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  1. One of this weeks finished rifles. This a .338 Lapua magnum. Built on a Defiance Deviant long magnum action. The barrel is a Bartlien 5R Heavy straight taper blank, finished at 30" { if I remember correctly ] and finished with an M18 x 1 muzzle thread, invisible cap, Sako Brake, and a jet-z SL7 sound moderator. The trigger is a Timney Calvin Elite unit, and the metalwork is finished in H series OD green. The stock is a new Ai AX unit. This was stripped down to the last nut and bolt, and completely blasted. Base coat applied and a flash cure. Then the colours were applied, one by one, with a flash cure in-between. The plastic parts have to have a cooler cure, which extends the times considerably. It has to be part assembled in-between, to allow the pattern to blend across the stock. When all colours are on, its a full strip, and a final cure. Takes forever. Colours are OD Green, AI dark earth, and Armour black H series cerakote. Turned out nice I think.
  2. Inconsistent Neck Tension.

    In stock, at Brownells does mean its in stock in the USA. If you click to order it, it automatically locks that item to you. No one else can get it. Its then shipped directly to you, via customs on the docks. Average time is around 10 days, only hold ups occur, if customs decide to check stuff here. I order from Brownells every week, and to be honest, they are a Godsend, for parts not easily available anywhere else. I know people moan about their carriage charge [ i forget what it is ] but its the same charge for a screw, as it is for 200lbs of gear. Order over £200 worth, and its free. People also moan about their prices being a bit steep on certain things. However, they also forget that it includes shipping, all relevant import licensing, and UK VAT and duty. Brownells UK doesn't hold any stock here, its simply a computer and staff, sorting it all out, and very helpful Gavin is too.
  3. Always nice to see an old friend and customer, back for a rebarrell. This is a Valkyrie I built, back in 2012...one of many now coming in with worn out barrels. I built this originally in 6.5 x 47 lapua, and the customer is having the same again. This gun has been shot allover, including the world sniper comps in Czech, where he did rather well with it. Anyway, its new barrel is a Bartlien, same as the old one, in 1 in 8" twist 5R. bit shorter this time at 22". Screwcut M18 x 1 and invisible capped. 3 port brake an Jet-z moderator. Time for a new paint scheme, more in keeping with comps/places entered. This is done in OD mil spec green and Mapgul FDE H series Cerakote.
  4. couldn't help noticing

    Oh how hilarious. Two wheels are two wheels.
  5. couldn't help noticing

    Wish I owned the grey one in the pic Mark [red jacketed rider ] That looks like a Vespa GS. Very rare in that condition, and worth a fortune. My Lammy was tested last week, and i'm just awaiting the registration [ old frame that has to be re registered ] Fingers crossed for a sensible number. The frame is a 1964. After approximately £8000 and a 3 1/2 year wait, I have to say i'm a little excited. Folk moan about having to wait 3 months for a gun I'll stick some pics up when I finally get it.
  6. Action advice - dual bolt face

    Its a rem 700 set up with mag well for an AI mag. Its actually in the white, never been anodised. I bought it from a friend a while back [ didn't know he had it ]
  7. hornady once fired 6.5cm brass

