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  1. I've just watched Field sports Britain this weeks edition on YouTube on the news there was a piece on three female MPs who wanted to bring in a ban on air rifles for under 18 year olds this I knew had happened what I didn't know was as part of this out rage and attack on the shooting community There were also proposals to restrict home loading. Seems some people in parliament are trying to bring restrictions on a law-abiding shooting community without consulting stakeholders or looking for evidence lead proposals.
  2. I'm going to be testing booth powders side by side so I've got the same conditions I said Ide post my results with the RS 70 but i cant recommend it. Good to meet up with you at Bisly look forward to shooting with you again.
  3. Hi what for it's worth I've just spent the week at Bisley shooting my 300wsm 215 Bergers with 65g of RS70 I found in testing that ambient temperature or barrel temperature was making a big difference this was born out over the week with in different elevation.My best score of 74 out of 75 was a steady rhythm of shooting keeping the barrel at a constant temperature,The colder The barrel the higher the elevation the hotter the barrel the lower the elevation. I will now be trying vit165 and RS 62 this after some great help and advice from people much cleverer than me. Montey
  4. Montey

    Using dry lube for inside the necks

    Very interesting following this with interest but I can't see how you can better a 4-5 diffrance! im finding barrel temperature a major factor in my 300wsm using RS70 I'm getting one large hole at 100 yards from my load but difrent test results due to hot,worm or cold barrel temperature effecting speed but not group size at that range. Any thing that may help lower ES would be of great interest. just loaded 350 rounds ready for the week at Bisley in the hope I've got a good load I'll find out Monday!
  5. I've just watched a very sensible documentary on the iplayer on stalking in the high lands!
  6. Montey

    Foxes. What do you do with them?

    I rest my case
  7. Montey

    looking for help

    Hi have you tried using a chrono to measure any change in speed between groups?you might find the barely are retaining heat especially with the hot weather we've had of late. what loads are you using?
  8. Montey

    Foxes. What do you do with them?

    Nice reply hum perhaps when you One fill out your profile giving were you are Two have posts numbering more than 7 you wont arouse suspicion there's been atemps in the past for antsies (you know the ones with ski masks and a history of voilance) to infiltrate hunts shoots and of course on line forums I make no apologies for assuming the worst I've been around too long
  9. Montey

    Howa 6.5 grendel

    I can't say for sure as this stock looks a later model but I've had two Howa rifles both in 204 and I found the standard stock was rubbish. As soon as I shot them off a bipod the groups opened up!Very difrent when supported close to the action off a bag suggesting that when using a bipod the forend touched the barrel. A change of stock greatly improved accuracy.
  10. Montey

    Neck tension

    I'm running my 300wsm F class open rifle at 1.5 too 2 using RCBS full lenght dies on new brass if that helps
  11. Montey

    first 223 reload

    Something I've always done is try to find a factory round that shoots well i.e. groups well. This gives me a lot of information and helps barel run in The ones that don't shoot well can an be used as a fouling shots after cleaning.How ever I'm struggling at present to find anything that groups well in my new 243 so now I'm trying the 10 shot ladder test (google 6.5 guys ladder test on YouTube) you will need a chrono to use this method and really it's an important thing to have for load testing and development.Always start at book starting load to be safe and I work up in .2 or .3 of a grain. seating depth comes after speed/powder wait in my view.
  12. I have the magneto 3 and I've never had a problem it's designed to run in any light so being in a tunnel would make no difference to the performance. ive now just bought the lab radar and first impressions are positive my only comment is you do have to read the manual and it pays to look at some sensible YouTube vids on set up bing especially careful to select bullet wait.My reason behind the lab radar switch is I've got a lot of load development to do and I always think there's a possibility that the magneto may well effect point of impact.Im just waiting for the weather to change to something sensible so I don't have wind mirage or now rain to test in.
  13. Montey

    Good scope for archer night vision

    Mine works with my S&B Pm11 and my sightron as well as the Lup mk4 but your not to use an eliminated reticule as it will damage the tube I also use a NM 800 and not the lazerit came with now I'm moving over to a ward thermal I'll sell the archer as I've got the Drone 10 and the ariginal Drone as well.Might even sell a drone as well.
  14. Montey

    Foxes. What do you do with them?

    So no denial or out raged comment from op what Bradders says 👀
  15. Montey

    Foxes. What do you do with them?

    This seems like a leading question? Why are you gathering data??

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