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  1. baldie

    Moly Coated Bullets (Why)

    I built a 6mmBr for myself many years ago, and fitted a cut rifled Border to it. I sold it recently having had 800 rounds down it. The gun never shot anything but 90 grain silver scenars [ factory moly coated ] Its barrel, when borescoped, before selling, was absolutely pristine. It looked like it had never been fired. The loads were hot too. Thats my one experience of moly coated bullets. I have to say, lapua's moly coating and subsequent waxing, is far superior to some home done efforts, where the moly goes everywhere. If Lapua hadn't have discontinued the silver scenar range, I would have continued to use them in other guns. 800 rounds and no visible wear anywhere, is very unusual indeed, in ANY calibre.
  2. fill your profile in please.
  3. baldie

    Ammo Wallets

    Have a look at the Ulfhednir wallets. The chaps at NSAC on here sell them. I have one of their fold up ones. It holds 4 x 10 rounds in elastic loops. The loops are removable in 10's [velcro ] and it also has a clear plastic pocket for dope cards. very nice quality indeed.
  4. You will have to look through one. Quite contrary to others opinions, I had a look through two delta's the other day, and thought they were truly awful. Everyone's eyes are different.
  5. baldie

    Hornady 147 ELDM

    Think I have Lee, give me a buzz later.
  6. baldie

    Velocity plateaus in load testing: Why?

    Everyone has their own methods, and the satterlee one is nothing new. I've always looked for the velocity plateau's in a load. They give you a nice wide load, which shouldn't shift either way in extremes of heat or cold. Dont pick the knife edge ones. Being a yorkshireman, it also tells you when to stop wasting powder.😂
  7. baldie

    Velocity plateaus in load testing: Why?

    Because Quickload is just a computer programme, that people rely upon far too much. Real world shooting, shows it up for what it is...a very basic guide.
  8. You can only realistically run cartridges in the magazines they were broadly designed for, eg short action and long action in their respective mags. I would think there is some crossover, as in the Gun of Walkabout's as pictured here. I'm sure he will tell us, but the .284 and also a 6x 47 should be able to both feed from a l/a 300wm magazine, with suitable lip manipulation. much past that, eg a 300 norma from a 338LM mag, and you wouldn't get a 308 width case to work. You would then need different magwells/bottom metals etc. The TL3 works as a conventionally bedded switch barrel, just fine. The action face is quite large in diameter, so a decent diameter blank can be used, which gives a good wide shoulder. Providing this shoulder is cut squarely and very cleanly , there are usually no headspace problems, providing the headspace hasn't been cut stupidly tight, or stupidly slack. The video shows the savage barrel nut system in use, and its a good system. Using a gunsmith headspaced barrel does away with that, you simply screw them on and off, and 60-70 ft/lbs would be plenty with a well shouldered barrel, allowing easy non Herculean effort required in the field. The use of a rear entry wrench negates stock removal completely.
  9. The .300 norma magnum is a .338 LM based cartridge. or .416 Rigby, before the real pedants kick in. Barrel changes are simple on the bighorns. i do mine in the shop, but it would be no problem to do them with a Davidson type barrel vice fixed to whatever was handy. Bighorn even do their own action wrench which is rear entry, and clears the ejector lug. i have them in stock. Bighorns feed as slick as snot. They are controlled round feed.
  10. fill your profile in please if you wish to use Sales again.
  11. I dont know Terry. Viking Arms closed my account, because they preferred to deal with rfd's who sell from their front room near me.🤣 I would be surprised if they dont.5/8 x 24 is the most common "larger" american thread.
  12. I've long sold the ASE range Terry. personally, I dont think there is a better mod, but that's just my opinion. The boreloc system works well, but it has to be kept clean, because it has to be tight. Fail to lock it up, and you will get problems. This means that the borelock/threads etc, need a good fettle after use, or they quickly get carbon fouled, and dont lock up. the SL7i is a mod I use on my .338 when not using the brake/Mod system. It tames recoil like you wouldn't believe. Also had a B and T that went over an AI brake a good few years ago. despite it being a .338 mod, it tamed a 6.5 , stupidly quiet. Sold it with the rifle, and wish I hadn't. Sit down if you price one up. Bet they are thick end of a Grand now.
  13. I don't believe Bighorn do a .338 bolt head ? Thats what the .300 Norma uses. Paddy would know. Just checked, the biggest they do is magnum [ie .300 win mag/7mm rem mag etc ] didn't think they did. Its only a .700 diameter bolt. Bit weedy for a lap mag sized head.
  14. Just got this back from the proof house . After the success of the .224 valkyrie in both barrel lengths, built on an AR15, I decided to build a bolt action, as I felt the cartridge could be pushed just that little bit more , from a bolt gun. The Bighorn TL3 action is fitted with a 6.8 SPC bolt head, and I then made up a 24" barrel for it. The blank is one of Sassen's cut rifled 1-7" Twists, in a Rem varmint profile. beautiful blanks, and this was no different. No copper in it from proof. Muzzle is threaded m18 x 1 and has one of my brakes. All bead blasted. Trigger is a Bix n Andy. Stock is a McMillan Game scout, and the usual full bedding all the way through. Floorplate is a Stiller unit. Magazines are AI 10 rounders, fitted with my 6mmBr conversion, which feeds Valkyrie, beautifully. Fitted it with my old NXS 2.5-10 and titanium mounts. This will be used by me for CSR this season, along with the AR in the same calibre.
  15. baldie

    bolt action .224 Valkyrie

    Had a morning with it yesterday. All I had loaded were some leftovers from the AR build. These were 90 grain SMK's and some 85 grain RDF's, in fairly sedate loads. The barrel appeared to break in at around 20 rounds, and the gun then started producing 1/2" 5 rd groups with both bullets. It was limited somewhat by the 10 power scope fitted, but so far seems to be proving my theory that its going to work better in a bolt gun. There is plenty of room for more powder, as the primers were perfectly round, and no hint of stiff bolt lift. It was doing 2750 with an sd of 9 with these underpowered loads. Recoil was very mild, and the gun very pleasant to shoot.
  16. Tested a 6mm Creedmoor yesterday. 3000fps with a 115 D-Tac.....
  17. Fill your profile in please.
  18. The actions were made for me by John Carr. Anyone who is looking for a good 6.5 tactical rifle, could do an awful lot worse. This gun is a real bargain compared to what it would now cost new.
  19. baldie

    bolt action .224 Valkyrie

    the starline brass is readily available, and its half decent. I also have some Federal inbound to try. The cartridge seems to shoot anything. Its designed for heavies though, and i've finally settled on the 90 grain sierra Matchking. Had great results with the nosler RDF in different weights too.
  20. baldie

    classic air rifle /new toy

    Beautiful dave. I'm just rebuilding a MK1, with a Venom tyrolean stock.
  21. baldie

    6mm BR build

    I have a very nice right bolt left port single shot Stiller in stock, if its of interest as a build.
  22. baldie

    The Shooting Show

    Me too David. 2 full rifles, and two rebarrels from the show ordered today, and another chap coming tomorrow for a gun building. I thought there were more serious buyers there this year.
  23. baldie

    The Shooting Show

    I fitted the new tier one bipods to two of our display rifles on the Accuracy international stand. I was so impressed, I will be buying some for the shop this week. The quality is superb. Direct fitting to AI fore end, and the bipods are light. Most certainly lighter than a Harris.

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