    Yes, I've got quite a bit. I'll counts it out.
  8. Hmmn. A cartridge designed for the AR15 which gives a sizeable improvement over the .223. Obviously the name piqued my interest initially, and a good root around on the net yielded little info, apart from what Federal have put out there in range test days. Basically a necked down 6.8SPC they say. Talk about NOT telling the whole story. I ordered a reamer from Dave Manson, who hadn't even got a drawing for it a month ago. They were straight onto it, and a reamer and gauges landed last week, along with a very comprehensive reamer print, with loads of useful extra info. Into the lathe went a Pacnor varmint blank, and I re profiled it to an AR friendly lump. Duly chambered in .224 Valkyrie , its a 1 in 7" twist, which should shoot 80 grain bullets, from the mag. However, Federal are quoting 2750-2800 with a 90 grain slug. This, to me, is not much improvement over a 223 with 77's. I decided to think backwards. The yanks are pushing this as a capable 1000 yard cartridge. We don't do, or need that for CSR here, 600 yards is its maximum. Wonder what it will do with a 77 SMK ? Better still a 70 grain Nosler RDF, which I rate highly. I think it will easily shove one of those at 3100. Plus, they will go in a mag. The 70g nosler won't fit a 223 at AR mag length. As is always the way with the yanks.....its allover everywhere, and there are no bits for it. Serves me right for jumping the gun. No brass and no dies yet, but set to change at the SHOT show apparently. Good old Spud has me a proper set of dies on order for it now, and they are eagerly anticipated. However, impatient git that I am, I had some 6.8 brass and dies. I knocked one down and stuck it in the mag. Never going to hold a 90 grain bullet that.... Got the reamer print out and compared it to the 6.8SPC print. The shoulder is over 0.080" further back. Into the lathe went the die, and after much messing about, and 3 necking down procedures, I have a slack handful of brass that will chamber, and fireform. I have to try it, and get some proof cases, but I'm buggered if I'm doing this to 200 cases....life is too short. Mission accomplished though, most likely the first one in the chambering in the UK. I am really looking forward to shooting this case. The yanks said the Valkyrie couldn't be made from the SPC case.........Wrong.
  9. I had a Browning in the other day, that wouldn't accept a moderator squarely. Browning say a 14 mm thread on a 14.2 mm barrel is fine. Not in my shop.
  10. Try a piece of virgin unsized brass in the gun. In fact, try several. It should close with no resistance on this brass. If it does, then you are oversizing your brass, and possibly bulging it somewhere. If its tight on unsized virgin brass, there is a headspace issue, and it should be checked.
  11. Correctamundo Chaz. Very simple to do. The pin has a chamfered face to ease insertion [ Ooh err missus ] The ejector has a slot in its side , where the roll pin will captivate it. Its self explanatory once you tap the pin out. A drop or two of light oil on the ejector pin doesn't hurt on re assembly .
  12. Dead simple chaz. Get a suitable sized pin punch, and insert it , into what looks like the correct hole. The pin will go at least half way in, as the retaining roll pin is only about 5mm long. grasp the bolt and cover the bolt face with your thumb, and tap the pin out via its shortest route. One face of the pin will be visible on the bolt side, tap it out backwards. Refitting is the reverse. I can compress an ejector on a rifle with my thumb, but a lot can't. Get an old case and nip it up into the vice. Use the case head to compress the ejector with, whilst re inserting the pin.
  13. You won't have a problem with WD. The problems always come when folk use a C/F mod on a rimfire for a while, spray it, then fire a C/F through it. Kaboom. Rimfire's dont burn all their powder....centrefires do.
  14. At last a perfect afternoon for varminting

    Beautiful rifle, and what a stunning blank. I believe that type of pattern is known as "crotch feathering " and it usually shows on wood, cut down from the very base of the tree.
  15. New barrel

    These weren't marked up as such as they were prototypes, but I think it was 5R Terry. I,ll check the others I have. Border always produced 5R blanks in Scotland, can't see these being any different.
  16. I was asked a while ago, to chamber and test a prototype barrel. It’s a 6.5 x47 I chambered up, and fitted to my AI AX rifle. The barrel is a 5 groove, cut rifled blank. I finished it at 28” and it’s a R.E.M. varmint profile. First job was a good borescope inspection. Without a doubt, it was the cleanest, finely finished bore, I have ever looked at. Into the lathe it went, and the throat dialled in. Both lands and grooves were exactly all the same, which, even on the very best blanks, can show high spots on the lands etc, usually to no detriment, but nice to see perfect ones all the same. Chambered perfectly, and showed no runout whatsoever, anywhere in the chamber or throat. I then did a rare thing..... took a day off!😆 I know I had to make some time for testing some of my own guns at some point....there were seven to play with😆 This is the reason I hardly compete any more. I can’t even make range time for the basics... but hey-ho. I had a few rounds of old ammo to get it on with, and then loaded up some cases with Varget and 123 scenars, at SAAMI length. Powder range from 38, 38.3, and 38.5. Got it zeroed with 5 rounds, and then simply shot these six groups. A swine of a way to treat a barrel, but it had to be tested. I pulled one round, which I marked as such, but included it in the measurement. These are all 5 round groups.... not three. I’ve never believed 3 tell you anything.they just make the figures look good. Average group size across 6 consecutive groups is .490”. That’s with a brand new bore, and a completely un-worked up load. With proper load development, this will be an absolute hammer. Cleaning the rifle in the shop this morning, came the second surprise. Following my usual regime of bore guide and a few strokes with a nylon brush and KG1. I followed this with a wet patch of KG1 then a dry. Then a wet patch of Sweets left for 10 minutes. This will show ANY copper. Look at those patches. I’ve never seen a bore clean as easily as that. The barrel ? It’s one of the new Sassen cut rifled blanks
  17. CNC Foam cutting?

