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  1. Mine likes 'em. Yes please. PM me. Thanks
  2. For Sale: Ruger No.1 in 45-70Govt. This iconic rifle is in excellent condition. It has unusually well-figured wood and has been looked after. The Ruger No.1 is a short, strong action; I found this ideal as a nimble woods rifle. The strength of the action is such that heavy loads can be used, if desired or required (Barnes list a 250gr load that even meets Scottish minimum velocity requirements.) It has had a rather easy life with me, shooting heavy, slow, cast lead boolits (which kill well, surprise surprise) and some jacketed 300gr HPs. This rifle is a joy to own and use; there is something satisfying about it. I am selling it with Ruger 25mm/1inch Scope rings (scope etc. in pictures not included.) The rifle is now at Keen’s Tackle and Gun, near the M4, close to Bridgend, S Wales. I’m asking for £575 (RFD fees extra, if transfer needed.) Advertised for sale elsewhere. Further pics:
  3. Sadly not- D&V started Fri, finished sat pm. Thank God it didn't start once I was down there.
  4. I’ll take the 175 TMKs for £36 posted, please.
  5. Both please. I’ll PM you
  6. Bangbangman

    6.5 PRC

    Roundhouse, as above.. Love it! It can be done (not that I’m volunteering.)
  7. Anyone know when these might arrive in the UK? Price and range of weights/diameters would also be of interest.
  8. I like the magnetospeed but it does influence POI and, presumably, therefore harmonics. So load Dev with it attached could mislead.
  9. How much for 6.5x47 Lapua new brass? Thanks
  10. Bangbangman

    couldn't help noticing

    Fine pics of your Scrambler, Bradders; must have been an amazing photographer 😉 A couple of my former steeds: R1 Kwak ZX6R The R1 got nicked so all I’ve got now is my T reg VFR800 (which isn’t standard and is plenty for most situations.) Stay safe!
  11. Hi JCS, Did you get my message about the Burris XTR rings? Cheers.
  12. Bangbangman

    Additional Data for Lovex Powders

    It seems to have caught on... for now. It fulfills a hunting role in the US, which it can't do in UK (except smaller deer species in England/Wales, fox etc) I enjoy it in a short-barrelled AR-STYLE platform: cast 240gr subs, jacketed 125gr supersonic. Easy brass conversion from .223Rem (but avoid thick-walled donor brass). Doesn't lend itself to accuracy/precision roles (though some Internet groups look impressive!) Time will tell if it's a survivor.

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