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  1. Glad it worked out Richie! I originally got my pod adapter for use with my AX but after experimenting I ended up using an Atlas on that one. The adapter definitely adds a useful pod mounting option for the AT bottom keyslot rail in addition to the standard forward AT chassis mount. While it's obviously down to personal preference, I've found the AI pod to be a better match for the AT than the AX. The Accu Shot monopod is definitely a nicely made piece of kit. I'd say this latest version for the AT feels/looks better integrated to the chassis than the previous versions for the AW (although they are perfectly functional too).
  2. Hi Richie. The AT install is pretty straightforward - see instructions for fitment pictured below together with the pieces I cut off the stocksides (using the so-called "parting lines" as the guide lines for the cuts) and also the supplied bolt that comes with the BT57-QK. I couldn't use the supplied bolt as I have the butt spacers so I needed a longer bolt to accommodate them (which fortunately I already had in the spares box or else I would have been delayed having to order one up separately). The only tricky bit in the fitment is the cutting process along the parting lines to make sure it looks reasonably professional - I previously installed some of the updated AW pistol grip stocksides on my AW308 a few years back and that required an additional adapter piece to be installed on the Accu-Shot monopod model I already had fitted for use with the traditional thumbhole AW stocksides and for the new AW pistol grip stocksides to be cut - I was rushing that job and messed it up so this time I just took my time with the AT stocksides using a standard box cutter knife and it worked out fine. It took around 45 minutes to fit. The only thing I missed first time round when fitting was that it's also necessary to cut off some internal pieces of plastic from the bottom section of the stock sides (these look to be internal cylindrical guide mouldings to house a factory fit AW style monopod which I think was originally advertised as going to be a factory fit extra cost option when the AT was being launched but which then seemed to completely disappear as a factory option from the marketing material...). The bipod shown on the AT is the standard latest pattern AI bipod for use on the AT/AX and it's mounted via an adaptor onto the AT's bottom keyslot rail - it's the AX keyslot bipod adaptor AI part number 25855 pictured here: https://www.eurooptic.com/accuracy-international-bipod-mount-assembly-for-6730-bipod-onto-ax-counter-sunk-fixings-psr-an.aspx The bipod mounting adaptor can be ordered up as a spare part from Sporting Services or the other UK approved suppliers.
  3. Just fitted one of these on my AT308. I couldn't find any good online pictures of one fitted before I bought it - even the Accu-shot website is still showing what looks to be an unfinished prototype so I've attached some close-up pics here for reference. They are available to buy here: https://www.sportingservices.co.uk/products/bt57-qk
  4. Hi, Have PM'd you re the Geovids.
  5. No. B&T (Accu-shot) have just launched a new pattern monopod (the BT57-QK) specifically designed for the AT308 and the AT chassis system. Sporting Services are due to get them in stock at some stage but they still had no ETA when I asked a couple of weeks back. Product details are here: http://www.accu-shot.com/catalog_new/home/219-bt57-qk-accu-shot-accuracy-international-at-asaiat-monopod.html https://en-gb.facebook.com/sportingservices/posts/1567821999902359
  6. AIlswell

    Schmidt & Bender PMii Reticle help

    + 1 I briefly had a 5-25x56 in SFP with the P4F and I got shut of it pdq......in a variable power like the 5-25x56 it very quickly became a major irritation. It's one of the things that has prevented me from acquiring some of the otherwise very interesting Hensoldt milspec variable power scopes as they seem to make a habit of offering them in SFP only...seems an odd choice with modern milspec reticles.
  7. AIlswell

    Accuracy International Arctic Warfare

    While we're on the reticles. for the record, the L115A3 MKii 5-25x56 (Double Turn elevation turret) uses a Gen 2 Mildot
  8. AIlswell

    Accuracy International Arctic Warfare

    that's a beauty.....can't be many in that pattern floating around
  9. AIlswell

    Accuracy International Arctic Warfare

    That's an interesting pattern 3-12x50 that it came with....what reticle does it have?
  10. AIlswell

    Schmidt & Bender PMii Reticle help

    P4L reticle specs are here: http://www.eurooptic.com/PDF/Schmidt-Bender-PMII-Reticle-P4L-Fine-5-25x56.pdf Comes down to personal preference but if you want that reticle I'd recommend finding it in a PMii which has it in the FFP with the 0.1 MilRad turret clicks as I find it's easier to cross reference with the reticle with those click values. Full PMii user guide is here: http://www.eurooptic.com/PDF/Schmidt-Bender-PMII-Manual.pdf
  11. AIlswell

    Accuracy International Arctic Warfare

    I don't see the point about detracting. The comments above are simply giving information about how the AW specification evolved over time. Some people, like you, may regard that information as irrelevant "cobblers". That's fair enough...each to their own. However, I suspect others will find it of some interest. And, just to be clear, I personally think it's great that SS have made the effort to commission additional batches of the AW and I hope they continue to do so in the future so it remains available as a brand-new option for those who prefer its specification to the AX/AT. As long as there are people who want to buy them new, and are happy (as your punter was) with the current spec, then there's no downside that I can see.
  12. AIlswell

    Accuracy International Arctic Warfare

    From your comments above I am left with no doubt that you find the discussion around historical authenticity "cobblers" and, of course, you're perfectly entitled to hold that view. No doubt there will be others who share your opinion. However, I know plenty of other people who have a great regard for Accuracy International as a proud British brand and who have a keen interest in learning more about the details of its history; for people with that level of interest, getting the facts right regarding the history of AI's products and their specification is important.
  13. AIlswell

    Accuracy International Arctic Warfare

    IIRC the first major order for a folder would have been from the Bundeswehr for their version of the AWSM in 300 WinMag (issued as the G22). That would have been around '96/'97 time. The BW specified a bespoke dayscope and NV set up from Hensoldt (then the Zeiss mil division). That resulted in the SSG 3-12x56 and NSV80 pairing.....that would be another "correct" optics set-up....

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