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  1. Have you ever used one Eric side by side with an IOR or are you taking a video review as gospel?
  2. As above std Brake m18 x 1 for use with calibre's up to .338 £85 including recorded Post.
  3. After reading your posts I'm going back to air rifle shooting it sounds safer!!!
  4. just the latest thing with more internal adjustment than older PM2's I have four IOR's fantastic scopes but not as refined as S&B's Imho
  5. I have had a couple of ASE utra's there prety good and robust but like all mod's heat up and cause mirage stick, to the brake unless you realy have to change.
  6. Barrel contour

    My guess would be F at the action and C at the muzzle
  7. Hi Bart in metres its very simple, in yards you can still use it if your used to MOA calculations 1 Mil at 100 yds is 3.6 inches so 1 click would be 1 /10 of 3.6 inches which is just over just over 1/3 of an MOA which is probably the only downside when shooting ultra long range in MRAD as the ajustments can be a little too much when shooting small targets past 1000 yds all the best and happy Christmas to all on UKV. rgds Paul
  8. a club member I know showed me a ragged hole 900 yd group shot on the electronics at Bisley shot with Hps 300 win mag machine loaded ammo, the same shooter would probley struggle to hit 5 v bulls in a row at 600 yds on a std target i dont suppose the electronics are a true benchmark of accuracy I think putting your own target up at 600 yds might be the the way to go happy Christmas to all on UKV. rgds Paul
  9. .338 Lapua brass life

    Hi Gluv I am on my 10th reload with no annealing I have lost three cases with split necks, there is some brass in the for sale section at the moment. rgds Paul
  10. Tikka T 3 magazine

    Wanted as above David Waters T 3 gen 3 ten round .223 magazine. Thanks Paul
  11. Powder Choice for 7.62 tracer

    My RG tracer average 139 grains, with 42 grains of N140 I am getting 2520 fps out of an 18 inch barrel most .30 cal powders should work I can't see N150 would be a problem I have knocked down figure 11's at 1100 yards with them there great fun they go in like mortar bombs.
  12. What calibre is it and overal weight? I have a vias Brake on a .338 fireing 300 grain bullets with hardly any bounce I shoot it on concrete and grass with a std Harris BRM so nothing too technical on the bipod front. paul

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