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  1. PaulC

    Stock for Surgeon xl action

    Wanted as above I know it's a long shot, no puns intended but I thought I would ask.
  2. PaulC

    Picatinny rail riser

    Wanted as above, now sorted.
  3. PaulC

    30 mm high or extra high mounts.

    Wanted as above tactical style for picatinny rail, now sorted
  4. PaulC

    .357 lead

    I am looking to start reloading for My marlin .38 / .357 I am led to believe that .357 will be more accurate due to the jump of a .38 special any ideas or Advice on loads would be great.
  5. PaulC

    AR15 in .22LR

    There are quite a few on guntrader I have a spikes St 22 and can't fault mine I have had it a couple of years and it's never missed a beat I runs on cci std's fine and is as accurate as a good 1022.
  6. Hi Paul

    Im not sure if you reviewed my PM about the stock but this is a copy of it 😊

    Thanks for the reply, I have a pretty standard 10/22 apart from it has a 12" volqartsen carbon wrapped tension barrel and moderator adapter, if this will fit the chassis as I'm sure it would I will buy it if it's for sale. I like the idea of being able to collapse the stock when I'm in the Landy shooting rabbits and  then with the nightvision be able to extend the stock for proper eye relief. If you are keeping it I fully understand. Could you please let me know either way.

    Regards Neil


  7. PaulC

    Ruger 10/22 barrel

    wanted as above bull barrel cheers Paul
  8. Hi 

    Did you sell the ruger Sr22 stock ? If not would a 12" carbon barrel be long enough to use with it ?

    Regards Neil 

  9. all pm's answered and still for sale
  10. Ruger sr22 chassis, genuine Yanky hill machine Forend and Magpul moe ajustable buttock a few marks from use used for multigun £160 posted
  11. Fantastic medium range rangefinder 1300 yds on a good day and 900 yds on a bright day with a poor target but LRC's maybe slightly different well worth the money I only got rid of mine for a Vectronix
  12. PaulC

    stock for surgeon xl

    wanted as above. cheers Paul
  13. PaulC

    Dating Nightforce scopes

    Thanks for the info chaps,I am having a cosy night in cuddling my new Atacar?

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