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  1. 260rem RS62 142gr smks

    46.2 grains N165 does the trick and Exellent barrel life !!!
  2. it was blamed on the West country boys, I wonder who they are🤔 but we have got our own 1000 yd shoot instead🐧
  3. Spare parts or a Lee challenger press

    Hi Ni i use a Lee classic cast its been fine it's around 8 years old now compared to most other things in reloading presses seem prety good value for what they cost. Paul
  4. Spare parts or a Lee challenger press

    Hi Ni a fifty cal press is a std Classic cast press, probley the starting point of presses a reloader of your calibre should be looking at I woulnt bother wasting money fixing an old challenger press there's plenty of good ones that come up for sale for around £100 Paul
  5. Sellier and bellot 6.5 creedmoor

    Mark I know that that many of tbe top CSR shooters reload and are fantastic at there discipline, I must admit on an LPSC practice day I shot a couple of times With Peter Cottrell and was suprised to see him shooting RG how many of the top 15 in service and practical class do you think reload there own. cheers Paul
  6. Sellier and bellot 6.5 creedmoor

    I always thought the two went hand in hand, Shooting and reloading surely everyone who owns a 6.5 mm or 7 mm will always make the effort due to the lack of factory ammo, and as said before getting the best out your rife, I find load development a fantastic part of the Sport and always chuckle when I see the new shooters rapid fireing there new .308 rifles to oblivion down at Bisley with there factory ammo. it's all a matter of choice like anything. Paul
  7. I purchased an Ior of this member last year totally honest description and trustworthy. Paul
  8. L.P.S.C results.

    No mystic bipod or walking stick aids🤔
  9. Nice one what fantastic shooting conditions beats shooting in foot tall grass
  10. Have you ever used one Eric side by side with an IOR or are you taking a video review as gospel?
  11. As above std Brake m18 x 1 for use with calibre's up to .338 £85 including recorded Post.
  12. After reading your posts I'm going back to air rifle shooting it sounds safer!!!

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