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  1. I use an evolution on my .22 Hornet perfect with the .22 baffle stack, also have the .243 baffles for my T3.
  2. Thinking of selling my T3 .243 Varmint Stainless. less than 100 rounds through it.excellent condition. has weaver rail on action. also small weaver rail on front of stock, for Atlas bipod or similar, comes with an Ase Utra Northstar moderator only 5 zeroing shots. for sale due to it not being used. Looking for around £900 will split rifle from mod. just testing the water, no offers. would rather it sat in the cabinet than sell for silly money. PM me if genuinly interested.
  3. dylan5588

    >22 lr semi auto

    I would wait until the 24th of the month before buying any .22 semi auto, if the vote goes to "stay" you may have to say goodbye to it! especially if it "looks" like one of those nasty AR15 devil firearms.
  4. dylan5588

    Beer Can Bolt Fix.

    Excellent then. its a keeper.
  5. dylan5588

    Beer Can Bolt Fix.

    If that's a 1moa group, its still not that good for a .22 Hornet, My CZ 527 .22 Hornet at worst shot 3/4" groups that was with 40gn remington hollow points, and with Hornady 35 gn Vmax just under 1/2", it is now a .22 K Hornet with a stainless Border cut rifled barrel. on a good day without too much coffee it will deliver 1/4" group with 40gn Vmax bullets (not heads) over lilgun powder. The only one of my rifles i would never part with.
  6. dylan5588

    Should I reply?

    A number of years ago, i had a similar scam letter from a supposed Nigerian oil official, it was before the scams were really well known, I tossed it in the bin to start with, but curiosity and greed got the better of me, I started to corrispond with said nice man, but after a while and some advice from my uncle i reported it to the police, the fraud squad from Norwich took all the paperwork and investigated it, the outcome was 3 Nigerians bassed in north London getting collectively 11 years in prison. Not just because of me, as it was an ongoing investigation before i got involved, but i like to think my input helped. Adrian
  7. dylan5588

    The Right Choice part 2

    Correct me if i am wrong, but i am sure there is no law that states you cannot shoot a rabbit with any cal, yes there are home office guide lines but no law as such. Adrian
  8. dylan5588

    HMR Silencer

    Wildcat evolution, with .17 baffles, having the .17 baffle stack makes it very quiet. Also you also have the option to buy different baffles and thread adaptors for different cal's as it is modular, I use one for my .i7, then have ,22, and .243 baffle stacks. very happy with it on all calibers. Adrian
  9. dylan5588

    CZ 455 .17 HMR

    Just a thought? How do you stand in regards your certificate. If you buy a firearm that's not fit for purpose and demand your money back, do you have to get a like for like variation to replace it? or is there another way round it? Like for instance the RFD removing the returned firearm from the certificate?
  10. Bugger! just ordered a T50/white, o/#1141 from you, didn't know there was a discount to be had! (mumble,grumble, with bottom lip out!)
  11. dylan5588

    NV add on

    Join night vision forum. www.nightvisionforumuk.com there are some very clued up members on there who will give you all the advice you need, and sites to buy the parts you will need.
  12. dylan5588

    17 Hornet Ammo

    Yes, that terminology is a pet hate of mine also.
  13. dylan5588

    Pocket Shot

    Doubles up as an ice lolly mould, once you have finished playing with it?
  14. dylan5588

    Professional pest controllers, ref flies

    Thanks Andy, i have placed an order with SX Environmental, it looks like they still sell it, strange way of ordering though, Place order-wait for phone call to confirm postage cost, then pay. Oh well will wait and see what happens. Thanks again Adrian
  15. dylan5588

    Professional pest controllers, ref flies

    Andy, I am having trouble locating a source of Alphamost plus z9 Do you have a link, or company name which stocks it? Regards Adrian

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