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  1. baldie

    Borden Alpine .308

    There is nothing wrong with bedding a floorplate in. It makes it fit exactly where it should, without any chance of flex. Floorplates are paper thin. It also mates up to the bedding under the action. then there is no chance of anything moving. I choose to use Devcon for these reasons, not because its needed to tidy the job up. I inlet all mine BY HAND on a manual mill, and the customer can have a tight unbedded fit if required.
  2. I remember painting that, and its brother. Both lovely guns.
  3. baldie

    Tikka M595 bottom metal wanted

    Nope. Tried a floor plate on a 595 yesterday, it won't work with an American Rifle Co mag, without machining. I seriously doubt ANY AICS width mag will fit and feed without machining. Akeld's picture above somehow doesn't look right. That is a long action magazine to me ?
  4. baldie

    UKV site not secure?

    I've drawn a line under it, as life is too short to deal with the muppets. Had a long chat with Steve Thornton today, who is starting work on a more professional site for me, over Christmas.😃
  5. baldie

    Tikka M595 bottom metal wanted

    I have them in stock. They do require the action milling to use an AICS mag. However, I also have some of the American rifle co double stack, single feed mags in too. Bet these would negate the need to mill.... I'll have a look when I get back from the proof house tomorrow.
  6. baldie

    UKV site not secure?

    I think it depends on what your computer settings are. I've had this out with my hoster, but its like pissing in the wind. I'm going to get the website professionally done again in the new year.
  7. baldie

    A different shooter

    Thought one or two of the Archers on here may find this of interest. My other hobby is Field archery. The simulated hunting competitions , known universally as 3D. Basically, you walk around a wood, with a 36 target course laid out, of life size rubber animals. Shots are then taken at marked pegs of unknown distance. exactly the same as air rifle FT. I shoot compounds and recurves, but a couple of years ago, I bought a crossbow, and have spent the time, doing it up , into exactly what I wanted. This is a Canadian Excalibur bow, widely regarded as the best of the recurve type bows. Its trigger was terrible [but much better than other brands ], so that came off, and onto it went a trigger tech unit. I shortened the deck length to reduce it from a 200LBS draw, to 175 LBS as it has to be cocked by hand , under the rules. Next, went on an anti dry fire device, and also the hinged mount, known as an Optimiser. You move the wheel to alter the MOA of the rail, and all distances are marked on it. Exactly the same as dialling, but thats not allowed under the rules, neither is a parallax corrector. Rangefinding must be done by eye, and then put into the rail device. The stock was crap. Purely by chance, I came across a very nice chap called Warren Edwards, who makes air rifle stocks, about 10 miles away. He modified the design to fit my crossbow, and made me a stock in green mountain cammo, with a Hamster and adjustable cheekpiece. He is a craftsman, and I can't recommend him highly enough. This stock, finished in truoil, was £650, which I considered a bargain. Finally finished. These things are pretty accurate. It will put 5 arrows [not bolts....they were a medieval missile, made of steel with no fletchings ] into 2" at 80 yards.
  8. baldie

    6.5 creedmoor OACL

    All the RDF's are fairly jump intolerant. I've found in both 6.5 and .22 calibre, the sweet spot is usually around 0.040" from the lands. A very good bullet, once you find the spot though.
  9. Finished this one recently, and its a bit different. The customer wanted a short, relatively lightweight gun for Hinds and also mounting his NV gear on. I started with a Borden action. This was then fitted with a Bartlien 2B profile, sported blank. Finished at 17" and threaded M14 x 1 and capped as usual. Moderator is an A-tec hertz. All metalwork done in Cerakote OD Green. The trigger is one of the excellent Big N Andy tac sport units. Floorplate is a Sunny hill billet stainless model. Hellish expensive, but beautifully made. The stock is a McMillan TPR model. First one I've ever used, and had to be special ordered direct. Full bedding, as usual.
  10. baldie

    Tikka T3 Bolt problem

    Also, whilst on the subject. How many folk fit aftermarket bolt handles ? I've see several recently that were too long, and the dovetail section that goes into the bolt dovetail, was stuck out the other side. These can foul inside the action, and throw the bolt off line. Again, an accuracy killer, because the bolt will certainly level up, upon firing. Imagine what is happening at the back......
  11. baldie

