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  1. Two stage trigger for Tikka M595

    I know. And I have. He may have an offer for the lot so have to wait and see. Meanwhile - will a T3 trigger fit ?
  2. Two stage trigger for Tikka M595

    Not really a fan of the single stage trigger on my Tikka M595. So, if you have a two stage unit going spare ( or are in the opposite position and want to swap ) please get in touch.
  3. FB Sharing of Private Data

    True. Some individuals are hard wired to not even comprehend when their actions are outside what would be consideded decent. Have to agree on that !
  4. FB Sharing of Private Data

    I see what you mean - but no. I know someone can be forced to deviate from their values by blackmail or coercion. That is not someone paying the other "his price" - thats coercion. What I am talking about is incentive or motive. The most common motive is purely financial. What I was referring to were the other incentives or motivators that can be used. Further, its rather moot saying something like "Even if you offered me a million pounds, I would never......." One cannot 100% say what they would or would not do in a given situation until they actually are faced with the situation. In my opinion the same goes for "the price" that every man has. That is not to lessen the value of integrity - many have this and its to be commended. But very few of us with integrity have actually been offered ( genuinely offered ) life changing sums of money to sell it. Of course another factor to throw in is - getting found out .....or not. For example if the incentive is offered and nobody will ever find out, that man is more likely to sell out. Yet another is "the greater good". For example - murder would be a step too far for most moral compasses. However, many good men have taken a single life in cold blooded murder, not for financial gain but because they thought it was the right thing to do - murder one to save many more. Or "honourable corruption" as it was once known in the Met Police. Officers who fitted up suspects, not for financial gain, not for promotion prospects but simply because they "knew" the individual was guilty but were unable to prove it and felt the "right" thing to do was ensure justice was done, albeit improperly. In short - the whole matter is a grey area of what ifs. And its only speculation until you are actually made the offer...........
  5. FB Sharing of Private Data

    That was not the point I was making. I know some die for their principles. We all have a moral compass. A list of things we would not do. A list of things "beyond the pale". However - every one of us will do something which we would not normally do on moral grounds IF the appropriate motivation is there. For some its money. For some its revenge. For some its country. For some its family. For some its religion. For some its war or conflict. For some its just andrenalin / moment of madness / uncontrollable reaction to a particular event Etc etc etc Ones moral compass is fluid. It depends on circumstances and motivation. Unless one is perfect. None of us are. Edit - The Soviets made a big study of the subject. In relation to "turning" individuals. They concluded it was always possible - you just had to figure out the right motivator for said individual.
  6. FB Sharing of Private Data

    Every man has his price ( not always monetary ) Any that say they dont are not being realistic.
  7. BSA Martini

    I dont think so. Unless a lot of steel is taken out of the curved feed ramp. I have thought about it though........
  8. BSA Martini

    You wont regret your choice of rifle. I have a mk2 which dates to mid 1950s according to the serial number. And it still shoots amazingly accurately. It gave me a win with 50.9 at the Autumn Mini McQueen and another 50.9 at the Spring Mini McQueen the other day. I found it groups by far the tightest with Eley Match ammunition.
  9. Atlas bi pod

    Thanks Kev - happy shooting !!
  10. Reloading with Rosie

    Sex sells. Always has and always will. Whether its the girl in this example or the guys being ogled by the ladies in the diet coke adverts. This is how advertising works. Be it guns, cars, perfume or any other product. I cannot see it changing anytime soon ! I certainly dont get sand in my manjina when I see a male being sexualised in an advert or marketing............
  11. New Tikka rimfire

    I am not so sure about that. I have an old BSA Martini manufactured decades ago which has had God knows how many rounds through it. It is easily the most accurate .22lr rifle I have ever shot at 50 metres. 9 out 10 rounds hitting a 0.2" v-bull and the 10th damn close. On 3 sec snap exposures ( Mini-McQueen ) Not sure if its due to the heavy barrel, the falling block design, the overall weight or the superb trigger .....or even all four ! But I am convinced that not all rifles in .22lr are limited by the ammunition !
  12. https://nra.org.uk/historic-service-rifle-match/ Alongside the usual Enfield classes for SMLE, No4 and No4T Optic..............they have a foreign Service Rifle class. But they have now added a class for Foreign Service Rifles with optics too. So, if you have a k98 Sniper, Swedish Mauser Sniper, Springfield Sniper, Mosin Nagant Sniper etc - why not come and join us - lets reassure NRA there are enough of us to justify the extra class - use or lose it !!
  13. 200yd mcqueens

    I will be seeing if my first outing with the BSA Martini in Mini-McQueens was beginners luck. So, no pressure there then !
  14. The Mighty AK Continues as the AK-12 and 15

    I got a chance to go through 2000 AKs captured by IDF in Palestine. I had to document them inc country of origin. I set myself the goal of test firing on full auto, one from EVERY country that ever made them - and managed it ! Even a handmade Khyber Pass special. Funnily enough, the Type 56(2) was one of the nicer examples. Nice and tight and as good as the brand new 1968 manufacture AKs I had dealt with on a previous contract. Once upon a time, Chinese AKs were looked upon as rubbish - the later ( 2 ) models are just fine ! The absolute best was the East German milled receiver models - outstanding ! Oh - and I found two original type 1 AKs - the original stamped ones before they went to milled receivers before going back to stampings ( once they could do it properly ) for the AKM. That earned me a drink in the form of a shiny new Saiga that I wish I had not sold on......

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