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  1. CADEX

    Tikka T3x prone to rusting?

    Before spending a lot of money try spraying with ACF50. There are very few products I ever bother to recommend but it is an absolutely fantastic rust inhibitor. I work in a wet damp environment, and rate it very highly.
  2. CADEX

    .308 Borden stalker

    Very nice, I'm jealous
  3. Moderators come and go, and I've tried my fair share of them, but to my mark one ear hole nothing rivals the compact for longevity or sound suppression.
  4. CADEX

    What field, shooting, walking trousers ?

    Couldn't agree more, best trouser I've ever worn.
  5. Cheers mate too high for me, thanks anyway.
  6. Hi mate, what height are these please?
  7. CADEX

    Clubmans gun.

    How much could one expect to pay for a rig like this? Feel free to PM if you would prefer. I'm planning on treating myself to something along these lines in the near future once I have my .222 completed.
  8. I have recently discovered my semi custom .222 has a Douglas Premium barrel attached ... The rifle is certainly a shooter by my standards, however can anyone comment on how good these barrels are in the grand scheme of things when compared with the other major barrel manufacturers. Douglas isn't a barrel I've ever heard much about.
  9. CADEX

    Another .308.

    Guys, just out of interest, what sort of money is in a build like this?
  10. CADEX

    .222 pet load

    I have found this load to be very good in my custom .222 52g A -Max 20.5 g of H322 Remington Brass Remington 7 1/2 primer COAL 2120 Not a fast load by any standards but super accurate.

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