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  1. Pm sent, 're,6.5 brass
  2. Pm sent re thickness gauge
  3. stottycake

    Forster co-ax press

    Hi Anyone have one of the above for sale,
  4. If these are still for sale I will have them.
  5. stottycake

    Recommend a: Digital Powder Dispenser

    I had the hornady lock n load jobby, for a week and couldn't get it to dispense a consistent load, So it went back,I'll stick with my beam scales ,
  6. Thanks for that, Al
  7. I know this is an old post, But can anyone tell me how much chromite sand it would take to fill a seb rear bag. As in weight, Cheers Al
  8. stottycake

    Northern Shooting Show at Harrogate.

    Have to agree ,it was my first nss, and I will be going again next year, I have been to the bss. And won't be going again,
  9. stottycake

    Amazing group!

    Me 2
  10. stottycake

    rebarrel time

    Nice rifle in both colours,
  11. stottycake

    couldn't help noticing

    I used to have its little brother in the late70s ,rd 250,same colour
  12. stottycake

    Rifle Scope for .223. Max £400

    I maybe in the market for a new scope,so will interested in the replies. Al

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