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  1. As title .. there is 185. one unopened box and 85 £70 posted
  2. New unopened box of Lapua 6.5x47L brass SOLD**** Foster dies 6.5x47 £65 delivered £145 delivered for both
  3. Will include a wildcat evolution moderator and will drop to £1400 muzzle break not included
  4. Now £1500 ... shot 10 rounds today at the club . Did it's job better than I did .. 123grn SMK with 37.7grns of RL-15
  5. Replied ... will be home later today to supply more pictures and info ! Most likely be tomorrow before i get to it though 🎄🌲🎄🌲🍺
  6. Stiller Predator 6.5x47. 23" tru-flight barrel 1-8.5" twist , with 650 shot count Jewell trigger magpul hunter stock with 10 round mag . barrel done by Russell Gauld and Grant Taylor cerakoted black action has seen an adtional 200 rounds as it was a .260 for a short time , barrel was shortened too much and that was why i then went 6.5x47 comes with a wild cat eveloution mod not the muzzle break in photo 90 lapua used brass included Now £1200
  7. Sold to Wiltshire Boy .. will post in the morning cheers
  8. As title . Very good condition. £120 posted .. pics up in the morning.

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