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  1. Couple of pictures added .. can email more photo host is not playing the game !
  2. Sako 85 stainless steel varmint in .243, 20" barrel . This one has the set trigger and barrel is threaded 18x1 with thread cap. Less than 200 round count .. black opti-lock 30mm scope rings included bought from sportsman guns in January 2018 condition is mint no marks £1200 wildcat evolution silencer can also be included for £100
  3. Think there's a clue above 😝
  4. Hi is this still available or something like it ?
  5. sandtrap

    6.5mm CM Reamer

    Thanks Lads .. yes we have an RFD . looks like iv got one from a friend that's been used once . just need the gauges Gun builder said he can get one it was just going to take a bit of time ....
  6. sandtrap

    6.5mm CM Reamer

    Thank you ... Daz
  7. HI .. where can I get a 6.5mm Creedmoor reamer from ? regards Darren
  8. Thanks bud ... will it fit in a XLR chassis ? best Regards Darren
  9. OK thanks .. its been non stop looking and guns , action , stocks for the last few days , I'm getting more confused .. I'm down to two options 1. Stiller spectre with bartlien barrel .260 and AX stock .. used rifle but nice and sub 200 rounds .. built by a very well known rifle builder (DW) 2. Borden alpine also bartlien barrel .260 but a new build ... and is source a XLR carbon myself . question will a XLR go on the Spectre ? oh and the first is a grand cheaper and ready to go
  10. Who in the UK can get me an XLR carbon chassis ? I want to build a 6.5mm rifle , id like the barrel short if I can . 22" -24" , is there a particular 6.5 that would suit a shorter barrel ? My other idea was to buy a DTA but that's big money but not out of the question yet . regards Darren
  11. sandtrap

    6.5 variants

    I had a variation for a 6.5mm bolt action and then acquired a .260 .. the firearms department then told me I shouldn't have it ! I had to then send ticket in to have it changed to .260 .... crazy
  12. just to be clear this is the 4000 lumen model ..
  13. sandtrap

    DTA SRS rifle

    im starting to get confused looking at so much guns .. the gun smith I use says stick with a custom build ! god I just need to leave this computer now for a while

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