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  1. Tier one

    Just a short post to say what an excellent company to deal with, just before Christmas I ordered a scope mount from them, I had a email to say that my order had been processed just after the break, no package had turned up but I thought " it's just after Christmas etc" I emailed them to see if it had been sent, the very next day a lady phoned me to say it had been sent last week, the tracking had said I wasn't in ( correct) and a card had been left ( incorrect but obviously not tier ones fault) she gave me the tracking no, so down the P.O I went and picked it up. Good company, great product, excellent communications Redshift
  2. To give a bit more info this rifle is the f-class model with the single sided loading and ejection port NOT the bench rest model with the dual ports. As for the RFD rules down here the reason given by the local plod is due to the in transit thefts and firearms ending up in terrorists hands etc Redshift
  3. This rifle is still for sale, due to the regs set out by the Essex force this must be face to face no RFD etc Redshift
  4. To all those who have messaged me, the photos will come over the weekend Redshift
  5. After 20 rounds my mrs has decided she doesn't like the rifle as it's too heavy etc it will come with the scope mounts, it's the br/f class version with the flat bottom stock 1-8 twist barrel, single shot. Looking for £1200.00 a decent saving on a new one, message me for pictures Essex based Redshift
  6. 6BR or 6 Dasher?

    "Just run it through a full length die " seemed a little imprecise...against it's mixed reputation for 'extra steps/work' etc...Not quite Ackley,but doesn't seem much reloading room extra work? (as you say-just not quite sure on detail-and sometimes,things go a little a-gley (wrong) on these manoeuvers. My chambers are nice and tight, the difference between a shot round and a full length sized round is 1.5 thou at the shoulder, so as I said " expand the neck and run the case through the full length sizing die" job done, out of 500 cases I've formed I've lost 2 to splits and both were at the shoulder. If this sort of work doesn't appeal then wildcat type rounds are not for you, to me it's half the fun.But then again I spend most of my time in the workshop anyway ( present project a 600bhp per tonne sprint car) My Mrs and daughter both shoot straight 6brs which loose nothing out to 900yds, but the dasher just seems to nick it at 1000/1100. Both are brilliant rounds and really satisfying to shoot. Redshift.
  7. 6BR or 6 Dasher?

    But, it's still several processes plus a visit or two to the range. The Norma dasher will cut that out. From what I've read you need a new reamer for the Norma cases, so it could be a case of swings and roundabouts on that one. Redshift
  8. 6BR or 6 Dasher?

    I'm not really sure why people go on about the agro of fire forming a dasher case, the 2 common methods are false shoulder and bullet jam, all I do is run a 7mm mandrel down the neck, then run the cases through a full length die, job done, the other way is to set the bullet to a jam in the lands and fire it, not hard either way. If you have a brand new barrel etc the you can sight and run in while fire forming, you can use different powders at the same time ( not in the same case obviously) to see what the barrel likes. Job done. Redshift
  9. I'm a big user of forster dies mainly due to the service they offer, as an example I ordered 2 dies from them, one a 6mmbr neck die, the other a 6mmdasher full length, both dies to be custom neck honed, the order was put in 22/12/2015 today 30/12/2015 the dies turned up, total cost £100.00 That is what I call good service. Redshift
  10. Bix n andy triggers

    Does anybody know if there is a uk agent for the bix n andy triggers, I need a new trigger for one of my l/h tikka 590's, they seem to be the only company making a replacement. Cheers Redshift
  11. Forster 6mmbr neck die

    Hi all, I'm on the look out for one of the above, I've had one on back order from forster for ever but still no joy. Redshift
  12. Swiss reload powder dealers?

    Ok, after my last post regarding the lack of varget and the recommendation of rs52, I've been searching the old www to find dealers in my area ( essex) but have drawn a blank, the propellants website seems to be no more. Can anybody point me in the right direction? Regards Redshift
  13. Varget?

    Thanks for all the answers, I thought this might be the case with varget, rs52 was my next option, a few kind gents have messaged me with offers of part pots etc which I will take up, but I need a good supply of powder as I need to feed 2 6mmbr's 2 6mm dashers and 2 223 rem using heavy bullets. The 223rem is not a great problem as I've found a nice load using ramshot wild boar. Regards Redshift
  14. Varget?

    Does anybody know when varget will be available again? In my part of the world ( essex) it's non existent . Redshift
  15. 6BR 105 Amax @ 1000 ?

    I've got a tikka 590 in 6dasher, the set up I use is a tapered scope mount from Norman Clark with 25 mins in it, burris signature rings that I adjust to bottom the scope out with a 250 yard zero, that way when I'm shooting long distance 900/1000/1100 the elevation settings are around the middle of the range thus allowing maximum brightness, with a 6mmbr you will need somewhere around 30/32 mins elevation depending on your load. As I never shoot or load test at less than 300yds I have no need to be able to get on target at these ranges, if you do, adjust accordingly. Redshift

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