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  1. Presuming LSR doesn't stand for land speed record, what does it stand for Redshift
  2. Still here, open to sensible offers Redshift
  3. Still here, but will be given to a gun shop soon Redshift
  4. The man is correct Redshift
  5. I've got 400 of the above I'm not going to use, £45.00 per hundred , I would prefer to sell all in one lot, pick up from Essex or ship at your expense Redshift
  6. Saturday morning bump Redshift
  7. My daughter has an old tikka 590 in 243 that she is looking to sell, really only suitable as a doner, the last time it was shot the group's ( pattern) was out to around 1.5" at 100 yards and the barrel was coppering up badly, it's not in the greatest shape with surface rust etc on the action and barrel, she is looking for £225.00 Pm me for pictures etc, she is a paramedic so timings may be a bit extended Redshift
  8. Sitting in my gun cab is a .22rf unique single shot L/H rifle that some one can have for the princely sum of nothing, although a donation to the poppy day would be appreciated, it has a cut down barrel and stock forend. It will need the bolt cleaning out etc. No RFD's private fac's only, pick up only Redshift
  9. Redshift

    Berger 6mm target bullets

    I've got 400 and a few, I'll do them at the same rate as above £45.00 per 100 I'll be at Bisley on Sunday if you want to pick them up Redshift
  10. Redshift

    Tier one

    Just a short post to say what an excellent company to deal with, just before Christmas I ordered a scope mount from them, I had a email to say that my order had been processed just after the break, no package had turned up but I thought " it's just after Christmas etc" I emailed them to see if it had been sent, the very next day a lady phoned me to say it had been sent last week, the tracking had said I wasn't in ( correct) and a card had been left ( incorrect but obviously not tier ones fault) she gave me the tracking no, so down the P.O I went and picked it up. Good company, great product, excellent communications Redshift
  11. To give a bit more info this rifle is the f-class model with the single sided loading and ejection port NOT the bench rest model with the dual ports. As for the RFD rules down here the reason given by the local plod is due to the in transit thefts and firearms ending up in terrorists hands etc Redshift
  12. This rifle is still for sale, due to the regs set out by the Essex force this must be face to face no RFD etc Redshift
  13. To all those who have messaged me, the photos will come over the weekend Redshift
  14. After 20 rounds my mrs has decided she doesn't like the rifle as it's too heavy etc it will come with the scope mounts, it's the br/f class version with the flat bottom stock 1-8 twist barrel, single shot. Looking for £1200.00 a decent saving on a new one, message me for pictures Essex based Redshift

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