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  1. baldie

    Mini 14 223 Wanted

    If they are gen Ruger mags, i'll have them please Roy.
  2. AI don't deal direct. Either Graham at Sporting services, sportsman's gun centre, or myself. I'll order some next week. As I recall, they are an odd size.....nothing in my universal kits seem to be the same. I have an AI mod myself, i'll pull the ring and measure it.
  3. Yes they can. Unfortunately, I dont have any at the moment. Must order some.
  4. The manufacturer can supply spare parts, as that is what they are. This is a complete moderator, and whether it is disassembled or not, has been registered on a ticket, as a section 1 firearm. It has to be destroyed as such.
  5. yes, it is an A5.
  6. Finished this one today. The rifle was designed as a CSR gun, but would do admiral duty on the McQueens line or tactical rifle comps. The heart of it, is a GAP Tempest action. Unique bit of kit. Basically a custom AI clone. It has 6 lugs, and a breech ring. Fixed lug, and a 60 degree bolt lift, which is light, from fired. I have to say, running dummy rounds through it, from the shoulder, its the fastest cycling action i've ever used. Barrel is a Bartlien 1 in 8" twist, rem varmint profile, finished at around 25.5". Threaded m18 x 1 and invisible capped, and one of my 3 port brakes. It would have been sacrilege to paint the DLC coated action, so it was left, and the barrel, shroud etc, done in Cerakote graphite black. The trigger is a bix n andy tacsport model, and their usual stunning quality. The action will run both AICS and AW magazines. The AW was chosen , because its shorter, and smoother. They are however, more difficult to set up, as there is less case head contact for the bolt head. I spent a full day, dummy running the action and floor plate, getting the pillar heights exactly right, then bedding the floor plate into the stock. The action was then bedded into the stock. This is the spec I would pick personally, but try as I might, I can't justify yet another gun !
  7. Any vhit stockist, or from Hannams at Leeds.
  8. baldie

    CSR Accuracy

    "good mini 14" ? They dont exist. Dont waste your money.You will struggle to cock it in the speed required in CSR.
  9. baldie

    Tikka T3x prone to rusting?

  10. baldie

    Tikka T3x prone to rusting?

    Bluing, is a controlled form of surface reaction, not unlike rust. The tikka steel obviously has a high carbon content [ not good quality steel ] to rust so easily. Pig iron almost. Their "stainless" is as bad. Not all stainless steels are actually stainless however. Its quite frightening how fast their stainless will erode, when a moderator is left on it. A good quality oil will help. WD40 is a water displacer, and not one I would pick for protection personally. Brunox is good, but Birchwood casey Barricade is excellent, i've used that for years, both in the shop, and at home. It also smells nice. Cerakote will stop the problem. If you think the exterior is bad, pay very close attention to the bore. Almost all chrome moly barrels I get through in the shop, have rotted out, rather than shot out. I personally would not have one given....stainless every time.
  11. Some friends have just travelled abroad to shoot a match. The rifles arrived a day late, the ammo never left the UK. They were shooting 6.5 x 47. Had they been shooting .308, they would have competed. Not a lot of .284 or 7mm SAUM available in Nairobi....i'll warrant. Just a thought. 🤣 The .308 will still flatten plains game. Couple it with a good rangefinder and good drops. The win mag will give greater margin for error, and smack them like hitting a cow on the arse with a shovel.
  12. baldie

    204 AR BUILD

    I can build you a .204 barrel for your upper Dave. Give me a ring tomorrow on 07889 388378.
  13. baldie


    Plenty in stock.
  14. baldie

    6.5 Creedmoor brass

    Bushing the firing pin on an AI is not recommended, and not supported under warranty by the factory. As one customer has just found out, its also a very expensive repair.
  15. I'm with Paddy on this. You have to remember that rifles such as the AW and other military role .338's were not designed as an out and out velocity horse. The weapon has to be portable, and able to be used in confined space [of sorts ] Thats the main reason for the 338 and also the .50 barrel lengths. I've yet to try it in my own AW338, but i picked up a couple of tubs of the new vhit 565 powder. It was designed specifically for the .338. Got to be worth a try, as I usually run 165 with a 250 grain scenar in my own.
  16. £55 a tub ? Whats in it ? Cocaine ? 🤣
  17. Please put your next advert in the correct section, and fill your profile in, as per the forum rules . Thank you.
  18. baldie

    A different shooter

    Thought one or two of the Archers on here may find this of interest. My other hobby is Field archery. The simulated hunting competitions , known universally as 3D. Basically, you walk around a wood, with a 36 target course laid out, of life size rubber animals. Shots are then taken at marked pegs of unknown distance. exactly the same as air rifle FT. I shoot compounds and recurves, but a couple of years ago, I bought a crossbow, and have spent the time, doing it up , into exactly what I wanted. This is a Canadian Excalibur bow, widely regarded as the best of the recurve type bows. Its trigger was terrible [but much better than other brands ], so that came off, and onto it went a trigger tech unit. I shortened the deck length to reduce it from a 200LBS draw, to 175 LBS as it has to be cocked by hand , under the rules. Next, went on an anti dry fire device, and also the hinged mount, known as an Optimiser. You move the wheel to alter the MOA of the rail, and all distances are marked on it. Exactly the same as dialling, but thats not allowed under the rules, neither is a parallax corrector. Rangefinding must be done by eye, and then put into the rail device. The stock was crap. Purely by chance, I came across a very nice chap called Warren Edwards, who makes air rifle stocks, about 10 miles away. He modified the design to fit my crossbow, and made me a stock in green mountain cammo, with a Hamster and adjustable cheekpiece. He is a craftsman, and I can't recommend him highly enough. This stock, finished in truoil, was £650, which I considered a bargain. Finally finished. These things are pretty accurate. It will put 5 arrows [not bolts....they were a medieval missile, made of steel with no fletchings ] into 2" at 80 yards.
  19. baldie

    A different shooter

    They are all 200lb limbs. Its the deck length, or more correctly, the power stroke [string at rest to fully cock measurement. ] If yours is shorter than mine [and it is ] it should be drawing at around 175. Bring it down to the shop, and i'll make you some of those legal cocking aids. Dont get used to using a stringer, they aren't legal in competition.
  20. Mac is looking for one in wanted.
  21. baldie

    A different shooter

    Pretty looking Bow that. Did it draw at 150 or 175 ?
  22. baldie

    A different shooter

    here you Michael...
  23. baldie

    A different shooter

    Because you have sausage rolls for fingers Mick. 🤣

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