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  1. For sale as above . Pics on request. £105 including p&p SOLD PENDING. Cheers Danny.
  2. Dac9976

    Range mat.

    Thanks Dellboy, that might be what I’m after👍🏻.
  3. Dac9976

    Range mat.

    Yeah looked at this before...postage is a tad pricey 🤷🏻‍♂️. Was hoping there was a uk stockist. cheers Danny.
  4. Looking for recommendations on a decent lightweight compact range mat. I like the thlr, but can’t seem to find a uk stockist. cheers Danny.
  5. I’ll take it mate👍🏻
  6. Hi. looking any recommendations for the above please. cheers Danny.
  7. For sale as above in good condition. £350 pick up only or could deliver if not to far away ( I’m in Devon). Courier is a possibility at buyers expense. pics on request. cheers Danny.
  8. Dac9976

    22lr AR/ black rifle.

    Was going for a Kriss defiance. Not heard anything bad about them other than the firing pin snapping, which can be replaced with a aftermarket titanium pin....apparently. Danny.
  9. Dac9976

    Tikka 695 stock.

    Wanted as above. Just seeing what’s out there for a tikka 695 long action. cheers Danny.
  10. Dac9976

    22lr AR/ black rifle.

    Thanks for the offer, very much appreciated but I’ve but the money into another project.
  11. Dac9976

    22lr AR/ black rifle.

    I did, got messed about with it and gave up on the idea.
  12. Dac9976

    .338 LM brass.

    Hi all. Any ideas on how much twice fired brass is worth please? Cheers Danny.
  13. As above 100 box unopened. £30 plus p&p Cheers Danny.
  14. Dac9976

    .284 win build.

    I take it Bartleins are at the higher end of the barrel market?

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