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  1. 5 shot mag

    If the accurate 5 rd mag has the plastic guts that the ten rd does, then it needs some modification to work. The 204 case shoulder sits further forward, than on a 223 and needs milling out. A simple job with a mill.
  2. .224 Valkyrie

    Definately. I wish I could drop on a few of the remmy's, don't think it ever sold well here. A simple barrel change, and I would think the standard magazine will work too.
  3. Hmmn. A cartridge designed for the AR15 which gives a sizeable improvement over the .223. Obviously the name piqued my interest initially, and a good root around on the net yielded little info, apart from what Federal have put out there in range test days. Basically a necked down 6.8SPC they say. Talk about NOT telling the whole story. I ordered a reamer from Dave Manson, who hadn't even got a drawing for it a month ago. They were straight onto it, and a reamer and gauges landed last week, along with a very comprehensive reamer print, with loads of useful extra info. Into the lathe went a Pacnor varmint blank, and I re profiled it to an AR friendly lump. Duly chambered in .224 Valkyrie , its a 1 in 7" twist, which should shoot 80 grain bullets, from the mag. However, Federal are quoting 2750-2800 with a 90 grain slug. This, to me, is not much improvement over a 223 with 77's. I decided to think backwards. The yanks are pushing this as a capable 1000 yard cartridge. We don't do, or need that for CSR here, 600 yards is its maximum. Wonder what it will do with a 77 SMK ? Better still a 70 grain Nosler RDF, which I rate highly. I think it will easily shove one of those at 3100. Plus, they will go in a mag. The 70g nosler won't fit a 223 at AR mag length. As is always the way with the yanks.....its allover everywhere, and there are no bits for it. Serves me right for jumping the gun. No brass and no dies yet, but set to change at the SHOT show apparently. Good old Spud has me a proper set of dies on order for it now, and they are eagerly anticipated. However, impatient git that I am, I had some 6.8 brass and dies. I knocked one down and stuck it in the mag. Never going to hold a 90 grain bullet that.... Got the reamer print out and compared it to the 6.8SPC print. The shoulder is over 0.080" further back. Into the lathe went the die, and after much messing about, and 3 necking down procedures, I have a slack handful of brass that will chamber, and fireform. I have to try it, and get some proof cases, but I'm buggered if I'm doing this to 200 cases....life is too short. Mission accomplished though, most likely the first one in the chambering in the UK. I am really looking forward to shooting this case. The yanks said the Valkyrie couldn't be made from the SPC case.........Wrong.
  4. You are a lucky man. George Newcombe was a man I'd love to have met. If memory serves me, his strain was known as "Rillington" after the village he lived in near Scarborough ?
  5. Might be a stupid question...

    Very interesting Mark. Not the commonest Tikka profile, which is why I haven't noticed it. Thinking about it, all the shorter barrels are factory threaded, the long ones usually aren't. That means they usually come in for a thread at full length, or are getting pulled off, in favour of a new tube. As you say, it can only be a weight saving exercise.
  6. Might be a stupid question...

    Thats a new one on me Mark. Never seen a heavy barrelled tikka or sako that wouldn't take an 18MM thread...it is , after all, their standard Varmint weight barrel thread. They must have changed the profile. Measure back where you want the thread, and see what you have at that point, diameter-wise.
  7. Might be a stupid question...

    Mark, if the barrel is fatter at the muzzle than it is in the middle, its been profiled incorrectly. Don't think i've ever seen one like that. Simple answer to your problem is to have the muzzle thread cut M18 but with a spigot, which are common on the ASE mods. This aligns on the spigot behind the thread and requires very little shoulder at the rear.
  8. Berger .224 Bullets

    I've got 90 of the 73 grain match grade 2130 and a 100 of the 73 grain LTB,s.
  9. .224 Valkyrie

    Yes Vince, though not particularly cheap. i get mine from Brownells, and will be having some more when they have sorted the license issue they have at the mo. On the bolt gun front, I will be getting some 6.8SPC bolt heads in , for the bighorn actions. These are tailor made for the Valkyrie, as they are CRF.
  10. .224 Valkyrie

    The .22 Nosler has one major flaw...its a rebated case...and an AR15 will shred it , in short order. Plus, apparently, sources say the primer pockets trash after 2 firings. I've just ordered a couple of Die sets from brownells [rcbs, hate the brand ] and Spud has some Redding on order for me. I will bring it Vince, and the offer of the reamer is there , should you fancy a punt.
  11. BAT 6XC

    I've built this up from a collection of parts accrued over time. This is a Rifle that could be used for anything really, but I will specifically use it for McQueens. Its long been thought that a hot "6" is the way to go. I love the cartridge, and can't understand why it isn't more popular. A well designed case with a good long neck....it blows the 243 into the weeds. My reamer will handle the 115 grain D-tac bullet, but this barrel wouldn't, as its a 1 in 8" Bartlien. It does like the 105 grain scenar though. Action is a BAT Tactical , onto which went the aforementioned Bartlien. Threaded M18 x 1 and one of my brakes. Trigger is a jewel. Metalwork, including DBM, is in H series AI Dark Earth. The stock is a Kmw Sentinel. This was fully bedded to the action, and then given a paint job, in a theme inspired by a Giraffe , of all things. The gun quickly got Christened " Mellman" The colours being, Coyote Tan, McMillan Tan, Patriot Brown , and AI Dark Earth. All in H series. Magazine is one of the American Rifle Co 10 round, double stack, central feed models. All work "in house"
  12. 6mmbr which primer

    I've always used BR4's. I think you will find 140 a bit slow.
  13. Howa AI AW will it work?

