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  1. I'm in Ireland Ro6.5. I believe my Smith met them at IWA.
  2. I have the E-lite ordered but you said you would have to check if the proof research barrel would fit the channel.
  3. Beautiful set up, Edi has a very similar build in the works for me using a Kelbly Atlas tactical action. Looking at these photos I hope the barrel channel is big enough!!
  4. Norfresh

    McM A5 for stalking

    I had a McMillan A3-5 on a stalking rig, coped very well with it but its not ideal. If your sold on that design then go for the Etac as mentioned above. Edi, any information on when/if the new E-lite will be made for remington actions? I have a 700 long action footprint that would love to be fitted into one!
  5. Norfresh

    McMillan Stalker

    Hi, could you please explain the benefits of the sunny hill bottom metal? I'm building a similar set up and it would be a shame to have a big AI mag sticking out the bottom of the stock!
  6. Norfresh

    Borden Alpine .308

    NIce work Bradders, my own smith drills the medallion and hands it to me as a key ring, its nice to have em hanging off the gun safe keys!
  7. Hi, could you post some pictures if this is still available? Also what is the round count on the barrel and what type magazine is in place?
  8. Norfresh

    Tikka M595 build question

    Thanks lads, had a feeling that would be the case but better ask the more knowledgeable lads! The search goes on!
  9. I have been looking for a left handed action to build a 6.5x284 for a stalking/long range rig. I have been offered a Tikka m595 in excellent condition but I'm not finding much information on the suitability of it for a 6.5x284. I know the action is well sought after for builds but will I run into trouble with the Coal of the 6.5x284. I am planning on using 140 eld's and vlds. Thanks
  10. Norfresh

    Tikka T3 PMII Ultra Short

    looks great, how does it compare to the Kahles 624i?
  11. Norfresh

    .308 barrel length? How short?

    I got the rifle back a few days ago. I went with 18". I have only fired factory ammo so far, sub half inch with Fiocchi 150gr SST's going 2773 fps.
  12. Norfresh

    What projectile for this .308?

    I am picking up my .308 soon so starting to order some components. Its an 18" 1 in 12 twist barrel. Which would be better suited, 155 or 168 Amax?
  13. Hi, could you send me pics if sale hasn't been agreed with gaz6br? padoyle@rocketmail.com
  14. I'm in the process of putting together a .308. its a varmint weight barrel and will be used for stalking and informal steel shooting out to as far as the gun will shoot accurately. I want to keep this rifle as short and compact as possible so I'm wondering how short could I get the barrel. From reading online the speeds achieved from an 18" barrel are good enough for what I want from this rifle, I'm just wondering would it be a bit snappy to shoot with such a short barrel. So is 18" a clever choice or should I go with 20"??
  15. Excuse my ignorance as the 6mmbr is not a popular round in my country, but do they usually have problems loading and ejecting?

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