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  1. 2017 rifle build. 1. KMW sentinal combat thumb hole stock by Terry Cross- painted ceracote OD green - with full aluminium bedding block, loggerhead cheek piece and AI mag system.2. Bighorn tl3 custom action in .308 with removable bolt head, controlled round feed, mechanical ejector and integral recoil lug and pinned 20 mm rail. Arguably one of the finest custom action made.3. .308 Bartlein 18 inch stainless barrel. Less than 60 rounds fired.4. Barrelled action ceracoted tactical black.5. New Sphur 30 mm zero Moa one price mount with rail. 6. New ase utra bore lock moderator with flash hider7. Huber concepts two stage custom Trigger group £3500 more info and images PM me
  2. why did you think now was the time to clean it, we need copper in the barrel to line the imperfection out or are you talking about copper sulphate see what this man has to say...
  3. kimh

    deer stalking directory

    presume they are run by the same people as this Forum, BBS and Pigeonwatch who have had upgrades (forced upon them) and their's has gone WORSE than others...
  4. looking for a 22 hornet stutzen, a Anschutz 1733 Luxus Stutzen would do nicely
  5. kimh

    wild boar caliber england

    the 6.5x55 will do the job I would prefer 270 if in a driven situation in a terrain shooting situation I use a 30-06 but I have had to deal with some bigger uk boar 308 not for me https://youtu.be/nNhLZx6-i9M
  6. http://picsters.tv/tim-guenther-doppelherz-hit
  7. I await the open day invite if he invited us all earlier we could of helped, create a CLUB not a shop? a cooperative. Again SPUD could be the man? the trade needs to change?
  8. No luck required from what I see and hear you are simply on a progression path, do right, do no wrong, do your best, do unto others as you would expect to be done unto you, cottage to castle...
  9. kimh

    Hardox plate....

    chinks again...
  10. kimh

    Wanted - Steyr scout stock

    as title 'stock wanted for steyr scout' also what else do you have for a scout not wanted...
  11. kimh

    Aim 60 drag bag

    at what price 1967SPUD
  12. kimh

    feeding a fire

  13. don't put names/makes of moderators on your licence
  14. but do the feet still fall off and the extention legs when added?

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