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  1. .300wm

    Shooting Shed "Thingy" for Lyman Gen 6

    I'm interested to know if this will fit the Lyman model 5? I effing stupidly changed from an RCBS to the Lyman and the Lyman isn't even half as good as the RCBS.
  2. .300wm

    Tag Repair

    HI 17, Give Swiss-Serv a go. They are a fairly well known specialist who would more than likely be able to help. Cheers
  3. Funny you should mention PPs Brown Dog, I was eyeing up one of the new models up a few months ago but they just look bloody cumbersome, although I do quite like the rose gold model with the dark blue! I may seek out a Clerc locally and have a look, if I do I will report back with my findings think the GMT feature would be great to have.
  4. Has anyone on here had anything to do with the Clerc brand of watches? I am really liking the look of their Hydroscaph GMT on full bracelet but haven't really found many people who have owned one, some unique design features and an interesting case back for sure.
  5. .300wm

    Reloading belted magnums - 300 win mag

    I always found that Norma brass showed pressure signs much earlier than any others that I have used in the past, several grains of difference. N165 is the powder in question. Another brand of brass that is good quality and not often mentioned is Sellier & Bellot.
  6. .300wm

    Sabatti STR

    out of interest what twist rate is the .300WM? Thanks
  7. .300wm

    Vortex gen 2 4.5-27 what do you say

    Very heavy and well made scope, the zeroing system is the best I have used and I now no longer own any PM2s or Kahles tactical optics thanks to the Razor. Ideally I'd have one on every rifle.
  8. Hi Roy yep we will be doing it in ladies undies with gimp masks on Thanks for PM, have replied.
  9. Hi Steve, Thanks for pointing that out, have edited the link so hopefully it should work now. Cheers Al
  10. Hello all, In January 2018 the Budapest to Bamako Rally is taking place, starting in Hungary and finishing in Bamako, Mali. The race passes through much of Europe, Morocco, Western Sahara, and Mauritania. It is commonly known as the poor mans Dakar and myself and an old friend, both ex-Royal Marines, are looking to enter and undertake this challenge as a race team with a view to win. The race has an entry fee of around £2500, which goes to an established charity to fund projects in Mali and other African countries through which the rally passes. Whilst some of these countries can be volatile, we have both completed the UKSF SERE course so we stand a good chance of making our way home should the worst happen. We are seeking sponsorship from businesses and individuals within the UK, in exchange for having your logo on our race vehicle. This sponsorship could take the form a donation towards the race entry fee, fuel, or any other donation in kind comprising of kit, parts, vehicle services and myriad random object we may find we need whilst on our journey. We would also request a small cash donation to make up the vehicle livery, or you could supply this yourselves to us. The vehicle will remain liveried long-term, rather than just for the duration of the race, meaning your advertisement will be seen throughout the UK and Europe for several years (all being well). We are looking into getting a website built but for now you can follow our progress on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/PerTerramRaceTeam/ More information on the race itself can be found at http://www.budapestbamako.org/en No donation is too small or too crazy, we will be grateful of any offers of assistance. Cheers Alistair
  11. .300wm

    Athlon cronus

    Hi Montey, My PM2 didn't track correctly, in fact it tracked awfully. This was rectified. Then later, the zoom ring froze absolutely solid for no apparent reason. Gun taken out of cabinet, went to adjust the zoom, no joy. All of this can be verified by David Thompson @ York Guns who kindly sent it back under warranty to be fixed. Needless to say I wasn't impressed and got rid. The Razor is heavier than a PM2 i'd say but not an issue for myself. Likewise with the MRADs
  12. .300wm

    Athlon cronus

    Hi Sako, I am a big big fan of the Vortex Razor Gen 2. So much so that I ditched my PM2 for one and have absolutely no regrets, it's a much better scope and certainly a lot more reliable. The system of zeroing it is very good, the clicks are extremely sharp and precise, the glass is excellent and the build quality is second to none. Might I add that it tracks perfectly too.
  13. .300wm

    Watch around £500

    Loving the lume shot!
  14. .300wm

    Watch around £500

    That's very smart, care to add any photos of the case back for us to see? A friend of mine has the same model and wears his daily, even worn it air diving, it's taken some proper abuse so I think you made a good choice for a watch to hand down!
  15. Swiss Serv are supposed to be good http://www.swiss-serv.co.uk/

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