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  1. MrCetirizine

    Gun powder news ?

    I don't know if it's recently changed but it states 10kg of powder in the HSE regulations. 15kg of ammunition or percussion caps. http://www.hse.gov.uk/explosives/licensing/storage/index.htm The amount you can carry in a private car is much less. I can't remember what it is but I think as low as 1 or 2kg.
  2. MrCetirizine

    New Tikka rimfire

    Yeah, my local RFD and Tikka/Sako authorised dealer has them trickling in now. 16" on the shelf and 20" expected soon. Plus a bunch of Tac A1s in .223
  3. MrCetirizine

    Most common shooting activity?

    I really wanted to shoot the Armistice match partly for the match and partly because Ian McCollum is shooting it and I wanted to meet him. Sadly health issues prevent it.
  4. MrCetirizine

    Sponsor Bradders

    After recently finishing a 9 month stay in hospital with my own little battle I wish you the very best of luck with your fight Mark. Never give in, if you feel low, remember there's always hope. Donation sent.
  5. MrCetirizine

    Dry tumbling

    Before I switched to stainless wet tumbling, I used walnut with a sprinkling of powered jeweller's rouge.
  6. MrCetirizine

    How do You prep Your brass? UKV survey.

    Deprime. Stainless wet tumble. Anneal every 5th firing. Full length resize with expander removed from die. Use expander mandrel. Trim/chamfer if needed. Reprime. Weigh power with help of Targetmaster. Seat bullet and measure to ogive. Shove into chamber, close bolt, pull trigger, swear.
  7. MrCetirizine

    Glass wearers

    Getting glasses can only help. I've never found wearing glasses to be a hindrance. Tell your optician you're a shooter if you haven't already. Mine was very helpful.
  8. MrCetirizine

    Amazing group!

    I always tell my nieces and nephews that roadkill isn't dead they're just protesting against road building.
  9. MrCetirizine

    Amazing group!

    Ah, that where I've misunderstood then. I was assuming benchrest was the same as those rail gun things. I might give it a go.
  10. MrCetirizine

    Amazing group!

    I've never shot benchrest and never seen it shot so this may be a stupid question but...... If the gun is strapped to a bench that can't move which is how it looks in pictures then surely tiny groups are inevitable if the wind conditions stay stable for a couple of minutes. Regardless of shooter input.
  11. MrCetirizine

    Reloading with Rosie

    I find it funny that people watch these videos containing a fully clothed woman, not making any sexual comments or bending over provocatively and see it as sexualised.
  12. MrCetirizine

    FCSA leading the way!

    It's known as a great logical fallacy because it is never true. Never has been, never will be. Show one case where a ban on one thing automatically lead to another then another. You can't because it hasn't happened. All the bans on firearms in this country have been unconnected. To think otherwise is both wrong and a little paranoid. "They" doesn't exist. "The government" is not a singular creature with a will or agenda. Government is a collection of individuals with beliefs and ideas that can be influenced, changed and challenged with facts. If there was a "they" in the way you suggest and they did want our firearms, they'd be gone already.
  13. MrCetirizine

    FCSA leading the way!

    The "slippery slope fallacy" is one of the most ridiculous arguments with no logical foundation.
  14. MrCetirizine

    Lack of obturation

    Well after waiting for a bout of bronchitis to abate I've finally managed to test a few things. Essentially I've switched primers to CCI 200 and increased my load to 45.6gn. I was using federal primers which were cratering above 43gn but switching to CCI has enabled me to find an accuracy node at 45.6gn with no signs of pressure issues. Thanks all.

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