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  1. Lukas_K


    Lovex D060 was actually developped for the purpose of reduced loads in order to avoid risk of secondary combustion/expolosion with very low density loads as used in cowboy shooting or when reloading old large volume (originally black powder design) cases with small amounts of smokeless powder. Look for AA5744 reduced loads on American forums, essentially the same powder in another brand keg.
  2. Lukas_K

    GAU-5A/A Commando Carbine

    Just off the title first thing that came to mind was the A10 warthog ­čśä Very nice as a modern nod to the classical firearm, thanks for sharing
  3. I have a mint Discovery HD 4-24x50, FFP illuminated reticle, MIL/MIL, 34mm tube with low Recknagel rings that I would like to trade for a SFP scope. I need to have 4x power, MIL adjustment and adjustable parallax; the rest of the zoom range and other specs is not that important.
  4. Lukas_K

    338 300gr Scenar - pointed?

    I actually have Davy┬┤s die for pointing and can recommend it wholeheartedly. My question really isn┬┤t on the "how to?" level, but more of "worth the effort based on actual experience?", because I haven┬┤t shot the 300 Scenar (pointed nor factory virgin) myself before. BTW for what you note, 6.5mm 139 Scenars (pre-L) DO benefit from pointing, shrinking the 1000m vertical by noticeable 15% when fired at moderate volocities from a Swede. Therefore I reasoned, at least in theory, that the new L-class designs with wider meplat would benefit too.
  5. Lukas_K

    338 300gr Scenar - pointed?

    With the current shortage of 300gr Hybrids I'm seriously pondering the possibility of improving upon the 300gr Scenars and developing a new load with them. Anybody bothered pointing these before? What results have you achieved?
  6. I had a 50 mm objective lens on it ...no problems

  7. The height of the 35mm mount, please? Considering for the 42mm objective 3-18. Thanks.
  8. Sounds almost like LongShot history class rules, am I right? Took 3rd place with a 1896/11 Schmidt-Rubin a year ago. The 300m target is tricky for the older guns in that windy environment. Swiss guns are hard to beat for the task. For Military/Open sights category, a bog standard k31 will do, or you can grab a G11 type rifle for longer sight radius. In open, a diopter and closed front gives advantage. K31 with a target diopter is admissible, I believe, but be warned that WaffenFabrik Bern original sights are more expensive than the rifle itself. Otherwise in past years we┬┤ve seen good targets shot with 1903 Springfields, Garands, P17s and a BAR, actually.
  9. Lukas_K

    Lovex powders - opinions

    Laurie, try running the "dirty" Lovex numbers with S&B primers sometime. Two things will almost certainly happen - the burned fouling in the necks will be reduced considerably, and the velocity will go up a little. Haven┬┤t found why yet, but it proved true the same in 223, 6Br, 308 and Swede, all of them across several loads in different barrels. Makes the reloader┬┤s life a lot easier
  10. Lukas_K

    Advice on vintage watch

    Is there a particular "WHY"? I mean, people really buy vintage because of a personal reason. Because grandpa got the same as a wedding gift and such. Vintage is really about the emotion within. They won´t do anything a new watch wouldn´t do better for the same price. For £200, you could get a nice and serviceable Seiko diver, or even a Steinhart if you shop around a little.
  11. Found out B&C makes quite a nice stock, too: http://www.bellandcarlson.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=category.display&category_ID=1098 Doesn't look like there are any chassis options, though...
  12. Anybody has wider experience with these? Looking for a CZ550 mag (rigby size) target stock or chassis, which apparently doesn't exist. Howa 1500, on the other hand, is prevalent. How close are the two?
  13. Lukas_K

    Primer types

    Might be almost heretic proposition but S&B primers seem to be a great value and quality wise head&shoulders above what their mainstream production usually entails. They don't do rifle magnum in name, but the LR primer works in that role just fine. Their SR primers shrunk even the ES in 308 Palma brass to single digits... And they're half the price off cci or Federal in most places.
  14. Lukas_K

    338LM - 250gr velocity loads

    Well the usual fears and caveats as stated above, I know of. But keeping to the old ways is not how the progress happens DaveT: 2950 is lovely, therefore I suppose you don┬┤t find N570 overly slow for the bullet weigth/case volume combination? Have you tried RS80?
  15. Lukas_K

    338LM - 250gr velocity loads

    As stated, if velocity is the goal with a 250gr bullet from a 28" barrell, what powders would give best results? I'm thinking N570, RS80... But aren't they too slow for this bullet weight already? I'll be happy if I can hit 3000fps reliably without overpressure.

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