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  1. see updated list for remaining items
  2. This TAB GEAR RAS Rifle Sling it is brand new never used. Until now the shooter has been limited in his ability to adjust the sling for slung up positions. You had to mark your sling for different positions and it was time consuming to go from one position to another. Usually you would setup your sling for one position and just live with it in any other position. The RAS has solved this problem with the Rapid Adjust buckle that is in between the shooters loop and front swivel. The critical adjustment feature of the RAS sling is to make sure that the Rapid Adjust Buckle is adjusted so that the shooter can easily reach the straps to tighten and loosen the sling when in a shooting position. These are £100 new I will take £50 posted
  3. prep tools still available

    1. saddler


      Posted about the tools in response to the query about their suitability for .270

  4. prep tools still available

  5. everything on the list still available
  6. powders are all a new tub plus a wee bit extra in opened tubs thrown in 1 tub N165 2 tubs N160 1 tub H4831 1190 No 200 Large rifle primers 140 BR2 LR primers 170 Federal Large rifle primers if you are able to pick up I will sell all for half RRP
  7. everything still available
  8. Hi I'm not sure if they are suitable for 270
  9. still loads more equipment to sell see updated list above
  10. johnny they are size #1 Part#11601 there are 5 in the set +002, +004, +006, +008, +0010 hope that helps
  11. Nathan Foster Long range shooting SOLD Practical guide to reloading SOLD Long range hunting cratridges SOLD Bolt action rifle accurising and maintenance SOLD Long range hunting rifles SOLD David Tubbs - High Power Rifle Berger bullets reloading manual 1st Ed Hornady 8th Ed Speer 14th Ed
  12. Nathan Foster Long range shooting Practical guide to reloading Long range hunting cartridges Bolt action rifle accurizing and maintenance Long range hunting rifle David tubs - High power rifle Berger bullets reloading manual 1st ed Hornady 8th ed Speer 14th ed
  13. Everything below has been used but is 'as new' or very good condition Powder funnel Decapping pins 2 x 50 round MTM green boxes 3 x 50 round small/large MTM Red tray/block 100 243 Norma cases once fired Brownells Cerrosafe £35 posted. (This is a metal which melts at a low temperature, you then pour this into your chamber and allow to cool. It is removed once cooled you then have a very accurate example of your chamber for measuring.) One shot lube KM large rifle primer pocket tool £10 Lyman primer pocket tool £10 Lyman case prep multi tool £20 2 x Spare 6mm carbide free floating button kit £10 each Sinclair chamber length gauge insert for 243 Norma 60 x 6xc £20 posted

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