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  1. varmintexpress

    wildcat evo bridge wanted: 5/8 unf.

    wanted: 5/8 unf bridge wanted. wildcat evolution.
  2. if you ever end up travelling north of derby i have 400 cash
  3. https://photos.app.goo.gl/E6NJzBK8XyXLbHJL8 picatinny rail has 17mm dove rail on the bottom side. £45 posted
  4. this is a dove picatinny rail with 17mm dove size at the largest measurement. pics https://photos.app.goo.gl/qVTTFo6KcXnBHDtY9 £50 posted
  5. varmintexpress

    .22 c/f barrel blank

    Hi its 24 inch 1:12 twist match grade
  6. for sale 22 barrel bank Match grade Stainless LW £330 posted pics https://photos.app.goo.gl/DTvHYPxYea7EuqHS9
  7. For sale. Pics here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/GZtBxwkkHmB1X3VH9 Match grade barrel blank. 224 24 inch screw cut 18 x 1 1 in 12 twist £330 location: south of chesterfield, derbyshire or if anyone has a nice tikka or sako action for sale to put this barrel on I might as well keep it as its going to be a tac driver with a little work.
  8. for sale .223/22 250 etc barrel blank LW match grade 24 inch 1:12 screw cut 18x1 needs cambering £310 collected. I have a wildcat evo mod which can be brought with the above barrel for an extra £150 private message for info / pics jewel trigger for rem 700 hvs with bolt release 1 spring 3oz too 16 oz £290 collected private message for info / pics
  9. varmintexpress

    Rebarrel from 223 to 204

    'inexperienced FEO' there was no need for that comment Varm LR. don't be a cock Varm LR. be polite.
  10. varmintexpress

    Rebarrel from 223 to 204

    seems like about 60 yard advantage with the 204 for wind and elevation approx at 500 with your charts above. just checked my phone/ strelock and 53v max at 3500 fps is approx 37.2 " drop at 500 y with 100 y zero. so approx 5.2 inch drop advantage with 204 at 500. and 1.1 inch wind advantage with 204 at 500. if the 223 is zeroed at 200y drop is about 33.35 " compared too the 204 32" so if 223 is zeroed at 200 and 204 zeroed at 100 there is 1 inch in it at 500 y for both wind and elevation. i know the 53 v max BC is not honest at longer ranges as the bullet is slowing. BC is lower. in theory if one is zeroed at 100 and the other zeroed at 200 1-2 inch at 500 y is very very small. my only question is what is the real BC of the 39g blitz at 500y not what is advertised but the real BC out to 500y? As I think the 53v max is about 0.27/8 ish at longer range. theory is one thing, actual down range performance BC is another, and it would be interesting to know what real BC is for 39 blitz at 500y
  11. varmintexpress

    Rebarrel from 223 to 204

    i've just brought a LW barrel blank in .224. its about 25.6" I was going to cut it down too 22 " but after reading this thread I might leave it at 25. I want to try the 40's out (mostly shot the 50gers before), hopefully too 3800 if i get lucky. the .224 nosler 40 g look interesting. not the BC of the .204 40g ers but close ish @ .221 i believe. if shooting the 223 with 53vmax at 3500 with a .27-.29 bc then there really is not much in it. I guess the 204 might give a slight advantage at longer ranges with 40 g bullets. not so much with the above another point of view is do you really want your bullets holding there energy for a long way? I shoot an fac airgun with light pellets into trees. I would prefer it run out of energy past 100 yards fast for improved safety less worry. maybe its different with centre fire as a backstop is a backstop no matter what distance

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