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  1. Vortex viper PST 2.5-10x44 EBR-1 retical (MOA) SFP boxed with all the bits mint condition.. had to choose a scope to let go as Iv just bought a Razor was a tough choice as this is a wicked scope but it was this or my nightforce and nightforce won .. *****£300***** plus post
  2. Finally got my Razor ... DPD were planning to hold it in the local wear house from Thursday till Monday ! But I went to pick it up this morning
  3. Yes that’s not a problem im heading to schipol airport now it going to be tight to catch this flight so could be late tonight by the time I get home
  4. Deposit received Jamie ... ill get pictures to you tomorrow night .. I should get home around 1830hrs all being well with flights
  5. Hi Jamie .. yes mate that's ok .. im home from work Wednesday late afternoon . email is spyder205@hotmail.com Please send friends/ family to avoid fees or I can always send you bank account details . Cheers Darren
  6. Hi Darren,

    I'll take it. Obviously pending some high resolution pics as discussed. What's the email i can send £50 to just to hold it? Presuming £50 is OK?



  7. Its a magpul UBR with an MDT chassis ... the scope is very nice but I'm getting a Vortex Razor 3-18x50 , and also thinking to cerakote the barrel and action to match the Razor
  8. Hi Ted .. guess you mean me ? tripod adaptor is a monkey clamp , I got it SH but think black rifle sells them
  9. Money sent ... PM on its way
  10. If you can post UK main land for that ill take them regards Sandtrap
  11. Still for sale I think as iv not heard back form the above
  12. Yes ... Jamie you can have it . do you want me to remove it from sale ? this will require a deposit ( refundable if the close up pictures show any issues ) im sure they wont but it is still mounted to my rifle. Darren

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