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  1. Lukas_K

    Stainless media drying

    I actually have the habit of refilling the bucket (LEM machine) with the water and a spoonful of dishwasher after every cycle. That way, next time I´m back from the range I just deprime the cases and throw them right in again.
  2. Really don´t want to buy a whole new mount if I can avoid it and swap the rings only. Anybody has 1" ring halves available? Happy to buy or trade you my 35mms.
  3. Lukas_K

    New Powder Trickler Works Well

    I just wish they would do coding for more scales. Like Ohaus Pioneer series, for example. PA203 is direct counterpart in all technical parametres to the AD120, resolution, linearity, responsiveness... But ADs were never really the thing in EU, while I and many others already have an Ohaus on the bench. Can´t bring myself to justify a new scale now just because of compatibility. Stuck with the Omega trickler for now.
  4. Lukas_K

    264 123gr Scenar measurements?

    Anybody have the actual bullet sized up? Need the total length, base-to-ogive length and boat-tail length, if possible.
  5. Lukas_K

    VFG and other felt wad cleaning solutions

    Polishing wheels, that´s it 😄 I see, 6mm and 8mm. I use original VFG 6,5mm for both 6,5 and 6 bores, so the 8mm size may work just as well for 30&338 calibers alike. I´ll see if I can get anything in bulk locally.
  6. Lukas_K

    RCBS Rockchucker Supreme - too short for long cases

    The larger size thread accepts Hornady LNL bushing conversion. The conversion is a rather long threaded part on itself and can therefore be installed over a spacer, raised approximately 10-12mm or 1/2". Plus the bushings make life easier.
  7. I´m really liking the VFG "jag" that lets you use the felts with a conventional rod. Does wonders on my 6mm. Question: has anybody experimented with a DIY solution for the felts themselves? VFG ones are expensive and I have to order from abroad which makes it even worse. However I imagine these may be a "repurposed" product from another industry as it´s hard to believe any high-volume textile production would make such niche-specific product with no other use... similar as with the "gun oils". Anybody wiser on that?
  8. All my other scopes are MIL. I had this sitting around as winnings from a comp, thought I´ll get used to it if I try... nope.
  9. As per the title: I have a Vortex Razor HD 5-20 (1st gen) in MOA, that is with the EBR-1 reticle, 0.25MOA click at 15 MOA per turret revolution. Used for approximately 300 rounds on 308. Looks like new apart from a single small nick to the knurling at the windage turret - my bad when putting the rifle in the safe (I´l try to post a honest picture later). Comes in original full box including sun shade, ARD, bubble level, and I can add Vortex/Seekins Alu mounts (low) as well. I´d like to trade this for the same in MIL/MIL configuration, or simply another MIL/MIL scope such as IOR or SB. Regards, Lukas
  10. Lukas_K

    35mm lots of MOA mount

    As per the title; would also grab LaRue 50BMG 30MOA mount with any ring size, as I already have the rings to swap.
  11. Lukas_K

    Molten Salt Annealing Rig

    I´ve read the "paper" carefully, I feel it´s like Churchill´s statistics... you make them what you want. From purely technical standpoint, I don´t believe hardness is necessarily representative of material ductility/flexibility. There are lot of materials that are hard and brittle, then those hard and flexible and anything in between. The strength with which the case neck holds the bullet is a function of the material springiness (bullet expands the neck and the neck spring-back is what really does the work). As far as reloading application, I´d see more value in a test that would pit non-annealed cases against cases annealed by different methods, and measure bullet seating force (not for absolute numbers, but for case-to-case standard deviation) and chrono the resulting reloads. That, side to side, would have practical value. As for my own experience, I noticed improvement in both velocity SD and case longevity when I started annealing by gas flame a few years back. Thus, I decided annealing has value, because I saw the difference comparing to repetitive reloading of non-annealed brass. Last season, I turned to salt bath simply because it´s superflexible as to the case type - you don´t need special case carriers for different sizes etc. I can now say that my results haven´t changed a bit, which to me translates to salt bath working to the same practical result as the flame I used before.
  12. Lukas_K

    King of 2 Miles in France

    Not that I know of. American guests were running a 416Barrett (Paul Phillips) and 375CT (Tacom team). Don´t think it´d spread amongst any euro shooters yet.
  13. Lukas_K

