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  1. DIY ? No. Not unless you have access to a clean, dry aluminium oxide blaster, and an oven large enough, that will run at 300 degrees, plus soaking tanks etc. Not really sure who would be near you ? Maybe Chris at Spartan refinishing ? Or Jay at Tactical coatings ? I'm in Barnsley, which is nowhere near you.
  2. baldie

    General Reflextion

    Politics is a circle. The extreme left sits just to the side of the extreme right. The description is just different. IE Socialism, or National Socialism. If you want to just slide in Communism/marxism, between the two, it will just about fit. What truly makes me weep, is that people will willingly forget, and turn a blind eye to what people like Corbyn have done through history, usually to their own people. People who are anti -Semitic, or will happily pose for photo's with every terrorist group going, SHOULD ring alarm bells in any sane person's mind. If you need a cup of "wakethf uckup" turn on the history channel and watch one of the many Auschwitz docs. The snowflakes can be forgiven for not remembering that Labour bankrupted this country , 9 years ago. They were still in short trousers. Just as they did in the last two or three governments they ran. Same old story, labour throw the money away, and the tories have to be the bad guys by settling the accounts again [Austerity ] Guess what ? The slate is clean, and the country now has a chance to start again, Dont let it be with Labour. It will be very interesting to see what happens in Barnsley. [ my home ] Staunchly labour for at least 70 years. The town never has had a penny to scratch its collective arse with. All the old miners are dying, and the town is overrun with immigrants. I've always found it truly amazing that people are still stupid enough to keep voting in a party that has done nothing for them, and never will...."Because me Dad voted for them" Whilst locals won't vote Tory, they WILL vote Brexit party [Barnsley wanted it badly ] and the sitting labour MP voted against brexit. Personally, I think tomorrow will bring the biggest Bitchslapping in modern times. People without a doubt, are going to show the politicians what happens, when you ignore a democratic vote.
  3. baldie

    Best AI magazine (long action)?

    Those feed lips are too tight at the front, and possibly too tight at the back. The round could possible sit higher in the mag by lip manipulation. AI didn't make any mag to work in a detachable bottom metal, they were designed purely for their own stocks, and the fault lies with the DBM manufacturers if the mags are loose. It won't be a Tier one DBM....they dont make one. Tape works, stick on furry velcro works better. The mag would also sit tighter and rattle less, if the locking catch is altered to make it fit further up in the action. If you have more than 1-1.5 mm of vertical play in the fitted mag....its too loose.
  4. baldie

    Best AI magazine (long action)?

    You won't have the wrong mag length, there is 1/8" difference, and a short one wouldn't latch in a CIP length stock.
  5. One thing i've noticed Dan, is that they shoot very quickly. Far better speeds than other barrels.
  6. There is a price difference obviously. Cut rifled blanks are currently on lower lead times, which is why I generally use them more these days. Both are excellent barrels. Have I noticed any accuracy difference between the two ? No, not in the shooting styles i frequent. Some people want button, some cut. Regarding supply, yes, sassen will only supply the trade, basically because they dont want to upset their trade, bona fide gunsmith customers. It also gives them the surety, that the barrel has been fitted, by someone who knows what they are doing, and will actually proof test the thing. Not so with a garden shed merchant. Reamer manufacturers are of the same mind here. Plus the fact, the police do not like to see non RFD's buying chamber reamers, for the same reasons. A friend imported a reamer from the states [non rfd ] and the police visited him, wanting to know exactly why he wanted it. Its a simple matter of economics. A customer turns up with a blank, and the gunsmith loses the profit on that item. I will fit customer supplied blanks [only if its a decent brand ], but I won't guarantee the blank. Why should the gunsmith ? He hasn't made any money on it. Buy a Sassen blank with confidence, they really are good barrels. I've just replaced a .300 win mag border cut barrel on a rifle I built and proofed in 2011. Its had over 3500 rounds down it, and only just gone. I've fitted another Sassen to it.
  7. Require an awful lot of smoothing out, to function nicely.
  8. I did the initial accuracy testing on several of the bore sizes, and have used them ever since. They are the equal of any barrel made anywhere, and have a better internal finish than any of them. The tend to shoot straight away, and are very good to work with. While I always love to see someone winning such as Dan, and his most excellent achievements, I always find it laughable that people will only seem to take notice of a barrel, once someone wins an F class comp with one. I've used Sassen/Border barrels for many years. Set british records with them, and had countless numbers of major customer wins with them. Accuracy International have used them for years , with the enviable reputation for repeatable accuracy , their rifles have. Buy one with confidence, its an excellent, British made product.
  9. baldie

    bolt action .224 Valkyrie

    Neither. They feed from my 6mmBr converted AICS mags. Some of the yanks have messed about altering lips on the polymer .223 mags, but the 6mm conversion works far better.
  10. baldie

    what action

    I'll find some prices out for you today Paddy, haven't had chance yet.
  11. baldie

    6.5 Creedmoor - real world velocities

    The .260 AI needs careful action/magazine choice. Mine goes on my AX, and with a simple magazine mod, works perfectly. The AX mag is 2.900 which is plenty long enough. I can seat to the lands, and have a bulging caseful of powder. The TRG is another good s/a to build this cartridge on, for the same reasons.
  12. baldie

    6.5 Creedmoor - real world velocities

    6.5 x 55 AI is not short action. The .260 AI has real potential, mainly due to the advent of the small primered Peterson brass. Mine is giving 3050 with a 142 grain bullet, and the barrel hasn't broken in yet. Not stupid speeds, and limited by my large diameter firing pin a little. A very useful and marked increase over the Creedmoor though. I've never been one to shove a cartridge as absolutely hard as it will go. Guns are never pleasant to shoot like that. Use enough cartridge/bullet, and run it properly. I have a 6.5 x 55 AI reamer, and plan to give that a go shortly too.
  13. baldie

    6.5 Creedmoor - real world velocities

    I know a lot of people that do. They are always very accurate indeed, but you cannot ignore simple physics. If you cannot push the bullet at the speed the BC was measured at, its as relevant as jeremy Corbyn. ie, as much use as tits on a fish. the 6.5 x 47 is, or can be a very dangerous little case. The knife edge between stupidly high speeds and abject disaster, is a very thin one indeed. Loose primer pockets in a couple of tenths of a grain of powder, are all you get, then its Kaboom.
  14. baldie

    6.5 Creedmoor - real world velocities

    The big difference between them, and I'm sick of saying this, is the 47 was never designed for 140 grain bullets. Its too much for the case, and you usually cant attain enough speed to achieve BC. The Creed WAS designed to shoot 120 and 140 grain A-max initially. The .260 has its own problems such as mag length.
  15. baldie

    TRG BIPOD & Mags

    The CTR mags do fit, but the stock needs milling to accept the plastic foot on the magazine.

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