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  1. Shot gun followed by rifle shooting

    My apologies for the back to front heading
  2. I hear time and time again shooters saying my clay shooting/game shooting is off because I've been rifle shooting a lot.Persanaly I don't find a problem to me it's like saying I can't ride my track bike because I've been driving my track car! The way you use either is so difrent for me but I wonder how others feel?
  3. Logged out/Locked out

    I have deleted my old favourite/ bookmark I search a new each time
  4. Logged out/Locked out

    I'm in the same boat I have to still log in and I'm on an iPad and still the same with what ever search engine are use. i think it's my cookie setting I have some one whoe runs a software company and uses Apple all the time who is booked to come over soon for all my company website social media stuff so I will get him to look at my cookie settings when I have the answer from him I will post it on here so may help others. If I can't login it's my own fault through typo error!!!

    Sorry to hear that Colin the mod you made for me is top quality and you were a pleasure to deal with. i wish you all the best in the future.
  6. Log in

    Plus one still it's making me think!!
  7. Varminting in Australia

    Good to see some varminting on here again thanks for posting
  8. How Clean is clean??

    It's truly a case of what works for which barel my two 308s 223 2-250 ( Dolphin) and my .17 Hmr work well with wipe out or KG products.My 243 and 204 go all over the place with Wipe out but shoot well with KG cleaners.
  9. Just read my emails and spoted this from the NRA re possible ban What next no straight pulls ? I'm going to take time to wright to my MP and ask his view perhaps I can in lighten him. Also going to join the local Consetive association what better way to speak directly re our sport.
  10. Drone Pro 15x Questions

    I run one on my 243 win had a problem but was all reworked by Carl now works perfectly that ones a later 10x I've also got the earlier one. As people have said ask Carl he realy is good to deal with.
  11. I've shot more gongs than I can count having my own 200yard range and loads of permissions means I shoot a lot of steel !! I buy my targets from B H targets ( Tey are on this site ) they come with a blue paint which I spray with lining paint that comes in difrent Colours I use red it drys realy quick and never flakes. Off out today to make the most of a permission that's just been cut so I can test the drop on my 243 using a Drone pro out to 300yards.
  12. Drone pro problem

    I'm very pleased to say that Carl has fixed my Drone and got it back to me in a matter of days Fantastic service from a company that dosnt need any plugs from me I'm sure. I just wish other company's were this good to deal with !
  13. Markers Bisly

    Ok let me explain Point one two pairs of very experienced shooters had shot first both wear un happy with the marker and the feed back they got back When I say experienced al are TR shooters with any years experance at this range at Bisly and have represented thier county. I gave up after 8 shots with my FTR rig that is dot on at that range end of no compromise I shoot with these guys because its were I started and I still Learn a lot from the many years of experance. The young lad I mentioned has shot at 1000y before with us (308 155g RWS ammo) he used the data gained from his prievus shoots. The point being every one goes on the information coming back from the marker he was told he was over and high we picked up that it was all going very wrong and stopped him shooting. After I took him to the zero range and set him up for 600y he was dot on. The NRA said we know this marker and we dought him (not word for word but???) they refunded our money no argument. My point is its all very well the NRA up grading the infer structure but training of the markers and paying a proper rate is most important. Its no good us having the best set up costing much time and money if the markers are not up to the job. As far as shooters doing it them selfs its a 1000y you can't leave the butts and shoot. At 600 we did suply our own marker and had a great shoot. The complaint has gone in and I've put my name on it.
  14. Markers Bisly

    I went to shoot at 1000y today with my local club but we had an NRA marker who was at best incompertant at worst dam rite Dangerous!! I've made an official complaint regarding this marker and I urge every one Elle's to the same. The reason being if we just shrug our shoulders and say ow well that's what you get things wont change. I took one lad off to the zero range to check his zero at a 1000y it was down to 800y after he kept being told he was above the target.Thats dam rite dangerousness in any body's book. I'm posting this in the hope we can all get the NRA to improve the standard of markers. We are only as good as the feed back we get back.

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