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  1. I would be interested in the scope if you decide to split...
  2. Oh god Paul that surgeon makes me moist 😍
  3. Jiminic

    Magpul prs stock

  4. Jiminic

    Magpul prs stock

    Anyone got a gen 2 prs stock? I think I may have found a new one, but just if anyone has one that they aren’t using. thanks jamie
  5. Jiminic

    Looking for an Ai..

    Ok, thank you. I guess it’s spending on the right one, and not wanting to regret if a different spec model turns up. ae mk3 in 308/7.62 with a 24” and brake, flat dark earth sides. Or similar in a aw. Stock sides can always be changed without too much issue as can the tubes etc. But having seen some advertised at £1600 it makes spending 2.5k a bit tricky to swallow - however I appreciate supply and demand drives price.
  6. Jiminic

    Looking for an Ai..

    Thanks... seen that one.. albeit it seems a bit pricy considering previous posts etc
  7. Jiminic

    Looking for an Ai..

    Morning all, I am looking for an Accuracy International rifle. Having done a bit of reading and chatting to Graham at sporting services I am in the market for a either a AE (preferably a mk3), AW or AT - I’m not sure I can afford an AX or AW really.. but you never know. Ideally in 308/7.62 but not essential anything out there in good condition that could be considered? thanks Jamie
  8. Jiminic

    Custom 6.5x47

    There is a chap selling a Borden 6.5x47 on guntrader in a manners stock.. and ai mag conversion.. he is asking 2k.. it’s under the “custom” search
  9. Suffice to say I was tempted and made a call... sadly what I can’t remember is who was selling it! 😬
  10. May also split barrelled action with original trigger, 2 piece scope mounts and (slightly tatty) polymer stock £375 stock £550 Gold Timney calvin elite with safety and bolt release £150 accurate mag £55 20 moa rail £35 ai polymer mag £35
  11. Due to purchase of a AR15 for some fast competition shooting, I no longer have the requirement for my 223. spec is a Remmy 700 VTR 1/9 twist, in a black AICS AX (pre 2014 - non folder) Calvin elite Trigger, 20 moa rail, tac handle and 1 x 10 round 223 polymer branded AI mag, and 1 x 10 round 223 Accurate mag. Shoots very tidy with 24.4grn N140 with 69grn SMK. I bought this rifle s/h and put the stock and trigger in. I was informed it had minimal use, and I have at best out 150 rounds down it. Muzzle is unmarked and clean, and the rifling to my eye is sharp, bright with clean. All in looking for £1200. (No scope - rings or bipod) cheers Jamie

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