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  1. Dac9976

    Khales, minox

    Thanks for all the replys fellas, very much appreciated. I've recently returned to long range shooting after a two year break so the advice and opinions helps a lot as I feel a little bit out of the loop. Went with the Minox in the end. The price clinched it. Danny.
  2. Dac9976

    Khales, minox

    Nothing in stock mate.
  3. Dac9976

    Khales, minox

    Hi all. I'm looking for a khales k624i or a Minox Z5 5-25x56. Anyone know of UK suppliers? Cheers Danny.
  4. Dac9976


    You can't help yourself can you key board warrior ✊💧💧
  5. Dac9976


  6. Dac9976


  7. Dac9976


    Hi all. Looking for a recommendation for tracer bullet heads ( .308/7.62) . Best place to purchase them? Thank you in advance. Danny.
  8. I've cleared my inbox now, so you should be able to pm me👍🏻
  9. Hi, sorry only just seen these messages. Not sure why I can't receive pm. Cheers Danny.
  10. For sale as above. Pics on request. £300. Open to offers. Looking for a decent AR scope, could be interested in a swap. Pick up only as it is heavy. Cheers Danny.

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