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  1. weatherflow wind reader for i-phone

    Hi yes please pm inbound
  2. weatherflow wind reader for i-phone

    Hi All, looking for a weatherflow wind reader for I-phone that connects to strelok, new or mint please Thanks Dean
  3. Whidden bullet pointing die

    Hi esmobile Yes interested how much for the insert will it point the maplat on 155.5 Bergers ? Thanks Dean
  4. hoover metplat trimmer

    Hi webby, Have you got the website link?did it take long to ship over from the states Many thanks Dean
  5. hoover metplat trimmer

    Hi All, looking for a hoover metplat trimmer in .308 to use with 155.5 grain bergers anyone got one for sale or have a link where to order in the uk?
  6. Whidden bullet pointing die

    Hi all, has anyone got a whidden bullet pointing die for sale With 30 cal sleeve and insert for 155.5 Bergers Thanks Dean
  7. .223, Heavy barrel, for Remington 700 S/A

    Just waiting for a reply from sassen/Border about a button pulled one, or if a rifle smith has a factory one someone has taken off for the action many thanks Dean
  8. .223, Heavy barrel, for Remington 700 S/A

    Hi All, looking for a 26 inch heavy barrel for a Remington 700 s/a, in .223 1-8 twist, has anyone got one for sale or know where I can get one? thanks Dean
  9. Nosler 100 gr, ballistic tips, 6.5x55

    Hi All, has anyone got or know of anyone who has them in stock, nosler 100 grain ballistic tips, in 6.5x55 calibre please, nosler code is 62100
  10. 1-8 twist heavy barrell for Tikka T3

    Hi All has anyone got a heavy barrel 1-8 twist for .223 for sale please, want to swap my sporter over to heavy so I can shoot heavier bullets at longer distances, new if possible or as good as, thanks Dean
  11. Hi Rob, 6 mil bergers arrived today, did you receive the funds? many thanks for your efforts, Dean
  12. Hi Rob, Can you let me have payment details as promised please for the 6 mill bergers, going away Friday so need to do it today, thanks Dean
  13. you have pm about 105 grain bergers, thanks Dean
  14. Hardy gen 4 Mod, 18-1 thread

    Hi All, has anyone got a hardy gen 4, sound moderator in 30 cal, they want to sell or no longer need in ex condition, 18-1 thread? thanks Dean
  15. Savage 12FTR, Butt stock extending shims

    Hi Mark, yes please, need half inch and inch one please, ring me later for payment, thanks Dean

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