    King of 2 Miles in France

    Let´s see, I don´t have any better pics of the detailed results, so I hope they will be visible: Qualification: Finals & AGG: It was clear from day one that we were right on one thing in preparation: that if the competition is named after the furthest target doesn´t mean anybody will reach it over the elimination rules (you are out if you do not connect with the alloted number of rounds - cannot continue to distance B if you score zero at distance A). We concentrated on getting SOME points with more certainty (can get pleanty more training time and data behind a 338LM than a Cheytac variant, so I took what I can use), and see how that fares overall. Rather OK, as it turns out. Canjuers range picked for Ko2M has the specific treat of shooting over a great elevation difference (shooting line is 100m+ higher than the targets - I measured 11,5hPa difference just driving up). We were essentially shooting from a shelf. This isn´t about incline which you account for (and at the distance, you´re aiming up anyways 😄 ) but about the wind. 100m into flight the bullet is also all of a sudden 100m up above ground and into... what wind now? Your guess is as good as mine. Most calibres involved were of a Cheytac variant, where the popular theory would say that a 1450m target should be easy. It wasn´t, and as you can see about a third of the teams didn´t connect and were eliminated from the first target right away. We were 10th after the qualification and kept that position after the finals. Only two out of ten finalists had ANY hits on finals day! First finals target was set at 2430m. Bruno, the winner was 8th after the qualification and his points advantage wasn´t that great over us. The 375Snipetac he was using is pretty much a 375CT improved. This shows we were roughly at the same playing field between the calibers at the qualifying distances. The finals distance proved too much for our 338, though the camera team reported we were impacting as close as between the target stand leg and target itself on two shots. A close miss is still a miss, in the end Bruno did great and was the only shooter to hit all distances in the finals, including the 3270m on his second shot. The man was on fire! @Bradders: we built this 338 with that old bull barrel blank you sent me about a year ago... Our equipment list: Modified/remachined CZ550M action (yes, a giant Mauser) fitted into AICS chassis; .338/1:10´" barrel finished at 29"; Ritter&Stark Muzzle brake; IOR 6-24x56 scope; Bipod Czech TST Carbon; Ammo used: Lapua case, Fed215Magnum primers, RS80, Berger 300Hybrid -> 865m/s Spotters: Leupold Mark 4 and Swarovski STR80, both with reticles. The Swaro is simply phenomenal. Last pic: in the background, Bruno is in the middle of his winning run. Waiting on the table closest to the tent is my rifle (10th overall), in the middle a 375CT that finished 11th behind us and nearest to the camera is Alexandre´s PGM Hecate 50BMG. Alexandre and his team finished 9th.
  14. We´re back and already looking to the next round. Canjuers, France, 20-22 April 2019 Now that the pressure of the competition is over, only good feelings settle in and memories remain. Eduardo, Philippe, Patrick and their teams showed immense effort to bring this first-in-Europe meeting to life. I am happy for everybody that those efforts and results obtained were immediately recognized by the French military on site as beneficial to the ongoing technical development and future formation of the troops. It was an honor to be part of this industry leading event, competing yet working together on the mutual goal of pushing the limits of known technology and what lies beyond. We may have not leaped forward, but steady steps were taken - no ground given. Thanks to the entirety of my team for their continuous support and patience over the past year of preparations and strategy adjustments. Following the lead requires immeasurable faith and I´m humbled by your work. For us, reaching the finale is a notable result shooting the smaller, 300 grain 338 caliber bullet compared to all other finalists pushing 375 caliber or even bigger numbers. Our success was possible thanks to Kahles aiming and Swarowski spotting solutions, permitting minute corrections based off visible terrain impacts in the target proximity over the distance of over one mile. We are happy to have proven that with superior quality of optical systems, brute force of bigger calibers is not always a necessary prerequisite for bridging the distance. What is your choice to depend on in the field now? I look forward to seeing you all next year, pushing further forward.
  15. Lukas_K

    HbN users: what's your cleaning regime?

    My longest-in-use HBN treted bbl is my 6Br. I do the same cleaning routine after every range trip (anything between 30 - 70 rounds): push through one dry patch to get away loose debris, then three soaked patches (Shooter´s choice or Robla) and let it rest for a few minutes. Patch dry. In the beginning I tried to repeat a soaked patch after the routine but got no more copper indication, therefore I believe any further cleaning would be wane. I´m on this routine for almost 2k rounds now.

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