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  1. jay666d

    24 Hour Emergency Backpack

    Thanks mate! ? I was hoping to make a video simulating a situation using the bag and it's contents to get me home. (I've just been short on time at the minute!)
  2. I have let the selling of this rifle fall by the wayside... Time for a quick bump.
  3. Top bit of kit here mate! Great price too! I bought one of these last year and it is now part of my Shooting Equipment. I use it to fly down to the 1000 yard target for a look. Before that, it meant packing everything up, driving down the hill side into the valley for a look, then heading back to the firing point and setting up again. (Used to take nearly an hour out of the shooting day each time!) Good luck with the sale!
  4. jay666d

    Magpul prs stock

    Have a look at my for sale post: Someone has shown interest in buying just the barrelled action, so if that goes, then I will have a PRS for sale. Jay
  5. jay666d

    24 Hour Emergency Backpack

    Here in the UK, we don't often suffer from severe weather, but sometimes all it takes is a few inches of snow, and the whole of our little Island can grind to a halt. Towards the end of February 2018, we found ourselves in the midst of 'The Beast From The East' which brought us some late snowfall and caught a lot of people off guard... I spent one night, from finishing work until the early hours of the next morning driving around in my 4x4 helping people who had got stuck on rural roads. (The kind of roads where not much traffic passes anyway) If I hadn't of drove there, there's a high chance that a lot of these people would have had to spend the night in their cars... Or maybe walked (a fair distance) for help or shelter. I would say that a good 90% of the folk I helped were not equipped for the bad weather and certainly not equipped for a night away from home. That inspired me to make this video.
  6. Jeff, I know that it is... I'll text him and get him to PM you.
  7. jay666d

    Building the 'Long Dog'

    I love this 'ground-up' build! Looking forward to seeing this take shape!

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