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  1. As above this is the varmint version will fit any model of sako p94s £130 posted Will also be listed for sale elsewhere soon
  2. hunter87

    AR15 forward handguard

    Did you get sorted in the end mate
  3. hunter87

    Trigger shoe

    Www.gun-parts-germany.de have a good selection of ar15 parts
  4. hunter87

    Labour Policy on Gun Licences

    Not anyone sane enough to be given an FAC that's for sure he is such a creature
  5. Interesting video I thought I would share
  6. hunter87

    Sako 75 magazine

    Well if dealers are going to be dicks take you money somewhere else that's what I do
  7. hunter87

    Short barrel ar15 .22lr

    People who shoot alot of rounds! .22lr is a dirty round
  8. http://kinneysshootingsupply.com/collections/cz-rails Try this guy he ships to the UK from oz
  9. hunter87

    Short barrel ar15 .22lr

    Looks good but from what I have seen online they seem to be a pain to clean
  10. hunter87

    Anschutz Magazine

    Have a look on rifle mags UK
  11. hunter87

    Short barrel ar15 .22lr

    I want something different I am thinking along the lines of a 12 inch barrel on a dedicated ar15 platform and adding a moderator. my idea of a short barrel is 12 inches my sako p942 has a 15 inch barrel
  12. hunter87

    Black Magpul MIAD grip

    Business must be booming bradders if you have to troll forums in order to sell your stock
  13. hunter87

    Short barrel ar15 .22lr

    guess not
  14. hunter87

    Optics Trade

    Just ask him if he has any discount codes he will send you some

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