    Tikka T3 Bolt problem

    Edi, I couldn't say which ones in particular. I did have some Australian ones a few years ago, that were silly tight, and these caused all sorts of problems. Tikka now do a genuine cast version, I fitted one yesterday, and it was very good. Basically you want any of the ones that have a compression spring inside them, that keep everything snug. The shroud needs to be completely free to move as it cocks. Some of the aftermarket ones are too tight on the internal race that the bolt moving parts run in. These can cause problems. Basically, if the shroud gives an "anodising squeak" when you lift the bolt, chuck that shroud. Not only does it give the feeling that the load is over pressured, it also plays havoc at the target end. Yes, a tight shroud will ruin groups. To the original poster, whip the shroud off, and cock the gun after dry firing. I have a fiver here, that says the problem goes away.
  12. baldie

    Tikka T3 Bolt problem

    bet you have an aftermarket shroud on it ?
  13. baldie

    Tikka T3 improvements?

    Pick your stock first. The Grs stocks will accept a floor plate readily. The berserk is a little trickier, but can be done. The bifrost won't take one [its like a swiss cheese ] I fit floor plates to Tikka's and Rem,s , weekly. If you want a quote, give me a bell.
  14. Fill your profile in please.
  15. baldie


    I bought one of the bad batch of .357 remlins in stainless a few years ago. I tuned it, and no matter what I did with it, it would not feed, despite trying several new carriers. It went back, and was replaced with a blued model, which I subsequently went to town on. That has to be the slickest marlin I've ever tuned, and served me well in the 3 years I shot for the England gallery team with it. Its now sat in the safe, languishing. The tubular bolt guns [ think its the 886 ] didn't suffer as much as the square bolt smaller models, when the factory tooling was moved. The very worst, were the .357's. I believe Marlin stopped production for 18 months whilst they either did the machinery op, or replaced it. The current guns are apparently good now, but I fear the damage had been done. I still think they are the finest lever gun out there, with a whole host of aftermarket goodies, and are also very easily mountable with a scope, unlike winchester's, rossi's etc.
  16. baldie

    Borden .243

    Hi Andy, Its one of those stocks, i tend to think you gloss over when looking at them. Its actually a tactical stock, designed for heavy calibre rifles such as the mcmillan 50 i believe. The stock isn't light, and i'm pretty sure it had the sniper fill, which is usually for big calibres. Cant say I was over enamoured with it, upon first glance, but its actually a very pointable stock, and it grew on me. Banus, Its a 1-8" twist so will handle deer legal bullets. How the owner handholds it, is entirely up to him.
  17. baldie

    Accuracy International

    The muzzle thread is M18 x1.5. The brake thread is the same, but LEFT hand. Most moderator manufacturers do the 18 x 1.5 pitch...certainly ASE do, sold loads of them, and use one myself. I have a normal Jet-z on the 6.5's and an Sl7 on the AW338. I tend to use the brake and AI mod mainly though, on the .338. The rotation of the gas unwinds a normal mod, hence the left hand thread on the AI brake/mod interface. It actually tightens.
  18. baldie

    Vit double based powders

    If the bullet jacket doesn't make it that far, its slightly academic.....😂
  19. baldie

