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  1. 6mm calibre choice

    It has a better shoulder angle, and a longer neck. Both improve accuracy over the tired old .308 based design of the .243. Almost parallel case, instead of tapered, means better mag feeding. The 6Xc was designed to shoot up to 115 grain bullets, and handles anything from 90's upwards on the standard reamer and its throat.
  2. CIP proofed items are perfectly legal here. The UK conforms to CIP. All sako's , Tikka's etc are cip proofed only. Never see our proof houses. I fully expect that to change after Brexit however.
  3. 6mm calibre choice

    Not considered the 6xc ? Stupidly accurate and good quality brass off the shelf. No fireforming, a good long neck, and no mag feeding problems. Its case belies its power.
  4. Question to all ex forces snipers out there (if any).

    He will be one of the 50% that were snipers whilst in. The other 50% were in "the unit". They all demand a discount. I switch off these days when the opening gambit is " used to" or I'm currently..... A discount to the first squaddie that comes in....who tells me he's a cook. some mutha must be.
  5. Neck sizing v full-length sizing

    Regardless of what sizing method you use, if your seating die is set up with a lock ring, then it can only seat that bullet to the same depth as the die bottoms out. Where the shoulder has been sized to, is irrelevant. Full length sizing cases can affect different calibre in different ways. On some, it can lengthen the necks, on others, it can shorten them. The reason the groups change is because the internal volume of the case has been changed, and will give a different pressure. To get the most from f/l sizing, you want the bolt dropping with minimum resistance on a newly sized case. That way, you are not overworking the brass. Also, you are as close to minimum headspace as possible. Thats where the accuracy is. You don't want the case growing 0.004" every time its fired.
  6. A few simple answers to your conundrums. 1. Put the VLD chamfer tool in a cordless, and use it under power...you won't get the chatter marks then. 2. Tumble your cases AFTER case prep. It will remove any minute burrs and also brass shavings. 3. If you want the smoothest transition twixt bullet and neck, get a motor mica case neck kit. It comprises of a set of mounted brushes, and some funny white powder. Its a dry lube. This makes them as smooth as silk. Dont try snorting it, off a Whore's thighs though....it doesn't work like coke. Allegedly...
  7. Sako Finnbear action for a build??

    You won't go wrong with an older sako Tom. The only thing to consider is stocks. They aren't available for a lot of them anymore, so you are stuck with what you get. Usually good stocks though.
  8. I like to sit and plait my rectal hairs when i,ve a minute to spare.... Ever wondered what happens to the minute scourings caused by this, on the bullet....when you launch it down a steel tube at 60,000psi and 3000fps ?
  9. M16A1 retro build

    Beautiful. What a timeless design.
  10. AI Firing Pin Protrusion

    If you ring me in the shop on monday, i'll tell you exactly what it should be, and how to measure it.
  11. 7mm Saum spraying

    So you have a 28" sporter weight barrel, that will put 10 rounds consecutively into 3/4" in wind, at 100 yards, and its burning 60+ grains per round ? Take up benchrest....you have the luck of the devil.
  12. 'Works in everything' N140 load for 6.5x47?

