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    Long Action Build

    Thanks for the input.
  2. I have a long action Borden repeater (.480 bolt face) to build on. The rifle will be used as a general purpose hunter that is capable of being competitive if need be. The barrel length would need to be around 24" as a mod will be fitted. I've been looking at 6.5 and 7mm options so far: long throated .260, 6.5x55, 6.5-284, 284, 280. Decent barrel life would be nice but not a deal breaker. Which of these (or any others?) will perform to it's potential in a relatively short barrel and utilise the higher bc bullets at optimum velocity, compared to more dedicated range builds running 30+inch barrels? Many Thanks
  3. SWFA SS 10X mil quad I bought this new from optic warehouse, it's as new and done very little as I prefer the 6x version hence it is surplus to my requirement. £260
  4. 1 x RH Sterk tikka t3 swept ball bolt handle, stainless with black ball. £60 posted

    ATACR vs Razor AMG

    Thanks for the replies, I know they are not directly comparable however I could work with either spec for the intended purpose.

    ATACR vs Razor AMG

    I'm looking at the Nightforce ATACR 4-16x42 ffp milrad or Vortex Razor HD AMG 6-24X50 mrad as a cross over hunting/ long range scope Any other suggestions? Has anyone got any experience with these companies, vortex warranty looks good but I would rather not have to use it! The main criteria for my purpose is ruggedness/ reliability Thanks

    Rem700 SA PSS stock

    As above looking for a PSS stock for rem700 308. Will consider similar alternatives. Thank you

    Tikka t3x LoP spacers

    I would like to increase the length of pull on my T3x lite ss, are there factory made spacers available?? Thanks

    The Manners T6A eventually arrived

    Looks ideal for all round use. Weight??
  10. CRUACH

    Calibre Advice

    Yes agreed. I'm merely interested to see what else is out there.
  11. CRUACH

    Calibre Advice

    Thanks for the Input so far, has anyone had any experience with the 6-284 vs 243 with 105gn bullets? Would a 24" barrel be too short for the 6-284 to gain any significant advantage.? I do like the 6.5s and was considering the 6.5x284/260 etc.
  12. CRUACH

    Calibre Advice

    Hadn't considered this before, will look into it. Thanks
  13. Hi I am looking at having a rifle built specifically for foxing on open moorland. Most shooting will be sub 300mtrs in windy conditions, occasionally further, steep uphill/downhill shots, usually at night etc. The rifle itself will be reasonably lightweight, with a barrel no longer than 24". I have a short action .308 and two long actions .30-06/300wm to build from, so I should be open to plenty of options, which adds to the indecision. I am after a flat shooting calibre which bucks the wind well, I do reload and don't mind having to neck down/up, fireform etc. Barrel life isn't a big issue and I would be happy with max 800rounds, low volume use. My default choice would be the 243win with a bullet circa 70gn My question ; is there anything more potent, practical that would fit the platforms I have spec'd? Should I be looking to run heavier higher BC bullets and sacrifice a bit of velocity, at the distances I will be shooting at? Thanks in advance

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