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  1. baldie

    Cerakote application

    No, not if its been baked. The paint goes past the stage where any new paint will bond to it. Thats why on a multi coloured job, you have to part cure each colour just enough to dry it, and accept other colours over the top. If its air dry, then its best removed first anyway.
  2. Some of those figures are bordering on disaster. I would check your chronographs.....
  3. Fill your profile in please, as per forum rules.
  4. baldie

    Bighorn in Creedmoor

    The best action out there for 6mmBr. Coupled with my converted mags, they are faultless.
  5. yes, the small diameter pin/bolt head is available on the AXMC.
  6. baldie

    Tikka Tac A1 in 6mmbr

    The problem is the rim thickness Terry....it's all over the place, to the point, that half of it, won't go under an extractor. It was not the "holy Grail" that it was trumpeted to be.
  7. baldie

    Left hand blues

    I've done these modifications for years on both wood and fibreglass stocks.
  8. baldie

    Bighorn in Creedmoor

    Give me a ring during the week to discuss buddy. 😊
  9. baldie

    Improved 284?

    throat life should be better on the Shehane, due to the improved shoulder angle.
  10. baldie

    Wicked Coatings

    yep, john left us, but his Brother is continuing. Dont think much has changed. Always worth a call. They were the first, and probably still the best.
  11. Fill your profile in Paul, to comply with sales rules. 😉
  12. baldie

    PRl round 4 @ Roundhouse

    Im coming, and about 6 of the diggle lads. Looking forward to it.
  13. baldie

    Ultra light Tactical 6.5CM

    Why not use anyone who has a RUAG account ? I've never had any problems with them, great company and very helpful.
  14. The SL's have a short section of tube that sticks out the back Dave. If you are putting it on a Tikka with that thread, they dont have an undercut on them. Pretty sure all the Ase mods have enough clearance though. It isn't difficult machine one into the mod though.

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