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  1. I’ll take these please if still available. Can you let me know preferred payment method cheers
  2. Matchkings arrived safely, thank you. Mat
  3. I’ll take the 168 Matchkings please, let me know payment details regards Mat
  4. Hi there, money transferred but can’t seem to PM you address details??? can you please contact me Cheers
  5. M41B

    .300wm brass.

    HPS were selling new Peterson brass at the Phoenix last weekend if that’s any use to you. I’ve been using it for a while and have been very pleased with it. regards Mat
  6. M41B

    Wanted Accuracy International AW 7.62x51

    There’s one on Guntrader but with a folding stock if that is any use???
  7. M41B

    PPU 300 WIN MAG brass/ammunition

    I got mine from Kranks but it has given up after being loaded twice, head separated and the remainder was stuck in the chamber. It happened twice from the same batch, I got the first one out but have pulled the remainder. I'm going to go back to using Winchester. They were selling the loaded 145 grain PPU at the NRA, might be worth a call. Mat
  8. I will take the 208 grain Amax if still available. Can you let me know payment details please. Cheers
  9. That's fine. If you send me your bank details I'll send the payment. Cheers Mat
  10. Do you have a price for the 200 grain subsonics and 208 grain Amax? Mat
  11. M41B

    SSG 69 Bottom Metal

    I got a mate to copy the plastic one in aluminium. Fitted fine and uses the original mags. Mat

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