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  1. Luckydan

    redding dies

    I’d like the 6.5x55s please. I’ll drop you a PM
  2. Luckydan

    McMillan spacers wanted

    I don’t have the spacer system but I can sort all the necessary mods. Just wanted some original spacers to make the finished job look proper. Plus I can’t be arse to cut out half a dozen and fettle them up so they look presentable ?
  3. Luckydan

    McMillan spacers wanted

    Looking for some McMillan spacers if anyone has any they don’t need. I need about an inch worth. I’ve got some Delrin sheet but I’d really like to keep my A3-5 as factory as possible. Cheers
  4. Selling my Kestrel 4500nv with applied ballistics software. Great piece of kit in excellent condition. It still has the screen protector on and it’s had little use. Looking for £300
  5. Interested in the T3 varmint stock mate
  6. Luckydan

    223rem instead of 17hmr

    Don't have any bother getting 17 ammo from my local RFD but choice is a bit limited. I don't have many rabbits so I don't use it in big quantities though. I don't think they'll be much good to the game dealer even if head shot with the 223. I totally agree about the 22LR being bouncy which is why mine is hardly ever used. I use my 30ft/lb R10 for rabbits. Cheap, quiet and a lot more accurate than the rimfires I own. Obviously range and wind has to be sensible.
  7. Luckydan

    Nice dog fox

    It was pretty windy on the night in question. Both foxes came from upwind. Last time we were on that ground calling it was warm and still and 5 turned up all at once! I always think that if they're hungry or curious you'll see something. If not you can blow as much as you like and draw a blank. I'll definitely try the cartridge case idea. Think it pays to have a selection of calls so you have options. Tried to upload a photo but it was too much data, he was a big lad and in very good nick, beautiful pelt, perfect teeth, very leggy but well muscled and carrying a bit of fat ready for the winter. Regarding the Tenterfield, I've found you can blow it in a few ways. I sometimes leave my fingers off it altogether which gives a more shrill sound. Found that often works well and handy if you have stuff on your hands that you don't want to put near your mouth!
  8. Luckydan

    Nice dog fox

    Cheers Bobbo :-) Loud it is indeed! Thanks for the tip, I'll try that in future. Makes sense to call the close ones in first. I've had limited success with the steel widgeon whistle ( tastes revolting though) and not much luck with the reed type call in the past. I do like a squeaker out of a dog toy. Easily lost though as they're so small.
  9. Luckydan

    Nice dog fox

    Took a real nice dog fox on the lamp at a lasered 165 yards tonight. Called for a couple of minutes with the Best Fox Call Tenterfield whistle and had an immediate show. As usual my mate was spotting with his gen 3 on top of his air rifle to avoid too much use of the lamp. We had a pair of eyes way off and I was trying to call him closer for a shot when I noticed fox number two just over the wall only 5 yards away. Moonlight was enough! By the time my mate had faffed around getting the lamp on he was 150 yards away. Luckily he decided to turn broadside as he crossed in front of a nice backstop as he continued with his escape plan, stopped him with a squeak and dropped him cleanly off the sticks. He was a cracking young hill fox in lovely condition, one of the biggest I've seen for a good while. The farmer keeps around 400 sheep, needless to say he was delighted we'd accounted for this one. It's often the case with the Tenterfield whistle that they come in so fast they can be right next to you before you see them. More often than not they respond really well and it's proved to be a really good investment. Takes a bit of practice to get a sound out of it but when you get the knack it's like ringing the dinner bell.
  10. Luckydan

    New ratting gun :-)

    Didn't John Bowkett design the Tirans? I remember them from when I was a lad and I had a big pile of Airgun World magazines in my bedroom. First outing on the rats with the R10 last night. Conclusions:- 30 ft/lbs drops them way better than 12! New trajectory took a bit of getting used to with NV as it's hard to judge range. R10 is very accurate, at least half a dozen shots were over 40 yards and still managed head shots. With 59 rats in the bag, even though they were a bit thin on the ground compared to normal, it seems that the power increase and the improvement in accuracy over my old gun made the BSA a pretty good investment. :-)
  11. Luckydan

    New ratting gun :-)

    Dropped the butt pad down a quarter of an inch and it literally feels like it was made to fit me personally! I agree with your thoughts on airguns. They've progressed so much in recent years after standing still for so long. I guess every cloud has a silver lining :-)
  12. Luckydan

    New ratting gun :-)

    I only really use mine for ratting on my permissions, the odd pigeon in my neighbours orchard next to my garden and as many of the local corvids as I can get, but the ratting is fairly busy and the farmers expect results so decent kit is essential. The flatter trajectory, increased useable range and extra stopping power of the FAC version is worlds apart from the 11fpe I'm used to. Far more effective and better in the wind due to the shorter pellet flight time. Had a few niggles with the Mk1 R10, fill valve leaking and a pellet in the trigger mechanism but a strip and clean with a couple of new O-rings sorted it. Consistent one hole groups at 35 yards, brilliant for practice and building muscle memory without costing a fortune in ammo. It feels so good to shoot and fits so well. Most ergonomic gun I ever shot! I'm so pleased with it that I'm treating it to an X tune and a Huma regulator when Darrin at XTX can fit it in. It's due a proper service and the mk1s weren't as sorted as they should've been so I figure it's worth sorting it properly for trouble free shooting over the next couple of years.
  13. Luckydan

    New ratting gun :-)

    Sounds good! My shooting buddy uses a Daystate Air Ranger FAC with a gen 3 intensifier. He takes his ratting pretty seriously. I've also got a home made NV add on which is more than up to the job. Works a treat on the 223 as well! Got a plan for something new over the winter. Really enjoyed building and developing my current system so a more ambitious version is on the cards. Best ratting I've had are chicken, pig or dairy farms. Some of the beef farms are good too if they're feeding ad lib. Plenty of food, water and somewhere to hide seems to be all they need to proliferate.
  14. Luckydan

    New ratting gun :-)

    I'm lucky enough to have a couple of regular ratting permissions which are busy all year round. Both produce bags of 80-100 per visit once a month or so. Brilliant for practicing shooting off the sticks and often leads to rabbit and fox permissions once you've proved your worth. Glad to have the right tool for the job at last! Good thing pellets don't cost as much as centrefire ammo!

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