    140 , Rel 15 , and Varget are so similar Matt, I've always used the same data for bullet weight , in anything suitable for those powders. To be on the safe side work a grain lower, though I know from experience that 140 won't spike like rel 15 can. 140 is very stable, batch to batch, unlike rel 15. When I used rel 15, I used to buy five tubs at once, and pour them all into a bowl and mix them, then put them back in the tubs. That levelled them up a bit. My pet load is the same as yours, but with Varget. It works in the 6.5's I build, and a good benchmark to test a gun with. I don't load develop them further, simply don't get the time. The bullet being a lapua scenar.
  13. Finished this beauty last week. Its a Defiance Deviant action. Fitted with a Sassen 1 in 8" at 24" long and in Rem varmint profile. Chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor. Muzzle thread is M18 x 1 and invisible capped. Paintwork is Cerakote Armour Black. Stock is an AI AICS in the new green colour. Trigger is a Jewel.
  14. The action will use either mag. The problem being the action shape [its hexagonal ] and was designed to fit into the old AICS stock. The new stocks have four guide rails inside them for the action to sit on. They don't cause a problem with any action , apart from a spectre. Either use an AW magazine, or machine off the stock rails, to allow the hex action to sit lower. It will then feed from an AICS mag.
  15. Finished a couple of the larger AR's last week. DPMS style Billet upper/lowers from Cross machine. Beautifully made stuff....real quality. The first one is a .308 with a 20" Sassen blank, and my 3 port brake. Upper machined out to accept my side charger. Tuned and slightly modified internals to make feeding and extraction flawless. I put 20 rounds of GGG through this as fast as I could pull the trigger, and no hard extractions, or even hints of one at all. Magpul PRS stock, and a Midwest Industries fore end to suit this particular receiver style. The second rifle is a similar build, but this one is chambered in 6.5 x 47. Which I think, is probably the first in the UK. I,ve built creedmoors in the spec, and they work well, so I can't see a problem with this cartridge. It feeds and extracts Dummies flawlessly. The acid test will be sustained live fire. Its shorter than the CM and the case is thicker in the web. I'm thinking this will allow the case to be run at top end, and still extract. Could be a giant killer, testing will commence when it comes back from proof. Barrel is 20", and works in this cal. I had a 20" tikka, and it was fabulous.
  16. Maybe a 1lb heavier than a normal AR Gary. Not heavy.
  17. This rifle is destined for long range varminting. Its built on a stiller predator repeating action. Fitted to it is a Sassen 1 in 10" twist 20 calibre blank [forget the length, but it could be 24"). With an 18mm x 1 thread, invisible cap, and a muzzle mounted Jet-z CQBS moderator. Trigger is a Timney Calvin Elite 2 stage unit. The paintwork is what makes it something different. The stock picked was an AI AX and what a job these are to paint, if you are doing it properly. Stripped down to the last nut and bolt, it takes an awful long time to paint such a gun, as there are 6 different coats of colour, each of which, has to go into the oven, for a flash bake, before the next coat......on all the separate bits. Then a final full cure. Paint took two days. A Nightforce scope is going onboard. It feeds from an Accurate mag .223 A long painful job, but I did enjoy it !
  18. Silverstone Shooting Centre

    We have a similar style range opened up in Barnsley, albeit a 25 metre one. Set up by a chap who used to own a range in my home village. I haven't been, as its not my thing, but it is a very modern range with full facilities, bar, shop etc. I know he has thrown fortunes at it. I believe its doing well, catering to a section of the community that like that style of shooting. Range fees aren't cheap in a modern, purpose built facility. It is not a crime to make a profit either. Who works for nothing ?
  19. Powder Choice for 7.62 tracer

    I just use the same powder I use for the normal 167 grain bullets.....vhit 150. Works perfectly.
  20. Upgrade Accuracy International AT

    When I get hold of one, I will have a look. I see no reason why not. The chassis is the same size, it would simply need cutting to accept the new hinge.
  21. Upgrade Accuracy International AT

    Customers fall in to two camps Matt. Price sometimes has a part, but the AX stock is marmite to some, they either love it [ price irrelevant ] or the simply hate the tubular fore end. Everyone loves the AX skeleton butt however.
  22. The old Swede shot 160 grain bullets well enough out of an 8" twist, I can't see these needing anything faster. I feel it may be pushing the envelope somewhat from a creedmoor, in much the same way as a 140 out of a 47. There is a tipping point where the case cannot push the bullet fast enough to activate the claimed BC. Would be a good bullet for a swede or 6.5 x .284.
  23. Upgrade Accuracy International AT

    Hmm. I am supposedly fitting the first one shortly. My price is £750, but that includes de-bonding, and re-bonding the new stock to the chassis with the correct factory adhesive.
  24. Valkyrie rifles visit

    A pleasure to meet you Dave , it was a very pleasant trip down memory lane. Thank you for your kind words.
  25. AI skins

    I have a pair of AW skins in the shop Mick. Not for butchery though.......

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