    New barrel

    Very well indeed. I've just run a prototype .224 on my valkyrie in 6.5 twist, and that is also going well.
  20. I was asked a while ago, to chamber and test a prototype barrel. It’s a 6.5 x47 I chambered up, and fitted to my AI AX rifle. The barrel is a 5 groove, cut rifled blank. I finished it at 28” and it’s a R.E.M. varmint profile. First job was a good borescope inspection. Without a doubt, it was the cleanest, finely finished bore, I have ever looked at. Into the lathe it went, and the throat dialled in. Both lands and grooves were exactly all the same, which, even on the very best blanks, can show high spots on the lands etc, usually to no detriment, but nice to see perfect ones all the same. Chambered perfectly, and showed no runout whatsoever, anywhere in the chamber or throat. I then did a rare thing..... took a day off!? I know I had to make some time for testing some of my own guns at some point....there were seven to play with? This is the reason I hardly compete any more. I can’t even make range time for the basics... but hey-ho. I had a few rounds of old ammo to get it on with, and then loaded up some cases with Varget and 123 scenars, at SAAMI length. Powder range from 38, 38.3, and 38.5. Got it zeroed with 5 rounds, and then simply shot these six groups. A swine of a way to treat a barrel, but it had to be tested. I pulled one round, which I marked as such, but included it in the measurement. These are all 5 round groups.... not three. I’ve never believed 3 tell you anything.they just make the figures look good. Average group size across 6 consecutive groups is .490”. That’s with a brand new bore, and a completely un-worked up load. With proper load development, this will be an absolute hammer. Cleaning the rifle in the shop this morning, came the second surprise. Following my usual regime of bore guide and a few strokes with a nylon brush and KG1. I followed this with a wet patch of KG1 then a dry. Then a wet patch of Sweets left for 10 minutes. This will show ANY copper. Look at those patches. I’ve never seen a bore clean as easily as that. The barrel ? It’s one of the new Sassen cut rifled blanks
  21. Hmmn. A cartridge designed for the AR15 which gives a sizeable improvement over the .223. Obviously the name piqued my interest initially, and a good root around on the net yielded little info, apart from what Federal have put out there in range test days. Basically a necked down 6.8SPC they say. Talk about NOT telling the whole story. I ordered a reamer from Dave Manson, who hadn't even got a drawing for it a month ago. They were straight onto it, and a reamer and gauges landed last week, along with a very comprehensive reamer print, with loads of useful extra info. Into the lathe went a Pacnor varmint blank, and I re profiled it to an AR friendly lump. Duly chambered in .224 Valkyrie , its a 1 in 7" twist, which should shoot 80 grain bullets, from the mag. However, Federal are quoting 2750-2800 with a 90 grain slug. This, to me, is not much improvement over a 223 with 77's. I decided to think backwards. The yanks are pushing this as a capable 1000 yard cartridge. We don't do, or need that for CSR here, 600 yards is its maximum. Wonder what it will do with a 77 SMK ? Better still a 70 grain Nosler RDF, which I rate highly. I think it will easily shove one of those at 3100. Plus, they will go in a mag. The 70g nosler won't fit a 223 at AR mag length. As is always the way with the yanks.....its allover everywhere, and there are no bits for it. Serves me right for jumping the gun. No brass and no dies yet, but set to change at the SHOT show apparently. Good old Spud has me a proper set of dies on order for it now, and they are eagerly anticipated. However, impatient git that I am, I had some 6.8 brass and dies. I knocked one down and stuck it in the mag. Never going to hold a 90 grain bullet that.... Got the reamer print out and compared it to the 6.8SPC print. The shoulder is over 0.080" further back. Into the lathe went the die, and after much messing about, and 3 necking down procedures, I have a slack handful of brass that will chamber, and fireform. I have to try it, and get some proof cases, but I'm buggered if I'm doing this to 200 cases....life is too short. Mission accomplished though, most likely the first one in the chambering in the UK. I am really looking forward to shooting this case. The yanks said the Valkyrie couldn't be made from the SPC case.........Wrong.
  22. Thats an excellent wrench. I have one. It was the recommended one I bought when AI set me on as the service centre, and there are hundreds in the factory in use. A great wrench at a reasonable price.
  23. Never use a torque wrench to remove a bolt with. It breaks them.
  24. baldie

    .224 Valkyrie

    Hopefully going to test the 90 grain SMK this week. Other news is that I have some 6.8SPC bolt heads for the Bighorn actions on their way. Those, coupled with my BR converted mags will make a top end bolt gun possible. I was having this conversation the other day, when a friend asked ...Why ? Why not use a 22br etc ? Recoil. There is a fair bit less, giving faster target re acquisition . The valkyrie reamer will handle the 90 grain bullets without throating too. Having done all this testing on an AR, i'm fairly certain a bit more could be wrung out of a bolt gun.

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