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  1. Still available and RFD transfer included
  2. This was dropped at my RFD this morning best regards Darren
  3. Ok great .. I’ll get this away a soon as I can regards Darren
  4. Ok thanks .. PM inbound
  5. Hi .. I'll get a few pics up .. yes it over the barrel .. not 100% sure of the model T-12 scout I think sub 200 rounds 280mm 150mm over the barrel 600g
  6. MAE moderator from JMS Arms 11" long . 8.5mm bore . 18x1 thread . Silver . stainless steel but it's a matt kind of titanium finish . Very good condition wouldn't think it's had any more than 200 rounds through it £150 sent to your RFD
  7. Leupold 8.5-25x50mm LRT M1 TMR retical Really nice condition with perfect glass tiny mark on the elevation turret £800 sent RMSD
  8. Too much money you Martin !
  9. Hi can I have 100 Hornady 65gr v-max (moly24154) £25/100

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