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  1. couldn't help noticing

    Plus one for smal boys they are a great company used them once my self when my 750 wasn't ready for the day highly professional and nice people.
  2. couldn't help noticing

    I'm 57 didn't do my first one until I was 54 but I'm really aware this coming season of my mortality and brake ability as it were.its the only thing that I've got that generates loads of adrenaline so on balance I know I'm going to enjoy it but wind my neck in a bit this year! It has maid me much more sensible on the roads as ican push it in relative safety on the track.i run the front of inters or middle of fast group at Brands on both circuits but way off the pace of the race boys. Im hopefully doing another trip to Italy this summer that's a different type of riding but very rewarding after a long stint.
  3. couldn't help noticing

    My other passion is bikes I have my old 1200 bandit (Bob Farnem tuned ) winter bike My triumph Speed triple also tuned by Bob but that might be going as Ive never felt completely happy with it despite improvements. My 750 Gixer track bike still ridden on the road and my totally mad ZX10 2016 track bike tuned by MSS which is road legal still but only works on the road. May be we should have a UKV track day this summer?
  4. BSA Martini

    A lovely looking rifle I started rifle shooting with my fathers Martin action.22 so I've always had a soft spot for these. He all ways said his was ex Boer war vintage.
  5. 204 Vermin Control

    Thanks for your reply I've got a collection of powders sitting around but no N530 so I'll have a look at accurate shooter and see what I've got on the shelf to start with it'll be Rel 10X and I've got 39g and the 32g Blitzkings as well as 40g V max just a time thing given I'm reloading a lot these days.
  6. Thermal Imaging - Whats any good please

    Thanks for posting the link Scot country don't list it as a try and buy yet so I will wait for the night vision store uk stock to arrive as they are only half an hour away.
  7. 204 Vermin Control

    I have struggled with my 204 to find a load it likes it's always been a love hate relationship with factory Ammo difrent batch to batch it's either brilliant or useless! What load are finding is working in yours please ?
  8. Thermal Imaging - Whats any good please

    Has any one tried the latest offering from Pulsar the XP50 ? I have spoken to night vision uk but they are awaiting delivery of thier new model the web site seems to have a delivery date of 10 days permanently posted! I have foxs that I can't get on for as soon as I turn on the NM800 on top of my Drone they are gone very quickly.i want to try and then use a good thermal as we have lambs going out now and there's some big Wiley dog foxs around.
  9. Unlike dinner partners?

    I hope you checked neither had a nut allergy 😊
  10. Atlas bi pod

    I use the atlas a lot I love them just get used to pushing in to it or loading the pod and it's great. I also find it works well with my bog pod sticks . Having said that my mate hates them and only uses Harris one with the extra long legs this is all for Varminting use I will add. There are some cheap copies around Ide say stay clear of those unles it's for an air rifle.
  11. Rabbits and .22

    RWS sound like a plan interesting and disappointing that Elly have gone that way.
  12. Rabbits and .22

    It's been full on with the foxs and corvids this time of year and a big part of this is gathering fresh bait I'm shooting between 5 and 10 rabbits a night which until tonight has proven to be easy using my .22 Sako Finfire with Drone Pro.How ever tonight I found I was missing a lot then I relized Ide started a new box of Winchester 42g and some rounds were really loud! I.e. Fast Now many of us expect this from a box of CCI but not Winchester has any one else had the same problem? I changed to a box of 40g and was back on aim.
  13. IR Eliminater

    Thanks Bruce I've spoken to Night Vision Store and I'm now looking at the thermal options Clive Ward was very helpful and his just down the road so I'm just waiting for his delivery. The plan will be to fit the thermal on my 22-250 and keep the Drone Pro on the 243 for the longer shots.
  14. IR Eliminater

    is there an IR that doesn't show up like a torch? I.e. A black light type? im using the NM800 on my drones at the moment fine on rabbits but some one is educating the foxs and as soon as I switch on the IR many are spooked.The other option is to pay out for a thermal scope but the ones I've looked through aren't that good. How much would I have to pay too get the same performance out of a thermal scope as my Drones prose ? Montey
  15. Plotting sheets

    Thanks for the advise I'll be doing that then.

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