. I sell a dedicated spigot for the TRG - slots in neatly in the space at front of chassis.
  9. Using a Sako TRG bipod on a Tikka T3X TAC A1?

    I have no dedicated adaptor for this forend but if you have ( or can source ) a short picatinny rail ( 4 slots will suffice ) for the 6 o,clock position, I can do you a great deal on a Type B. I have 6.5-8" or 7-9" in stock. I also have a tall 8-11" in stock if you are larger build and need to get a higher prone position. And the good news ( for you ) is I am overstocked on Type B with a shipment of Type A due in so I need to make some room - can do you a little discount !!
  10. CCTV

    So where does that leave dashcams in terms of admissibility ?
  11. .22 Semi Auto Laws

    Op - its way too early to start worrying. If we all based our firearm purchases on what MIGHT happen with FUTURE legislation, we would buy nothing. As yet we dont know what particular action types they are looking at so its pointless to speculate. Crack on, buy your rifle and enjoy it.
  12. Amax

    I would be interested in this too as I was looking at SST in .308 recently.
  13. Precision Rifle comp

    Jump in.

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