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  1. Parker Hale Bipod & Attachments

    Make me an offer
  2. Parker Hale Bipod & Attachments

    These of any use
  3. Norica 22 magazine

    Thanks guys I have a steel CZ I will take it to my old fella see if it fits
  4. Norica 22 magazine

    Hi guys I'm looking for a 22 norica JX 15 mag for an old fella that has lost his if any of you guys can help it would be much appreciated Many thanks in advance
  5. Timney trigger for a Voere £50 ono Pls P & P
  6. 6mmbr which primer

    Hi guys I am shortly to start reloading a 22BR for a friend who is fairly new to reloading so am assisting him develop a load for a new rifle my question is would the cci br primer work as well with the 22 as it does for the 6 or should I just start with standard primers ? Do any of you have any experience to impart pls The 22 BR is new to me too I shoot the 6mm ppc so any experiences any of you have would be welcome Many thanks Steve
  7. All arrived safely Darren many thanks

  8. Bolt

    What has happened to your old one ?
  9. Sporting rifle in 6PPC USA

    I have a few dies etc for the USA & a Timney for a voere if your interested give me a shout
  10. Hi Jimmy if the stock is for the hmr I will take it along with the ten shot mag can you forward the complete cost Inc postage & H will forward funds cheers Steve
  11. Howa S/A picatinny mount

    Hi guys looking for the above in blue for a little project if anyone has one lying around that there no longer using
  12. Accuracy International AICS chassis

    PM me your email & i will forward a pic of what I have if its of any use to you
  13. Accuracy International AICS chassis

    will PM some pic to you later
  14. AW 300 win Mag

    it would make a nice donor rifle for anyone interested lol tooley actioned macmillan stocked i have pics if tempted (all sent in a plain brown wrapper naturally) contact me if any interest

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