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  1. I'm going to try sell as one item mate to be honest
  2. Would prefer to sell all together mate to be honest, plus there's a Harlika,case which was hundred quid,and the ten shot rotary mag, RFD had it ages can't sell,so I'll either give it to a club or saw it in half at wakefield police station
  3. Going to have to surrender rifle to be destroyed so any offer considered
  4. Custom ruger 77 22, laminate stock, shortened sixteen inch screw cut stainless steel barell, rifle basics trigger, Warne stainless steel mounts, MTC Genesis 3-20-50 scope, canting Harris bipod, third eye tactical mod,not scirocco in pics,twenty five shot ruger banana mag, Butler Creek caps, all supplied and built by Roger at rimfire magic, would cost approx £2000 to build, must sell as surrendered FAC,£500,jason, 07761 854437
  5. jason66

    osprey rifles

    Oh,iv been trying to contact Stuart, could you mention it please vince when you next speak? Thankyou vince
  6. jason66

    osprey rifles

    Does anybody know if osprey rifles are still trading,iv been trying to contact Stuart for ages??
  7. jason66

    F/TR scope Sightron or WHY.

    Yes please do ask him, as it was my understanding that all sightron optical products are now made in the cebu area of the phillopines? Switching production from Japan saving this (and lots of other binocular telescope and riflescope) manufacturers 80% labour costs? Oh and I think they were both genuine as they both came from the diggle. Kitchen!!!!
  8. jason66

    F/TR scope Sightron or WHY.

    I realise many people have sightron and have had lots of luck with them and great aftercare too and that's fair enough,but in response to the original op, my experience with the brand was the exact opposite, maybe I was just unlucky? Twice? But I'm sure anyone like me who was just starting out in ftr would be interested in my dealings with the brand? I'm sure I'll come in for an avalanche of negative criticism but what do other forum members think to two £950 scopes lasting less than 30 rounds??
  9. jason66

    F/TR scope Sightron or WHY.

    Sightron are made in the phillopino and yes the scope was replaced for another which broke after 23 rounds
  10. jason66

    F/TR scope Sightron or WHY.

    On the contrary brill buying it in the first place turned out to be the no brained, oh and it did come from aim fieldsports by the way
  11. jason66

    F/TR scope Sightron or WHY.

    I got through two brand new ones with exactly same spec as you are after in the space of twenty two 308 rounds!!! Total rubbish, why don't you take the hit and buy west Germany quality like s and b?? Bear in mind the sightron is a cheap phillopino copy.like me you could be totally underwhelmed and left stranded;!
  12. jason66

    F/TR scope Sightron or WHY.

    id give the sightron a very wide berth pal were I you
  13. brattonsound five guncabinet with integrated ammo safe,deep model for scoped rifles,two sets of keys,it's virtually brand new having only had one rimfire in for six months,cost £250 from Swillington,£100 no offers buyer to collect from West Yorkshire area.
  14. jason66

    Buying my first rifle

    Hello tim,Stuart will tell you all you need to know mate,all balistic calculations and load data have been done aswell,do you fancy a custom ruger rimmy aswell? It cost me £1600 in total and I'm virtually giving it away!! Jason

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