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  1. baldie

    New Tikka rimfire

    Not at all Mark. I never said anywhere , the stock was crap....I haven't seen one. My customer said , he had seen one, and because HE didn't like the std stock, cancelled his order. That told me that Tikka have put the usual cheap plastic stock on this gun, same as they do on the full bore. Nothing wrong with that in my eyes. The problem comes when people see what the gun is being sold for in the states, then see how much of a dry bumming they get here in the UK. The gun, with a cheap stock is not worth it here. Folk will stomach a cheap stock on a cheap gun. People like my mate didn't. Wont make a damn difference to me. I won't be buying one, nor selling any.
  2. Not sure where people think the supposed "hype" around the creedmoor is coming from ? The cartridge has been around since 2007. I built one of the very first in the UK, and in that time, think I have worn out several reamers. It is without a doubt, the most popular cartridge today. Yes, it was slow in the early years, and I have to admit, I kept quiet about it, simply because it was so good, and a real breath of fresh air at the side of the .260. Its old ground, but the cartridge, to me, has no drawbacks at all. Not something you can say about any of the other 6.5 chambering really. 1 . It was designed from the ground up to have a similar performance to the .260, but with a better shoulder and neck length. 2. It was designed to take a 120 and 140 grain, secant ogive bullet, and put it onto the lands, out of the industry std AI length magazine. 3. No feed issues. 4. Short action, .308 bolt faced Action. 5. Good choice of brass now. 6. Will run on a wide variety of powders 7. Will run adequately on a 20" barrel, though a bit more length never hurts if real long range is the goal. My last barrel was 20" and I shot it to 1000 yards happily. 8. Reasonable barrel life, certainly no less than any of the others. 9. A wide variety of factory ammunition, should one not reload. I also love the 6.5 x47. I've just put a new barrel on one of my AX's, but specifically for 123's, which I have always liked. I run heavier 140's etc in the creedmoor. The .260, 6.5 x 47, and the swede are all excellent rounds, but do not fulfil the 9 points above, in one respect or another.
  3. baldie

    New Tikka rimfire

    A customer was in yesterday picking up an AXMC. Said he'd had one on order, and then saw one at the show [guessing it was the northern shooting show ] He cancelled it , upon seeing one. Said the stock was "not nice"
  4. You snooze...you lose...one of the benefits of being an early riser...First up...best dressed.😀
  5. The swede is still a performer, but you certainly won't get the best out of its case capacity from a 20" barrel.
  6. baldie

    6.5CM 123 scenars & N140

    Reloder 15 is faster than 140. I believe its double based.
  7. baldie

    changing a bolt face size

    I have around a dozen in stock, both T3 and 595's. Pop in and have a look, i'm sure a deal can be struck.
  8. Make sure the one thats in there is greased, and you shouldn't have a problem.
  9. It will last longer than the barrel I would reckon. Yes, they have a finite life, but I've not seen one worn out yet. I've just bought a s/h one and stripped it down to paint it. It has a one piece baffle, and its very stoutly made indeed. A very good mod on the .338, and you usually get the same POI , on , or off.
  10. baldie

    changing a bolt face size

    If the extractor is sat in the bolt face to pick up a .223 round, how is it going to work when you open the bolt face up ? Think about it....the case head is going to hit the top of the extractor, rather than push it to the side of the case, and over the rim, upon closing the bolt. You might be lucky, and get away with it. If not, the extractor slot would need welding up and re cutting,
  11. baldie

    yo dave trigger spring t3x

    I have t3 custom springs in stock. Give me a ring.
  12. baldie

    Anodising Service

    No point in having it anodised if you are going to cerakote it. The only type of anodising suitable for painting over the top, is the dull, open pored type. Type 3 [ i think its called] the shiny, very hard finish, is not a good base. Any painter worth his salt will blast it off anyway. I remove all anodising before paint, and do all my AR15's this way.
  13. baldie

    Accuracy International Side Rail Wanted

    In stock.
  14. baldie

    6.5mm CM Reamer

    You will need an RFD to order from Border Ballistics.

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