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  1. It is real nice chassis , I found it at home on the range but was struggling a little out in the field.
  2. No it a Defiance, Remington 700 clone
  3. As title , immaculate condition with x4 of exterior weights Butt stock weight Vertical pistol grip Bag rider only selling because I’m so fickle and have spotted something else I want ( stupid I know ) paid almost £1300 with the extras ****now sold ****
  4. PX you for an almost new Vortex Razor gen 2 ? 3-18x50
  5. It’s mil-spec , the only way to tell is under the butt pad .. there will be a “C“or a “M” for commercial or mil-spec regards Darren
  6. Genuine Magpul stocks UBR gen 2 very good condition, slight tool marks on the locking ring but it nothing and don’t see it once it on ***Sold*** CTR stock , not a mark on it £50 P&P £5 each
  7. Am I right to say Remington or a clone is 1/4”x28 for the stock screws ? Can these be sourced with Torx heads ? Also the forward one on my rifle I think is ever so slightly too short ! Seems to tighten after only two revolutions, Iv had the stock off and the screw can easily be in another two turns without interfering with the bolt
  8. Think the action and barrel should be black ?
  9. sandtrap

    Box mag bottom metal

    Yes I think I'll order Tier Onethis morning, Iv used them before
  10. Tier one or Atlasworx ? Just looking for the best .. but if their the same quality the Atlas is a lot cheaper or other recommendations
  11. Aimpoint 9000sc 2 MOA perfect condition and still in original box .. £210 delivered RMSD
  12. sandtrap

    Tumbler media

    I work in the offshore drilling industry and we used walnut shells in different grades as LCM ( loss control material) it basically plugs up tiny cracks in the formation while we’re drilling .. but im at home on extra leave at the moment or I’d get some from work for nowt !

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