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  1. MrCetirizine

    Dating a Remington

    See here https://www.leeroysramblings.com/Gun Articles/remington_barrel_date_code.html
  2. MrCetirizine

    Why .223 Wylde ?

    I'm no expert and don't pretend to be but it's my understanding from what I've been told that the US military and SAAMI don't measure pressure in the same way so comparing SAAMI specs for .223 and US military specs for 5.56 isn't a fair comparison. Also, don't .223 rifles get proofed to a pressure way higher than you could produce by using 5.56 ammo? Also, aren't most modern .223 rifles made to accept bullets up to 90 grains (dependent on twist rate of barrel)? Also don't most hand loaders increase powder charges until and often slightly beyond signs of over pressure which must exceed the specs? Surely standard milsurp is nowhere near these hot "the primer is only slightly flat, it's fine" hand loads? I'm happy to be proved wrong but I do ask that it's done with evidence not belief.
  3. MrCetirizine

    Why .223 Wylde ?

    As far as I know, it's only the lead angle and freebore that's different from .223 and 5.56 so you'll likely see no difference in anything except the ability to fire milsurp (which most modern manufactured .223s can do anyway).
  4. MrCetirizine

    sabatti mrr

    I think Sabatti own the patent on MRR so other companies can't use it without paying a license fee. I almost bought one in .308 but went for a RPR instead as they had one in stock at my local dealer. I've seen a few of them shoot and I've never seen them perform badly.
  5. MrCetirizine

    Application of FAC and shotgun license

    Actually, looking at it, it doesn't look as though Gloucestershire have gone fully online yet. It seems you can only download forms to fill in manually. I know Lincolnshire were the first to go paperless but we've had that for nearly two years, so I thought everyone else had gone online too but apparently not.
  6. MrCetirizine

    Application of FAC and shotgun license

    Have a look here https://www.gloucestershire.police.uk/do-it-online/firearms-licensing/ You'll have to create an account. It may automatically link to your application or you may have to call and see if they can link it.
  7. MrCetirizine

    Gun store new york

    Walmart or Cabela's.
  8. MrCetirizine

    Application of FAC and shotgun license

    It depends where you are. Here in Lincolnshire the system is online so you can log into your account to see how things are progressing. If your area is not online then you can phone your licensing department and ask them but don't pester as that will just slow things down. Essentially, wherever you are, once they receive your application, they'll cash your cheque etc. Then they'll contact your doctor to ask if you suffer from any appropriate conditions. At this point you may hear from your doctor demanding money for this report. In the meantime, they'll check to see if you have a criminal record and contact your referees. If all is good at this point then you'll hear from your FLO/FEO to arrange an interview date. Once that is done and they've decided you and your security arrangements are OK, they'll issue your certificates. Expect a minimum of 4 weeks and a typical maximum of 6 months. Tell us where you are and other members from that area can give you a better estimate of how long it's likely to be.
  9. MrCetirizine

    Book on AR10s

    Thanks Mark, I'll get a copy of both. It seems strange to me (having never fired or even held either) that so many countries adopted the FAL when the AR10 looks to have been a better platform. But my wonderment comes from ex forces friends' experience with the L1A1 and my own experience with modern .308 AR10/SR25 like rifles which now seem to be scaled up AR15s rather than derivatives of the AR10 itself. Hence wanting more info.
  10. Hi, I'm looking for a copy of the above book in good condition.
  11. MrCetirizine

    Book on AR10s

    Hi, After watching this video from Gun Jesus I've become interested in learning more about AR10s. Can anyone recommend a good book on AR10s? I'm looking for more of its development story, military trials and adoption or lack of adoption rather than just a technical manual.
  12. MrCetirizine

    UK Distributors too greedy?

    I first realised how big the US consumption of ammo was when i walked into a gun shop in Texas a few years ago and they were selling .22LR by the pound. There were barrels of it with scoops like Woolworths pick and mix. You scooped what you wanted into plastic bags then they weighed it and charged what seemed like a tiny amount of money.
  13. MrCetirizine

    In ear hearing protection.

    I've had fitted plugs and as your ears are cartilage, they are constantly growing and the plugs last around 18 months before you start to notice a decrease in effectiveness. I now use 3M TEP-100 (same as the LEP-100 but were only sold in the US) with the 3M Skull Screws fitted and they are way more effective than fitted plugs ever were.
  14. MrCetirizine

    UK Distributors too greedy?

    20% VAT vs 10% sales tax in Australia and typically 7% in the US makes a notable difference to the final price.
  15. MrCetirizine

    UK Distributors too greedy?

    Firstly ,US prices don't include sales tax as that is different per state. UK prices include VAT at 20%. Secondly, shipping is actually less to the US because of the numbers involved. One full shipping container costs less per rifle than a container with a few dozen rifles and a lot of empty space. There is a higher price to pay in the UK due to the smaller market but it's not actually that much higher when you understand the details. Rip off Britain is a myth perpetuated by tabloid newspapers.

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