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  1. baldie

    Valkyrie 6.5CM & .243

    Its macmillan tan, same as what is in the stock pigments. Lovely pictures.😀
  2. As above. There will be a spot a lot further back, where the bullet can jump to the lands, and likes to shoot. The creedmoor has a long neck. Use it. Anything under bullet diameter in the neck, isn't enough, in my opinion.
  3. baldie

    Tubb T2K

    Great stuff Gary, and glad to see you back at it , old friend.😉
  4. baldie

    Barnard 07 rifle/stock

    use an AI mag and one of my conversions.
  5. baldie

    Barnard 07 rifle/stock

    The chassis i've seen were both poor feeders from the HS mags. That was in normal length cartridges. 6Br ? 😂
  6. baldie

    .224 Valkyrie

    First time out today at Diggle. A truly horrendous day with winds gusting up to 45 MPH. It was too windy to use hand held targets, so we rigged up our electronic targets and shot the 300 yards match. Had I not been too slow on the 2 x 5rd stages, i would have shot a perfect score 10 wash 9 wash 10 wash. The cartridge took half the wind of the .223's and 6.5's....it proper hammered them. Well worth the last 12 months of experiments, and the bolt gun will be even better.
  7. The 77 grain GGG load is due out, but its silly money. You could reload it for a lot less.
  8. baldie

    .224 Valkyrie

    It will go in anything that a 6.8 SPC bolt/head can be had for. I'm going to open out a Tikka at some point for a demonstrator.
  9. baldie

    Bighorn in Creedmoor

    Plus, it keeps the interest going😂
  10. baldie

    Bighorn in Creedmoor

    What is doesn't give you...is recoil. The valkyrie is very mild indeed. Faster target re acquisition It also doesn't kill barrels like the 22-250. Federals test barrels were still going at 5000 rounds. It was designed from the ground up, to shoot heavy bullets from an AR15 platform [mag length ] which it does very well. I think it will work even better in a bolt gun.
  11. baldie

    Bighorn in Creedmoor

    I've just built another up for myself. The first barrel is a .224 Valkyrie with a 6.8SPC bolt head. The second, i haven't quite decided on calibre yet, but am edging towards a 6mm Creedmoor. When the first one comes back from proof, i'll spin up another and send it back. In theory, yes, you can make a barrel without the action, as the tolerances are that good, but you still need the action to proof it with. From doing extensive testing of the Valkyrie in one of my AR15's in both 20" and 24" barrel lengths, its proved to be good...very good, but i couldn't help but think, a bolt gun would wring that little bit more out of the cartridge. There is a point in the AR where you start to hit hard extraction. i think a bolt gun would allow a little bit more powder. However, I think the weak point will be the brass. Using starline at the moment, and its not bad, but have some federal coming, which may be just that bit better. I can only live in hope, that one day, Lapua take it on. There are a lot of AR's and now American bolt guns, being chambered in it. A very versatile action, is the Bighorn.
  12. Very nice Terry, is the .22LR a Vudu ?
  13. baldie

    First Custom Build

    A cheap shot Mark. The thread was pruned for reasons i'm not going into in public. It was causing someone problems.
  14. This is a section one component, and must be posted to an RFD.

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