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  1. Looking for an Ai..

    Ok, thank you. I guess it’s spending on the right one, and not wanting to regret if a different spec model turns up. ae mk3 in 308/7.62 with a 24” and brake, flat dark earth sides. Or similar in a aw. Stock sides can always be changed without too much issue as can the tubes etc. But having seen some advertised at £1600 it makes spending 2.5k a bit tricky to swallow - however I appreciate supply and demand drives price.
  2. Looking for an Ai..

    Thanks... seen that one.. albeit it seems a bit pricy considering previous posts etc
  3. Looking for an Ai..

    Morning all, I am looking for an Accuracy International rifle. Having done a bit of reading and chatting to Graham at sporting services I am in the market for a either a AE (preferably a mk3), AW or AT - I’m not sure I can afford an AX or AW really.. but you never know. Ideally in 308/7.62 but not essential anything out there in good condition that could be considered? thanks Jamie
  4. Custom 6.5x47

    There is a chap selling a Borden 6.5x47 on guntrader in a manners stock.. and ai mag conversion.. he is asking 2k.. it’s under the “custom” search
  5. Suffice to say I was tempted and made a call... sadly what I can’t remember is who was selling it! 😬
  6. May also split barrelled action with original trigger, 2 piece scope mounts and (slightly tatty) polymer stock £375 stock £550 Gold Timney calvin elite with safety and bolt release £150 accurate mag £55 20 moa rail £35 ai polymer mag £35
  7. Due to purchase of a AR15 for some fast competition shooting, I no longer have the requirement for my 223. spec is a Remmy 700 VTR 1/9 twist, in a black AICS AX (pre 2014 - non folder) Calvin elite Trigger, 20 moa rail, tac handle and 1 x 10 round 223 polymer branded AI mag, and 1 x 10 round 223 Accurate mag. Shoots very tidy with 24.4grn N140 with 69grn SMK. I bought this rifle s/h and put the stock and trigger in. I was informed it had minimal use, and I have at best out 150 rounds down it. Muzzle is unmarked and clean, and the rifling to my eye is sharp, bright with clean. All in looking for £1200. (No scope - rings or bipod) cheers Jamie
  8. Looking to move on my Remmy 700. As per title, it’s a 243 varmint with a 20” barrel threaded 18x1 with thread protector. Sits in a AICS thumbhole stock with cheek riser and supplied with 1x 5 round AI metal mag. I believe it has the x mark pro trigger, and comes with a utg flat moa rail. Tactical bolt handle fitted. Its second hand to me, so no idea of rounds exact down the tube, but understand it sits around 600 or so. I used it as a static foxing gun so it’s done little work from me, and shoots 1/2 moa (3 round group) with 100grn prohunters with n160. doing more target and less hunting now, so moving over to more dedicated target kit. It is in all round tidy condition, but has been used in the field so not totally spotless. can send detailed pics to anyone interested, but looking at £800. (No scope - bipod etc) cheers Jamie
  9. It was on there a while back. From memory it was a blueprinted Remmy 700 in 308 with a 26 inch fluted tube. McMillan a5 adjustable stock (although had the sides cutout for a original Remmy mag system. schmidt pm2 5-25x56 and was priced at £2500. I belive Norman Clarke did the work on it.
  10. Hi, as per original post.. bought it on here. no receipt, sadly no box. Legit leupy in nice tidy condition though.

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