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  1. Bangbangman

    .20 practical

    Hi Treetop, FYI, I think CFE223 is going to be out of reach once REACH restrictions kick in. I'd hate for you to develop a load with it, only to find its unobtainable.
  2. I've heard about the random checks but not by armed officers. The appearance of armed police on a doorstep us enough to get the public snapping/videoing with the ubiquitous smart phones and uploading to their local rag/social meejah etc. If anything, such ostentatious checks may be detrimental to firearm security. If this happens to me (armed police on doorstep, unannounced) I will be contacting BASC, NRA etc. If they see FAC holders as some sort of threat, or criminal-in-waiting, they have a seriously warped view of their priorities.
  3. Should I be worried about the emails advertising penis enlargement then??!
  4. Hi, I've now deleted lots of conversations, please let me know if that hasn't fixed it. Thanks
  5. Pics now it's off the rifle- unsurprisingly the Optiloks have left no marks :
  6. Price drop- Vortex now £175 Bushnell Elite now £250
  7. SOLD: Leupold Mark 4 8.5-25x50 LR/T scope with Alumina caps. In good condition as per photos (rifle, bubble-level and optiloks not included) The scope functions perfectly- glass unmarked. Cosmetic scuffs on the turrets, which Alice tried to show in the pictures. I can't find the box (two house moves in recent years!) but feel free to contact Leupold to confirm the serial number/model are genuine. The excellent and classy Alumina caps are included. £535 posted to the UK, PayPal preferred.
  8. Bangbangman

    Winter 2018 Roundhouse Rifle Challenge

    That is one big Jaysus!
  9. Bangbangman

    Winter 2018 Roundhouse Rifle Challenge

    Paddy?! Which bits fell off? (The rifle, I mean)
  10. Bangbangman

    Winter 2018 Roundhouse Rifle Challenge

    To be fair to the AICS mag- it fed the first 8 no problem and, when I realised it had spat its guts out, I just shoved the last two rounds back up into the mag, replaced the spring and trapped it with the turf; fed the last 2 grubby rounds without a problem (custom but only a Stiller Predator, no-turn neck so maybe tolerances not too tight!) Once reassembled, it worked OK, of course. As for it being "no sense doing it any other way" wrt spotter, I fully agree. However, I have been on the receiving end of a teammate who got "creative" halfway through a Roundhouse and switched from calling fall-of-shot (POI) to calling required correction. We both thought the wind had seriously picked-up until, 2shots later, the error was identified!
  11. Bangbangman

    Winter 2018 Roundhouse Rifle Challenge

    Mag-resting in a puddle. God moves in mysterious ways.
  12. Bangbangman

    Winter 2018 Roundhouse Rifle Challenge

    Do tell...

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