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  1. I’ll take the 55grn if still available
  2. sandtrap

    Sending firearm to Denmark

    Below is the reply from my local firearms department seems easier than I thought.. simply go to Denmark with rifle and sell it ! ... OFFICIAL If you're going there: you would need to get a European Firearms Pass with that gun listed on it so you could take it out the country. Sell it as normal, then inform us via email when you get home that you no longer have that weapon. I've just checked and your friend can only buy shotguns in this country, and not rifles, but he may want to triple-check that.
  3. A friend at work who lives in Denmark wants to buy my .22lr .. is it a lot of hassle to sell and send to Denmark ?
  4. sandtrap

    Mod covers

    I agree. Black and OD would be a good option 😎
  5. Aero precision upper and lower with enhanced upper 16” barrel , SOCOM adjustable stock . Pictured with hogue pistol grip but will come with madpul MOE+ boonie better mag adaptor and a 25 round Smith & Wesson magazine ATEC wave moderator magpul MBUS sights CMMG stainless bolt assembly Stunning .22 that works a dream iv had it 2 years maybe and probably around 1000 -1500 rounds through it oh the trigger ! I cant remember the make and I’m away at work for a while so can’t check , but it’s a single stage trigger and it’s very nice .. think it cost me in the £150-£180 mark.... £950
  6. sandtrap

    Mod covers

    I’ll take a tan one .. once iv see a pic will get size to you shorty cheers Darren
  7. I will still sell it I think .. got mods on all other rifles ...
  8. maybe ill keep it then and use it on another rifle ?
  9. Thanks David ... think there is an adaptor available .. not sure the cost Daz
  10. Husken moderator JD224HB Black 18x1 thread this is for a varmint barrel .. up to 23mm I think Suitable for up to 6.5mm practically new .boxed .. Fired around 10 shots through it £250
  11. sandtrap

    243 powder

    Iv just loaded some RL-15 with 65grn bullets and also with 95grn .. but the RL-15 is not best suited for the heavy bullets it should be fine for the 65grn Also got some super performance that I'm going to try with 65and 70grn bullets
  12. Funds sent Neil .. Cheers

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