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  1. Reloading Advice

    Thanks Phoenix. If I lube and resize an de-cap at same time will that not eventually ruin the sizing die from the dirt
  2. Reloading Advice

    What's the best approach to reloading: Decap, tumble, resize with lube in mouth Clean, decap and resize with lube in mouth Does it matter what lube is used and does the lube then need to be cleaned out before loading, or does this depend on the lube I have excluded the other parts to the reloading process, such as measuring length of case, de-burring etc. I am just interested in terms of de-capping and resizing, and when to use a lube inside the case mouth . Many thanks
  3. Ammunition

    At this stage, I am not too particular until I get my self sorted with reloading equipment. In the meantime, something on the lines of the Remington 120 grain, Remington 140gr core-lokt, Federal Fusion, 120gr soft point, Nosler 120 ballistic tip.
  4. Ammunition

    Does anyone know if Roding Armoury in Romford might sell .260 ammunition. Would phone and ask but they're shut until Thursday Can't seem to find a dealer within a 30 mile radius of where I am that does. Based in Northwood. Middx.
  5. Illuminated Reticle

    In the end I got hold of some soft jaw plumbers pliers to hold the base and the other to hold the cover to turn. However there was not much room for the second set of pliers to fit entirely over the cover with sufficient grip.. Luckily as I exerted some pressure on the base whilst trying to turn the cover, I heard a pop which seemed to realise what was seemingly the cover that was sitting on the base out of true. I was then able to quite effortlessly unscrew the cover with a coin. All good and no damage. Thanks for the input. Of course I tried the WD40 banus02 and that was probably the reason it all worked.
  6. Reloading Press

    My It skills aren't good enough to find the anno and rifle group. Is there a link ?
  7. Reloading Press

    Around £100. Possibly 200 rounds a year.
  8. Reloading Press

    Thanks for the info. They are a bit pricey. Won't be doing that much loading to warrant paying out that sort of money. Any other recommendations?
  9. I'll be taking possession of a second hand 20moa badger rail (Remington s/a) in the next couple of weeks. Does anyone have a 0 MOA badger rail that they want to swap.
  10. Reloading Press

    I'm after a second hand reloading press. What would anyone recommend. Previously owned a Lee Classic Turret Press which I sold many months back.
  11. Illuminated Reticle

    Yes that's what I was doing. I don't thinks corroded. It's only 18 months old and IR works. Will try WD40 and see what happens.
  12. Illuminated Reticle

  13. Illuminated Reticle

    Any tips on opening the cover to get to the battery on my scope. Cannot seem to open it. Tried soft jaw pliers to hold base whilst turning cover with coin inserted on cover but won't budge. Do you think two sets of pliers might work, one on the base and the other on the cover?. Not sure about using WD40 to help loosen.
  14. Scope mount and moa

    I am about to take possession of a sphur mount with a built in 20 moa. Rifle has a 20 moa rail. Would I be able to zero down to 100 yards using an IOR crusader or would I be better off to change the rail and if so what would you recommend for the sphur. Appreciate your views
  15. IOR

    You hear so much about these scopes. All the reviews that I have read and seen seem to love the scope and its qualities. I have not heard anything derogatory about their scopes. Has anyone had any issues with them and has anyone dealt with IOR with returns/faulty scopes? Appreciate any views

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