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  1. WTB: AICS short action

    As the title says, I'm looking for an old-style AICS stock. Short action R700 model, preferably fixed. Old school skins (shallow, square-ish rear bag cutout).
  2. Quadlite bottom metals

    I remember seeing several different types, most common being the flush-fitting floorplate for modified TRG mags. But there were others, a buddy has a long-action with DBM made for Sauer mags. My question is, is there a DBM for quadlite & AICS mags, short of Mik's chassis? I want to keep the stock.
  3. As additional note, I´m looking into these as a possible replacement for 107 Sierras. For some reason Bergers seem more available now. Could batch-order Sierras instead, though.
  4. Anybody has experience with Berger´s current offerings re verified BC values in 6BR attainable velocities (2850-2900fps)? I know there were changes in the Match VLD design and the steted BC got revised several times. Now Berger claims .517/.265 numbers for the 105VLD and .522/.268 for the 108BT.
  5. Works the shoulder but not the body axially. 264, 266 and 268 bushings included. New in box, 90 shipped.
  6. Shoot me an offer if you believe I´m asking too much..?
  7. £1300 including all the listed accessories & insured shipping (anywhere in EU)
  8. What reticle do you have there, Jonathan?
  9. 6br in TRG magazine

    Whatever the cost, it's worth it. Nobody makes a dedicated mag. And it's just broccoli running a repeater action as a single shot. The AI/TRG conversion should be close enough dimensionally. TRG mag is a fraction of an inch longer in oal, very slightly narrower in front cross-section (the follower may need a little shave here) and not as high, so the OAL spacer must be shortened.
  10. 6br in TRG magazine

    Hi Dave, for some reason I thought you did AI mags only? TRG too, then? Any loss in capacity?
  11. Sorry sir, not enough elevation travel & not usable reticle for my competition shooting. Would love a lightweight scope like that, though. Illuminated reticle on the NXS, forgot to add that before.
  12. Made a mistake re the reticle - it's not the "R2", but "R1". NP-R1. Now discontinued, it is finer and has more detailed markings - 1moa on the elevation axis, 2moa on the windage.
  13. Sorry, been thinking maybe 1300-1400 GBP trade value for all of it.
  14. Have had a NightForce NXS 12-42, 1/4MOA clicks with matching np-r2 reticle for half the season now. My findings so far are that I´ve used more than x22 power maybe twice and I suck doing math in inches. My scope comes with 0-MOA one-piece mount for picatinny, sunshade, rubber covers + new Vortex caps, box and papers. I´d preferably trade for a FFP MIL/MIL scope in lower mag range. I´d even take 2 lesser scopes like IORs or Vortex Viper, or can add cash from my side for a bigger number like S&B. Let me know what you have and we can talk.
  15. 6br in TRG magazine

    So who's gone this road before? What spacer thickness did you decide, have you put it in the front or back? Any modifications to the follower? I'm even considering buying a Primal rights setup for AI mags and fitting it...

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