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  1. baldie

    Loading tray/block for .338 Lapua.

    The frankford arsenal no 8 fits. Using one right now.
  2. baldie

    Which AICS mag for .223ai?

    You want the accurate 10 round magazine, with the plastic internal clamshell. This splits in two, and they can be milled along their depth to accommodate even longer shouldered cases such as the .204 ruger. The front can also be milled out so the mag will feed any .224 bullet ever made. It virtually gives .308 length.
  3. baldie

    20 caliber doubt

    Pop in the shop Steve. I've built plenty of them, and used too.
  4. baldie

    6MM BR Dies Question

    6mmBr Rem was the original cartridge. Neck dimensions are different. I don't believe anyone chambers in it these days, apart from one or two of the yank manufacturers.
  5. baldie

    .223 AICS for Tikka T3

    Yes Scotch, converted plenty. The plastic AICS, which is discontinued, didn't go up far enough into the action to feed. People used to file the edge of the lips, which in turn, weakened them, causing premature failure. I use a DBM which accepts steel AICS mags. Accurate mag make a 10 rd one, which is flawless, or I still convert 10 and 5 rd .308 mags to suit. Simple conversion.
  6. baldie

    Accuracy international AXMC DARK BROWN

    The shades are Pale brown, and Dark earth. I have an AXMC coming myself in the Dark earth. I prefer it from the two. The Pale brown and also the Green are AI's own shades, and exclusive.
  7. There is a whole host of factory ammo available for the creedmoor, that's not a fair point. Hornady, Norma, S + B , etc are all available here. I believe the guys at Northallerton shooting keep about six brands in, in both hunting and target loads.
  8. baldie

    Dull McMillan

    A bucket of warm soapy water, and 1200 grit wet and dry. Wet flat the entire stock, then buff it with T cut car polish. It will look better than new. Which is not hard !😂
  9. The improved swede used to be popular with the 1000 yards gang at Diggle a few years ago. It took many scalps I believe. Only fell from favour when the good 7mm bullets started appearing and the .284 win was reborn.
  10. The .260's main drawback has always been its inability to hit the land with a 140 grain bullet, out of a standard short action magazine. If you are shooting jump intolerant bullets, it can be a nightmare to tune. You could always go short throat, but that can compromise case capacity. I've long held the belief, that its better built on a long action. You can then tailor everything to get the best out of the case with a long bullet. I've seen a resurgence in it lately though, with about half a dozen built in the last six months, and one coming in just an hour ago for a .260 barrel. The Creed was designed from the outset to sit a 140 in the lands from a std magazine, with room to spare. I own all three of the smaller cased variants, and to be honest, there is little between them. The creed just seems to do it all, over the others. 6.5 PRC ? I believe l/a and magnum bolt face ?, and only Hornady brass, which is not the best choice for full throttle shooting. I think if I was going to build a top end 6.5 that ran about maximum, it would be a 6.5 x 55 AI, with a long barrel. That would be something with a 7 twist barrel for the heavy 6.5 bullets.
  11. Garry visits me regularly buddy. If you want the rifle, I will hold it for you whilst you get a slot.
  12. He did it some time before FX airguns appeared, on several theoben prototypes. It worked exceptionally well apparently
  13. I've made quite a few now, usually for the AXMC, and will be trying one myself when my new AXMC arrives. In .300NM, What attracts me, is several things. 1. You could use it at Bisley, or other place that won't allow .338lm. 2. There is a huge range of really Gucci .30 calibre bullets in the heavier end available. 3. Lapua make brass for it [ yes, they also make .338] . What surprised me, was, out of the blue one day, they announced 300 NM and .338NM brass.....without anyone really knowing what it was. Wonder why that was ? 😏 Regarding guns, as previously mentioned, mine will be on an AXMC. I've built several .338's lately on the excellent Defiance Deviant action though. These are CIP length, and go perfectly into the AX l/A CIP chassis. Which has an excellent magazine system, and doesn't look like some left over scaffolding.
  14. baldie

    Christensen MPR

    Josh's is the only carbon barrel i've seen in use, that doesn't play silly buggers under sustained fire. I shot a rifle with one of the foreign barrels fitted last weekend, and once it had got warm, extraction was "interesting" Not something I would use or sell. Apart from Josh's. Their usual use, is on a hunting rifle. Hunters want light weight, and usually only fire one or two shots in a session. Different thing entirely, on a target rifle.

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