    Peli offer this service Matt. Give them a buzz. They are at Glossop, near me.
  18. I'm interested, however, you have to state a price as per forum rules please, and fill out your profile.
  19. Action advice - dual bolt face

    I have an Elisio stock in the shop. The only action that will go in [that I have ] is s stainless remmy. However, upon initial inspection, it does appear to be able to use a standard lug. It just butts against the internal shoulder in the stock.
  20. Action advice - dual bolt face

    Hmmm, not quite. They are actually anti-bind rails to stop the bolt torquing. However, on a remmy, they also keep the rounds sat against the magazine follower, and only release the round at the correct point. A lot of actions dont use them, preferring instead to let the bolt stop guide the bolt, by means of a slot cut lengthways in the blot, examples being the Accuracy International, and the Barnard etc. Its a simpler, cheaper way of making an action, as all you need is a precisely reamed bolt hole down the action. It has the added advantage of bolt fit tolerance , can be made extremely tight if required. This style of action , without the rails, won't usually work with a rem style standard floor plate, as the follower has nothing to stop against. Controlled round feed is a Mauser design, and basically, the bolt head has the bottom third removed . The cartridge case, then, as its pushed out of the magazine, travels upwards, into the bolt face, where its rim slides UNDER the extractor claw. Thus the case is held by the bolt, all the way into the breech, and is held on bolt extraction, right to the back of the bolt stroke, where it is kicked off the bolt face by a manual ejector, in the back of the action. Its very simple, and failsafe. Absolutely "De Rigeur" on an Africa rifle, as a misfeed on the second shot could mean one, is red squidgy stuff between an elephants toes, or a toothpick for a lion. Bighorn do a win mag bolt head, but not .338, which the Norma magnum utilises. Realistically, you need a .750" diameter bolt for a .338. Remington built .338's on the .700 " diameter bolt, but there was virtually no bolt head rim left, and also the smaller lug contact area. Not I gun I would put under my chops i'm afraid. The Mausingfield is an engineering masterpiece, and leagues in front of anything else in terms of absolute engineering quality. They have all the best features of several different actions, and I believe, are made of PH4 steel. They are truly beautiful things if real engineering floats your boat. I dont know of any long action floor plate that will accept short action mags on a rem footprint. Your not far from me, I have all these actions in stock, if you fancy a visit and a good look at the differences.
  21. Action advice - dual bolt face

    However, as previously mentioned, some custom actions may struggle with this. This is because a lot are cut these days for AW magazines [short action usually] Pick an action that has the remington style bolt guides and it will work. Alternatively, pick a mausingfield or Bighorn in long action. Both are controlled round feed, and will work irrespective of cartridge length, from a magazine system.
  22. Action advice - dual bolt face

    Because it fed from a long action floor plate and follower. The long action was used to switch from 308 to 30-06 [ same bolt face ]. A calibre used to devastating effect by the late Carlos Hathcock. The rounds just follow the action rails like a long action cartridge, and feed when supposed to. To run .308 in a long action isn't difficult. Use a long action DBM and a 300 win mag magazine, with its lips tweaked.
  23. Nowt wrong with wanting to have a go yourself. I was just trying to point out the video [like most expert youtube video's ] is fraught with danger. Its a very simple job to change the spring with a rem bolt tool and also the purpose made spring compressor, its an absolute b***tard without them. It can also be very dangerous. Just make sure neither end of the firing pin [ especially the sharp end ] are nowhere near your body or face. Getting the cross pin out can sometimes be very difficult, they seem to be welded in. Once out, you have the problem of getting it back, whilst compressing everything. Other times they fall out. The job is made a lot harder with the uprated spring of course.
  24. Jesus H Christ. I've seen some bodgings on youtube in my time, but that one takes the biscuit. Follow that method, and you will end up with a bent firing pin, a crushed bolt body, and probably a retina or two missing. Having said that...he does have a marines shirt on.

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