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  1. baldie

    RPA quadlite into rem 700 stock?

    No Idea i'm afraid. I try not to work on them.
  2. baldie

    RPA quadlite into rem 700 stock?

    I don't think so. Everything is as a rem 700 ie hole spacings and mag position, but the recoil lug on a Quadlite is further forward, and there is no " meat" further forward in an XLR to machine [ as i remember ]
  3. baldie

    Bolt lube

    Quite frankly....thats incorrect.. For a start, most cocking cams, or to give them their correct name, Primary extractors...dont actually work well, because the bolt handle has been mis timed when fitted. Remingtons being the best example. So the stiffness most feel, isn't the cam, its the bolt lugs grating across each other. If you don't understand that the bolt lugs are being subjected to 60,000 psi every time the trigger is pulled, well. The cartridge case walls dont absorb that, it's the lugs. I've had perfectly clean guns galled at PROOF, because I didn't lube the lugs. Any action that has 100% lug contact, be it a blueprinted action, or a custom action, needs lug lubricant, and any custom action maker ships actions in a lubed condition, and advises lubricant in use. Actions will stand a bit of muck, they won't stand no lug lube.
  4. baldie

    Bolt lube

    The anti-greasers are usually the folk that turn up, having reduced a blueprinted or custom action, to scrap, by galling its lugs.....
  5. baldie

    Hi Mike,

    Did you get that barrel extension, I sent you, a few weeks back ? Only just remembered i'd sent it.



  6. baldie

    6mm Dasher/AW magazines

    Not with you Ian ? If you mean the AICS 10 rd single stack mag, then , yes they will. Its a replacement spring, follower and spacer. They can be removed, and the original put back, in about a minute. The double stack AW/AX mag, doesn't need converting. The AICS, once converted will feed all the ducky little cases such as 6mmBr, Valkyrie, even PPC.
  7. baldie

    6mm Dasher/AW magazines

    I ran a little experiment recently. Chambered and old scrap of barrel [just a chambered stub really ] in 6mmBr and screwed it onto an AX. The double stack mags fed it reliably. It also extracted an empty case properly. Folk make that mistake with little cases, they think because it will pull a dummy round out, it will work with a fired case.....not always.
  8. baldie

    Reload swiss powder

    I started to stock it 12 months ago. Its a steady seller now, and I thought I'd try some myself. Very impressed with it. Supply seems to be good. As usual you have the hawkers doing their best to choke everyone else off, by discounting it, but to be honest, if they want to make a couple of quid on a tub, good luck to them. Busy fools. Along with Vhit, I personally have two good ranges of powder, and also Alliant too, though this is not the seller it was years ago. Hodgdons and IMR are dead in the water in the uk, mainly due to reach, but certainly not helped by supply either.
  9. baldie


    First thing to do would be to fill your profile in please.
  10. baldie

    Moly Coated Bullets (Why)

    Every day is a learning day so they say. I recently rebarrelled a customers TRG in 6mm Creedmoor. Its already had 3 6.5 creed moors on it, and all were superb. The chap fancied trying the 6. He is a big fan of Boron. This barrel, a Sassen cut rifled blank, was superb internally, as they all are. He started off straight away with boron coated 110 grain bullets. The gun shot ok, producing 3/4" groups with a variety of powders/seating depths. We were scratching our heads a bit. Wondering how to wring a bit better out of it. This was about 100 rds down the tube. He cleaned it out, and rattled 20 rounds of naked ammo down it. Cleaned again, treated the bore with boron, and shot the same loads he had been using. It instantly starting shooting 1/4" 5 round groups. I deduced several things from that, and what i've always suspected. 1. Barrels DO break in. Seem it so many times, usually around 20 shots, and the results show at the target. 2. I firmly believe that barrels reach their optimum at around 200 rounds, and I've always considered them fully good to go at that. 3. Using boron from the get go, didn't allow the barrel to break in, in this instance. 4. If it slows down break in to that degree, it therefore must surely extend life at the other end. Maybe David Tubb, and his abrasive coated break in bullet procedure was onto something. They are not something I would use, but there are similarities in findings.
  11. Not sure whether they are a countrywide group, but we have a good place near Huddersfield call In-focus. they cater for Birdwatchers, but usually have dozens set up, to view the local countryside with. If you are after a simple spotting scope with no reticule, then you are far better off, searching out the Birdwatching shops. They have the full range from cheap to "how much" The Opticron ones are very good for the money. If money is no object, Then you will not beat Swarovski. Look at what the twitchers use.....its almost always Swarovski.
  12. Fill your profile in please.
  13. baldie

    benelli m2 vs m3

    I've owned both and customised both. The M2 is a cinch. Loads of bits available, and easily. The M3 is a switchable pump/semi, and good fun. Its a heavier gun than the M2 though. Its main drawback when modifying though, is that, to the best of knowledge, there is only one company in the world [ think it was ducks unlimited in the states ] that does an extended mag tube for it. The tube nut is a different dimeter/thread to all the other benelli's out there, and they were expensive. I think i've bought half a dozen over the years, and they were always good to deal with however. If you haven't shot a benelli, try one first. they are recoil operated, which means if you are slightly built, or haven't the upper body strength to absorb the recoil, the gun will short stroke or stovepipe. It was always a problem when shooting from the hip in PSG. If it has nothing to recoil against, the mechanism doesn't work properly. A lot of that can be tuned out however. A very reliable shotgun when set up correctly, and of course , dont carbon up like a gas opped shotgun does.
  14. baldie


    They are all little crackers. If you wants the silly speeds, then the 20 Br is the ultimate. I've built half a dozen over the years, and everyone loved them. If i had a use for another .20, i wouldn't hesitate. The 222/223 cased variants all work nicely on that sized action, with virtually no mods to mags etc, but the tiny ones such as the vartarg etc, require the mini actions to feed. The cz 527 and the rem 17FB actions are perfect. Cz do a factory 221 magazine for the 527, which is readily available. Haven't used a Howa, but they do a mini action also. I much prefer the .20's to any of the .17's personally. You dont get barrel fouling problems, and the supply of .20 cal blanks, and also gucci bullets is far better.

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