    Its probably even easier on a howa, as the action is flat bottomed. Always going to be a compromise though. An AW magazine runs best in conjunction with a double scalloped feed ramp. As a single scalloped feed ramp has already been cut as standard, you can't take any more out. I have a simple solution, I have some of the American Rifle company magazines. These are central feed, but double stack. Best of both worlds.
  14. .224 Valkyrie

    I collected it from proof today, and its fired cases which look just fine. One is a 5% overload and the other a 10% overload. Plenty of room to go yet methinks. I'm estimating around 28-29 grains of vhit 140/Varget/Rel 15 etc will be around right, but its all going to be trial and error. The cartridge hasn't been released yet, but apparently its been submitted to both SAAMI and CIP, and is probably done now. Official launch at SHOT later this month, but this is the first in the UK. Now the pleasurable task of making some more brass. Suddenly , plaiting my rectal hairs, holds some appeal.
  15. ASE ultra

    Have you ever oiled the mod to prevent rust ? In all the years I've sold Jet-z's, no one has ever returned one that has corroded away. With regular care, they will last for years. As to Jackson rifles guarantee.....I've used it and so have customers in the past, without a problem whatsoever. I rang them tuesday night enquiring about an "o" ring for a mod. It was with me wednesday morning. Yep, crap , that.
  16. 'Low mag' scopes...

    Tasco Euro class..... They were some scope many years ago. Hellish expensive, and one of the very first 30 mm scopes. Unbelievable clarity. The kids of today turn their noses up when old timers mention Tasco. The Japanese made scopes were simply stunning, optically.
  17. British Shooting Show. Who's going?

    I'm on the Accuracy International Stand Edi, be good to see you.
  18. My sister has a beddie/whippet Chaz. He was a dogs trust animal, and came with lots of behavioural problems. She put the time in, and he's made a cracker, and what a character. She recently took a bigger lurcher on from the same place. As soon as I saw it, i gave her a warning. The bitch had a lot of Irish wheaten terrier blood, mixed in with deerhound/greyhound. I told her it was a hand grenade, and i was right. Fine with the beddie, but show it another dog, and it turned into a killer. It had to go. The beddie/whippet is quite obviously a purpose cross, usually for rabbiting. They make excellent workers and will [or rather, did ] take fox...they certainly have the courage. A good place to start would be the Countrymans weekly magazine. You will find breeders in there who have regular litters, and I suppose you could call some puppy farmers, but you will be hard pressed to find someone purposely breeding these, which isn't. My last lurcher, a Deerhound/Greyhound, was from one of only two know breeders in the UK, as a purpose bred animal from working stock. He was fine, as was a collie/greyhound I bought from David Hancock, many years ago.He was recknowned in the lurcher world as a puppy farmer, but the dogs were honestly bred, and usually made excellent workers.
  19. Go/ No go gauges 6.5x47

    Why not try Border Ballistic technologies, who advertise on here. Click on their link on the right hand side. Geoffrey will export.
  20. Pepperpot brakes reduce recoil by the normal braking effect. You have equal gas forces coming out of the ports in all directions, so therefore, the "hop will be no different, on , or off. Some brakes work well with top vents, on others, its a positive retrograde step, dependant on the design of the brake, and what angle it vents at. Pepperpots are great for setting fire to the grass with... Your problem is not the bipod, nor the brake...its the stock. It can be negated somewhat by using a side venting brake, and indexing it [ or tuning it ] so the ports are not level, but slightly canted. Done the right way, it has the effect of pushing the rifle down and left [for a right hander ] it shouldn't work....but it does. Tikka stocks, and other factory guns too, are not the greatest in-line designs. This allows the muzzle to rise, the worse the design is. A stock which will allow the recoil to travel back in a straight line, always works better than a sporter style stock in this respect. Poor stock fit...in other words, but you have to p**s with what you've got. Good examples being the AI range, AR15's and a lot of the aftermarket chassis systems.
  21. Section 5 - Pat Kaye

    I don't have it, but give kirklees guns in Huddersfield a ring, they may have it.
  22. .22 Semi-auto ammo

    First thing to do is a get a new titanium extractor...the std ones are not good. The old magazines were not good either, but there are newer versions about. They benefit from an internal tune and spring kit in the trigger. Much the same as a Ruger really.
  23. .22 Semi-auto ammo

    in a remington 597.....ammunition for reliability and accuracy....will not be your main problem.
  24. Newbie advice & Hi!

    Look no further than the Browning Buckmark for sale in the ads. They are very accurate, reliable, and function perfectly with subs. great little truck gun.
  25. Sound Mod Legalities

    Anyone can take a firearm to proof. As this is an exceptionally old thread, i'll add new comments. I've been using Birmingham now for the last 3 years, and the situation couldn't be more different. Every gun is cared for and very rarely does anything happen, and when it does, they have put it right. Having got to know the people there very well, I couldn't recommend Birmingham highly enough.

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