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  1. Hi guys, Thanks for all of the advice, Have an ase sl5 on order, Al
  2. Thanks for that, I'm getting some prices now,👍
  3. Just realised its 5/8x24 unef,
  4. I've been looking at the sl5,but can't find the thread size of my rifle listed .5/8x24, Am I missing something here, 😯
  5. Hi Did you have any problems with the fit,as I've read a few posts on here about mods not fitting properly,
  6. It's used for range work out to 600-900, yards ,I currently use the brake that was supplied. just fancy a mod for it,
  7. Looking at getting a mod for the above ,anyone have any recommendations A mate has wildcat evolution on his and it is very quiet, just wanted some real world feedback Tia, Al
  8. stottycake

    Mitutoyo digital calipers,

    Hi all Wanted. 1 of the above Imperial +metric I thought I'd ask on here first to see if anyone had a set they No longer needed and wanted to sell, Thanks Al
  9. stottycake


    The ones I know of are .three counties sporting club .northern sportsman. Tyne valley rifle club. I'm sure there's more tho, Al
  10. stottycake

    First Custom Build

    Very nice,👍
  11. stottycake

    Worth a read...........

    Really ,I would describe him as a chancer,who will promise anything.
  12. stottycake

    Worth a read...........

    No doubt comrade Corbyn will promise you all of that and more,😂😂😂
  13. Brownells Have them,not sure if they will fit your stock tho,
  14. stottycake

    Worth a read...........


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