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  1. I think they only did one, a great unit ranges to around 1300 yds in the right conditions
  2. Your right Drum. Your not losing it it was optics warehouse I don't remember what was different than the norm though.
  3. Hi Pete It's mil turrets and mil reticule it has 20 mil internal ajustment the reticule is full value at 12 x and 1/2 value at 24 x it has 1/2 mil, mil and 5 mil marks with a small centre dot and can be set as a zero stop you can find the reticle on Strelok. rgds Paul
  4. Hi Pete I'm not 100% sure but i think the sh4 58 may be moa only the other image you put up looks like a low mag cqb ior reticl I have put a picture up of the scope and will ad a couple more I am always at Bisley if you want a look. cheers Paul
  5. Hi Pete it's the mp8 dot reticule you should be able to find it on line its very similar to Nightforces mlr2. rgds Paul
  6. IOR 6 - 24 X 50 latest model complete with mounts mp8 reticle mil ajustments boxed with warranty, instructions and Sunshade exellent condition £900 advertised elswhere.
  7. PaulC

    F class type Rear sandbags

    [Deleted by Admin - a strange post. No more please]
  8. PaulC

    Sako TRG 42 - 300 Win Mag

    I guess a second hand one would be pretty rare maybe a an AI ax then you could have a switch barrel rifle my mate has one and it works a treat or maybe a custom 6.5 or 7mm

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