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  1. Montey

    Foxes. What do you do with them?

    So no denial or out raged comment from op what Bradders says 👀
  2. Montey

    Foxes. What do you do with them?

    This seems like a leading question? Why are you gathering data??
  3. I'm nearly there with my load using 65g of RS70 with the 215 Bergers I'm getting 2980fps which is a good speed and can go faster with no problems how ever that's 40fps faster than my old load so it should work just got to wait for the weather to calm down with heat and wind for a two set of five shot groups.
  4. Montey


    To answer your question would I sell my 204 no I need to find the time to work up a load for it. thanks for asking
  5. Montey


    My first centre fire rifle was a 204 it can be very good if you find a good batch of factory or reload for it. There is a but though I personally find it makes a big wound on a fox but I had more runners than when I switched to my 223 using 55/53g Ammo Then I moved up to my 22-50 that's even better but my go to now is the 243 shooting 95g noslers ive never had a runner yet that moved any distance.any one ellles care to comment please do just what I've found over the years.sad to say the 204 is my least used rifle.If your shooting rabbits then it won't make a difrance apart from wind drift.
  6. Montey

    F class open rests

    If it helps I'm thinking of selling my Seb Mini used for one weekend from new now replaced with the very heavy Seb Maxi which suits my 300wsm and me better. ide be looking at £600 if your interested p/m me.And the front bags filled with some special sand type material kindly donated by Garry Costello.
  7. Montey


    They sat in the tray for approximately 2 weeks but now I've found this inconsistency after inspection I'm doubting its those primers that coursed the problem though dampness ( despite there being a constant heat in the shed aswell a dehumidifier) fair question regarding stike of the foreign pin but yes I compared after the detail and found no difrance ive got another thousand Gold Match so I will inspect them As well as testing the most pronounced primers.
  8. Montey

    FTR Newbie

    My advice would be go along and ask advice at the first F class match you can second to that Ide recommend buying a FTR rifle from Dolphins it will be specked and ready to go. A lot of guys shooting FTR ( I shoot open ) are going over to heavyweight bullets this would effect the spec of your barrel in the first place again Mick at dolphins would be able to advise. Scopes are very personal choice look through as many as possible and decide I can recommend dolphin mounts or third I tactical both are excellent. BiPods and rear bags are also going to be personal look at as many as possible and keep it simple. A lot of people are using reloader Swiss as it is consistent and well supplied There's also lots of lode data available.Try to use Lapu brass and a quality prima. Good luck and I hope this helps
  9. Montey


    I had a bad experience on my last competition when I had three hang fires from my 300wsm I put this down to some primers Ide left in the tray of my hand priming tool in my shed I use as my reloading room ( the shed houses the oil boiler for the house and I keep a dehumidifier running 24/7) just laziness on my part lesson learnt! im working up a new load for the 300wsm using RS70 and noticed last night that some primers have white flecks these I have separated out the primers are Gold Match. Has any one else seen this with Gold Match primers or has a comment to make? The only other thing for me to do is load a couple with the most affected primers and see if they hang fire or effect velocity.
  10. Many thanks to you both for taking time to reply
  11. Having re read your post No I dear it's me who got it wrong! im going to try RS 70 but having looked there doesn't seem to be any data available on the company website. Has any one got a safe starting load for the 300 wsm pushing the 215 Bergers ?
  12. thanks for the advice im going to try the RS70 and see how i get on Not sure mixing the two powders is such a good idea as i can't see a way of getting the perfect match but thanks for the input.
  13. With H4831SC no longer available I've been advised to use RS 70 as a replacement in my Fclass open rifle i'm pushing 215g Bergers at 2940fps at present and it works very well using 68g of H4831. Is any one using RS70 as a replacement and if so what sort of results and speeds are you getting.? Any comments or advice gratefully received.
  14. Montey

    Thermal Imaging - Whats any good please

    I'm pleased to say I met up with Clive Ward today and I've ordered one of his thermal rifle scopes. The scope I looked through today was very impressive compact and lightweight. Many thanks to Clive for his time and for tea!
  15. Montey

    Thermal Imaging - Whats any good please

    I've just filled out the contact form on your website however there doesn't seem to be the facility to send a private message on here.

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