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  1. Sold subject to funds transferred
  2. Have a look at fild sports Britain extant report this week or though it might be out of date re the general license there is the latest that the RSPB and thier mate Packem with help from the BBC have planned for grouse shooting and Scotland
  3. Yes it is the original barrel it was one of the very last barrels I believe produced by the border barrel company before everything change with them it was a very long wait for the barrel.I ran the barrel in carefully as I do all my barrels and it paid me back by being extremely accurate.The rifle has never been used on a range, I have my own 200y range at home for load development and set up.
  4. RPA interceptor 243 very little use in superb condition round account under 400 has mag feed and RPA supplied moderater very accurate weather shooting 95g 100g or 105g home loads or Norma factory rounds. The price new from RPA S I Believe £3600 new this can be yours for £998 no part exchanges or bids please. i now have a super lightweight dolphin 243 and that's the only reason this perfect gun is for sale can be viewed at Ashford Gun rooms Kent or PM for emails of pictures and my number I will guarantee this gun is as described or your money back.
  5. Montey

    Get your Crow License here....

    Ok watch field sports Britain out yesterday on YouTube you don't have to watch the whole program go to the section on General licensing There you wil hear from Ms Spain who makes it clear that section 4 defence allows you to act to protect animals or crops how ever it is a defence NOT a license. Two points re yesterday's program the RSPB want to control all bird shooting! The MP chairing the committee is obviously switched on and it's good to watch the very top people in NE being held to account he's having none of it. Makes you think there's hope yet!
  6. Just switch to one of the very latest designs it's very good
  7. Montey

    Firearms Interview on Tuesday

    It's quite simple a piece of ground has to be cleared for each calibar (in Kent any way) to give you an idea I have a piece of ground that I own away from the main farm it is just over 4 acres however it has a footpath at the top road at the bottom and both sides neighbours ground and houses. When I first put in for my 22 many many years ago I asked for a FAC spec air rifle specifically for this piece of ground and was given it straight away and congratulated on my awareness of the risk and unsuitability of this piece of ground for a 22. I hope this helps
  8. Well that throws a even worse light on it talk about putting the fox in charge of the hen house. we need a petition to get him sacked he is a public servant
  9. Montey

    Jewell Trigger Cleaning

    Plus one for lighter fluid used it on all my rifles never a problem it was recommended to me by Mick
  10. I just watched Fild sports Britain they have some enlightened statements from The countryside alliance as well as Charly the main presenter. Starlings were put on the red list some years ago which meant that as fruit farmers we had to apply for a license it became tighter and more difficult as time went by it was a bit of a lottery on who you are dealing with from NE.
  11. I've just tried to sign the petition but I'm outside of the UK at the moment I don't expect the BBC to listen after all he is Mr OBE now!! I will sign it's when I'm back in the UK next week. I've just looked on the countryside alliance website and it does give more information than BASC I will be contacting my MP who was very good over the 50 cal ban and look for his support. I will also be contacting my local NFU rep and express my hope that they will actually get off their backsides and get behind farming community this is not just the shooting matter.
  12. Just read the BASC response it seems very weak I have not bothered with the country side Alliance since they lost the hunting ban. There needs to be a proper coordinated response to this including the NFU if they're not too busy selling insurance They raised £36,000 from crowdfunding the farming industry combined with supporters of the countryside and our way of life should be able to take this to court and have our own judicial review. The gap between the Walt Disney watching citydwellers and some in the country to those of us who can honestly say we lived for generations in the country is growing wider by the year.
  13. Montey

    Foxes everywhere today!!!

    We are leaving them alone this time of year un less we know it's a dog fox for certain or a vixen taking lambs and we then want to know we're the earth is if possible. we also have two shoots one is fully keepered and on that shoot we haven't stopped but we recon to know every earth on the shoot or we're to look for the earths. two points the keepers been told no one can dig an earth now with dogs ? the other point this estate was arginally set up by a rich hunting family and the keeper wasn't allowed to control foxs part of the year as the hunting was more important. Some times things should be left alone!
  14. Montey

    Velocity plateaus in load testing: Why?

    No conclusion then just gone silly

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