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  1. Its a std 2 port Valkyrie brake Dave.
  2. baldie

    6.5 re-barrel options

    You need to decide what bullet weight you wish to shoot. The 47 was never designed shoot 140 grain bullets....it doesn't have the engine room for them. Yes, it will do it, and do it accurately. What it won't do, is shove that 140 at 3000 fps. That is the magic number, and anyone with a smidgen of experience will tell you the same. The Creedmoor will. I started building creedmoors when the cartridge very first appeared, just over 8 years ago, most probarbly, the first in the UK. Its an excellent cartridge, that is every bit as accurate as the 47. I have found, again, with experience, that the 47 can be loaded with dog s**t, and it will shoot well. Its just one of those lucky cartridges. The creed tends to need normal load development. I tend to agree with Laurie on the weight issue. i have always favoured 123 grain bullets in both cartridges. Speed keeps a bullet out of the wind....a few magic numbers on the latest carlos fandango bullets....doesn't.😉 Personally, if you already have the dies, I wouldn't change. However, I would treat yourself to some new brass. 5R rifling ? They seem to hold copper far less. Bartliens are without a doubt, the finest barrel made. Every one, is a joy to set up and chamber.
  3. baldie

    reamer manufacturers?

    Geoff's reamers are superb. I'm using half a dozen in different calibres and they cut like razors. They leave an internal finish so good, you actually have to rough it up.
  4. As above really. I use BR2's and BR4's predominantly, and the rem 7.5's when available. These are even harder than the CCI's. I've always stuck to these, as you get used to seeing what they look like , pressure wise. Feds are excellent primers, but soft, so will show pressure signs quicker and frighten you, when the load is probably not hot. They are a favourite with Marlin shooters as you can drop the Hammer spring weight right down, to give a light pull, but still set the soft primers off reliably.
  5. Put a Benchrest primer in it. federals are good for marlins.....and thats about it.
  6. baldie

    Inconsistent Neck Tension.

    Hobbit....you shouldn't be getting 0.005" runout with redding dies. I've never found them to give more than 0.0015" You may find the problem is the press if you are using a solid frame type such as a rockchucker. I use a Forster co-axial.
  7. Fill your profile in please.
  8. baldie

    Inconsistent Neck Tension.

    In stock, at Brownells does mean its in stock in the USA. If you click to order it, it automatically locks that item to you. No one else can get it. Its then shipped directly to you, via customs on the docks. Average time is around 10 days, only hold ups occur, if customs decide to check stuff here. I order from Brownells every week, and to be honest, they are a Godsend, for parts not easily available anywhere else. I know people moan about their carriage charge [ i forget what it is ] but its the same charge for a screw, as it is for 200lbs of gear. Order over £200 worth, and its free. People also moan about their prices being a bit steep on certain things. However, they also forget that it includes shipping, all relevant import licensing, and UK VAT and duty. Brownells UK doesn't hold any stock here, its simply a computer and staff, sorting it all out, and very helpful Gavin is too.
  9. baldie

    couldn't help noticing

    Oh how hilarious. Two wheels are two wheels.
  10. baldie

    couldn't help noticing

    Wish I owned the grey one in the pic Mark [red jacketed rider ] That looks like a Vespa GS. Very rare in that condition, and worth a fortune. My Lammy was tested last week, and i'm just awaiting the registration [ old frame that has to be re registered ] Fingers crossed for a sensible number. The frame is a 1964. After approximately a 3 1/2 year wait, I have to say i'm a little excited. Folk moan about having to wait 3 months for a gun I'll stick some pics up when I finally get it.
  11. baldie

    Action advice - dual bolt face

    Its a rem 700 set up with mag well for an AI mag. Its actually in the white, never been anodised. I bought it from a friend a while back [ didn't know he had it ]
  12. baldie

    hornady once fired 6.5cm brass

    Yes, I've got quite a bit. I'll counts it out.
  13. One of this weeks finished rifles. This a .338 Lapua magnum. Built on a Defiance Deviant long magnum action. The barrel is a Bartlien 5R Heavy straight taper blank, finished at 30" { if I remember correctly ] and finished with an M18 x 1 muzzle thread, invisible cap, Sako Brake, and a jet-z SL7 sound moderator. The trigger is a Timney Calvin Elite unit, and the metalwork is finished in H series OD green. The stock is a new Ai AX unit. This was stripped down to the last nut and bolt, and completely blasted. Base coat applied and a flash cure. Then the colours were applied, one by one, with a flash cure in-between. The plastic parts have to have a cooler cure, which extends the times considerably. It has to be part assembled in-between, to allow the pattern to blend across the stock. When all colours are on, its a full strip, and a final cure. Takes forever. Colours are OD Green, AI dark earth, and Armour black H series cerakote. Turned out nice I think.

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