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  1. £55 a tub ? Whats in it ? Cocaine ? 🤣
  2. Please put your next advert in the correct section, and fill your profile in, as per the forum rules . Thank you.
  3. baldie

    A different shooter

    They are all 200lb limbs. Its the deck length, or more correctly, the power stroke [string at rest to fully cock measurement. ] If yours is shorter than mine [and it is ] it should be drawing at around 175. Bring it down to the shop, and i'll make you some of those legal cocking aids. Dont get used to using a stringer, they aren't legal in competition.
  4. baldie

    A different shooter

    Pretty looking Bow that. Did it draw at 150 or 175 ?
  5. baldie

    A different shooter

    here you Michael...
  6. baldie

    A different shooter

    Because you have sausage rolls for fingers Mick. 🤣
  7. baldie

    Tight primer pockets

    Are you ultrasonic cleaning the brass ? This can remove any lubricity from the brass, and make them noticeably difficult to prime.
  8. baldie

    IOR problems?

    Scopes are obviously a minefield for newbies, or some not so new to it. From a personal viewpoint, i've used scopes for over 40 years, and only experience will give you a good idea what works and lasts. I remember the halcyon days when Tasco made scopes in Japan. OK, not exactly top end stuff [though their expensive stuff was ] but the scopes were very clear, and didn't break. Up popped companies like simmonds, with their taiwanese scopes at lower prices....It finished the Japanese tasco, and the cheaper scopes sold well....until they started breaking. You simply cannot make a world class scope at half the price of a genuine world class scope....no such thing as a free lunch. It makes me wince when you read all these rave reviews online. I looked through two such of these super scopes a couple of weeks since. All the usual suspects had been bigging them up, and they seemed too good to be true. They were utter crap, and I wouldn't have had either of them given.....but folk just see the price...... I really wish reviewers would refuse the 30 pieces of silver, and tell the truth. there is a reason the world's sniper units used Leupold, then Nightforce, and Schmidt and bender. They work. They are reliable, and they will withstand the use, most dont see. Over the years I've owned scopes from most manufacturers. The only one that broke, was an IOR. I've had several March's but dont particularly like them, and witnessed at least 3 that wouldn't track. Saw 2 out of 3 of the very early sightrons never leave the shop, because they either didn't work, or had impurities inside. Never looked at one again. looked through the top end Vortex and it quickly became apparent as you wound it up and down, the the erector tube was oval at both ends of travel. Again, that put me right off. Did buy a little cqb vortex, and that has had a dodgy illuminator from day one. owned over a dozen Nightforces, and never had a minutes trouble from any, same with S+B. These are just personal experiences, and in no way meant to slate any one particular manufacturer, just an honest opinion of scopes I've actually owned....hope it help someone. My advice to people in the shop [ and i dont sell scopes ] is to buy s/h from a shop, and pick a top end used scope, rather than a new gimmick. All brands have lemons. Its a fact of life, but a scope that starts out, built right, is going to give longer, more reliable service, than one that may have good glass, and junk turrets.
  9. baldie

    AWM 300 winmag

    A rare gun. I can only remember ever seeing one in use.
  10. baldie

    Roedale RCS 2, Tikka wanted

    I had a .223 with one fitted, in the shop a while ago. The .223 will categorically NOT feed in this chassis. The jump to the chamber is too great , regardless of what mags are used. Worked fine with .308.
  11. baldie

    A different shooter

    Hilarious. How the long winter nights will fly by, re telling that one. Mick, its an Excalibur Vortex, shortened down to Vixen 11 specs , on deck length.
  12. baldie

    IOR problems?

    I've only owned one personally. It broke. You hear of others quite regularly.
  13. baldie

    Tikka M595 bottom metal

    Yes it can be done. I have in stock, the floor plates to accept an AICS mag. However, its not as simple as a T3. The action itself has to be machined out slightly, and that means it needs re proofing.
  14. baldie

    FCSA Update

    Already had two enquiries for 416 Barratt's this morning Vince. Apparently, this cartridge comes in, under the limit.

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