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  1. Here's one recently gone to its owner. Its a stalking rifle, albeit, a somewhat unusual one. The customer liked the look of the stock on my own rifle. Personally, I dont think they are the prettiest of stocks, but , boy, are they comfortable. The barrel is a Bartlien 2B contour. Its threaded M14 x 1 and invisible capped. Fitted to a Borden Alpine action. Bead blasted finish, and a Jewel trigger. The stock was inlet for a third eye DBM, and bedded in with pillars and Devcon. Then the top was fully bedded. Overall, a very nice rifle, and doing well in the hands of its owner.
  2. This one was a long term project, for an old customer who has had several rifles over the years from me. The action has been hanging around for a couple of years whilst he decided what he'd like. Its the last Valkyrie I had, and its a long action single shot, right bolt, left port, with a coned bolt head. It lends its self to a variety of calibres, but he decided on a .308, as he already has a .284. It can then be rebarrelled with something bigger, if he feels the need at some point. The barrel is a Helically fluted Sassen 1 in 11" [ forget the length ] and finished with an 18mm x 1 thread and invisible capped, and polished to match the action. Trigger is a Timney Calvin Elite, with a straight blade. The Stock is a McMillan A5 . Fully bedded . Trigger guard is a stainless ADL unit, again, polished to match the rest. I always bin the nasty escutcheon, McMillan use, and machine up something more suitable on a single shot.
  3. .284

    Been a little busy with contract work lately, but managed to 4 customs out last week. This is a .284 win. Built around a Borden Timberline action. It has a Bartlien barrel fitted at 28". Muzzle is threaded 18mm x 1 and has a cap and 3 port brake. Finished in a bead blast finish. Trigger is a Cadex 2 stage unit. Onto the stock. This started life as a long action rem inlet, but had the cutaways in the side to accept a remington detachable mag system. This was duly still pinned and the fibreglass resin was applied to the voids. Then filled and reshaped. The floor plate inlet was then re cut to accept a CDI precision l/a floor plate. It now runs 2 x 5 and 1 x 10 round .300 win mag ,magazines, which have been modded to accept .284 cases. The floor plate was bedded in, then the action was fully bedded with Devcon. Paintwork is Duracoat tactical black, with airbrushed skulls, and then sealed in satin lacquer. Something a bit different, and I think the bead blast complements the skulls nicely.
  4. 6.5x47 140 eldm

    I remember running a side by side test with a 30" and a 32" pair of identical barrels in 6.5 x 47, which must be going on for ten years ago now. Using identical loads etc, the 32" was slower.....
  5. BSA cf2 TRIGGER

    Try McCleod's of Tain. There were [and are ] a lot of BSA's used as estate rifles in Scotland, and a lot of the old scottish shops have boxes of bits kicking around.
  6. thumbole hole conversion for AI AT pale brown

    I should have these in stock, ring me later on 07889 388378.
  7. T3 Atlas AICS inlet

    this is for the mags I sent you ? If you want the job doing quickly, I can fit it in ? If you want a go yourself, give me a buzz in the morning. Mag height is fairly critical on a .223 as there is not much case base for the bolt to engage.
  8. .224 Valkyrie

    I had to make it Vince, from 6.8SPC and a modified die. I think the first place it will appear, will be Brownells.
  9. Bix N Andy trigger Sako 75

    Paddy Dane has stock.
  10. .224 Valkyrie

    Managed to stick 25 rounds down it last weekend. After the barrel had broke in, the groups started shrinking. This one was half way up a load range, and produced 3150 fps with an ES of 10. All loads, right up to .1 over max gave no problems at all with extraction. Recoil felt less than a .223, and these speeds were with a 70 grain Nosler RDF. Having done all that brass prep to the cases, I didn't expect them to be stunning whilst fire forming, but I would live with regular .4" groups out of an AR....especially at those speeds. I feel better is yet to come on the 2nd firing. Hopefully, brass won't be too long now.
  11. McMillan Stalker

    Yes, and the barrel profile/fluting.
  12. If you give me a buzz tomorrow Stan, I'm sure there are several kicking about on old dead barrels in the shop. I'll stick you one in the post. Shove a fiver in the next Marie Curie collection box you pass.
  13. Rail and magazine question

    It uses AICS mags Mick. Try Alan Rhone. They advertise in Gunmart. If they don't have one, I doubt anyone does.

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