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  1. Thanks BD and Re-Pete! Re-Pete: my understanding is that Navitimers were/are made larger so that you can get sensible info out of the slide rule. This one is on the new(ish) in-house B-1 movement which (to my knowledge) only comes with a 46mm face, at least in the Nav. It's certainly a bit clunkier than my quartz watches but not annoyingly so. As for other self-winding watches, perhaps someone more "in the know" can answer that one - I expect it has something to do with fashion trends and the fact that you have to fit a mechanical movement inside the case?
  2. Hi all It's been a life-long ambition of mine to own a Navitimer. Inspired (at least in part) by this thread, and coupled with the "savings" I've made by not travelling to Canada to shoot F class, I finally took the plunge... Hope it's of interest!
  3. Assuming this is the green-stocked Borden at The Country Store in Sawston... I've had a play with this rifle and it is a seriously nice piece of kit.
  4. I have no experience with a .284 but have used 180 VLDs and 180 hybrids in my 7-270WSM (specifically, 2 barrels' worth of VLDs and very nearly a barrel's worth of hybrids). Personally, I found the VLDs to be extremely sensitive to seating depth. The VLD solution (in my barrels at least) was to jam/ soft seat them, although brass life seemed to suffer. The hybrids were much easier to tune, although they didn't respond well to jamming/ soft seating or just touching. Once off of the lands, I found they were fairly insensitive to jump until about 25 thou out, at which point I stopped testing. I settled on about 8 thou off the lands. In *my* experience, the hybrids have been a lot more consistent and a lot less fussy. Saying that, the VLDs were more accurate when in tune. As Ian said, "Try both and see what the rifle likes". For what it's worth, my next barrel has been throated for hybrids...
  5. A seriously nice rifle - someone will be very happy with that.
  6. Dr.T.

    Bullet pointing with Forster Co-Ax

    I use the Hoover system to trim and point, and can highly recommend it. Before trimming and pointing, I also pre-sort the heads based on their base-ogive length (using a Sinclair comparator). Not sure this makes much difference in itself (just like many other steps in reloading, I suppose), but the Sinclair comparator makes it relatively painless. As Laurie said - there's *little point* [couldn't resist the pun] in going through all this faff unless you're shooting long range, and even then the benefits are fairly minimal .
  7. Dr.T.

    Brexit? A quick poll

    Political preferences aside - Brexit has already cost me over a tenner on my new (Austrian) trigger and that was at 0607 this morning! First world problems I suppose!
  8. Dr.T.

    Forster Co-Ax Press

    It's an excellent press. As above, I'm not sure the ammo is any better but it's a pleasure to use. Saying that, I don't use it to seat primers, and I remove the arm entirely for everything except FL sizing (you can simply hold the top of the "yoke").
  9. Very nice scope - if only it had come up for sale a couple of months ago...
  10. Dr.T.

    Query on Annealing

    As above - no need whatsoever, and it would just seem to add to the work. In fact, I was annealing some 7-270WSM necks last night and they were cool enough to touch within no time (a minute or so). Takes a leap of faith mind you...
  11. Dr.T.

    Right bolt left port for F class

    Thank you both for your fast replies - your thoughts are much appreciated! Does this mean that the "port next to your face" issue isn't much of a *real world* safety concern after all?
  12. RBLP (and dual port) actions seem to be more popular in benchrest rifles than F-class, and I expect this has something to do with faster reloading. Is there any reason why you would NOT want to shoot RBLP for F class (besides personal preference)? Some forum threads have suggested that RBLP disturbs your position more when shooting prone, and that there's an increased risk of a face full of gas if something goes wrong (presumably favoring the face of your shooting partner). I'd be really interested to hear people's thoughts - preferably from those who actually use a RBLP action! Many thanks.
  13. I'd be interested in some (p.s. your PM inbox is full).
  14. Thanks Tim - looking forward to it.

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