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  1. Anyone know when these might arrive in the UK? Price and range of weights/diameters would also be of interest.
  2. I like the magnetospeed but it does influence POI and, presumably, therefore harmonics. So load Dev with it attached could mislead.
  3. How much for 6.5x47 Lapua new brass? Thanks
  4. Bangbangman

    couldn't help noticing

    Fine pics of your Scrambler, Bradders; must have been an amazing photographer 😉 A couple of my former steeds: R1 Kwak ZX6R The R1 got nicked so all I’ve got now is my T reg VFR800 (which isn’t standard and is plenty for most situations.) Stay safe!
  5. Hi JCS, Did you get my message about the Burris XTR rings? Cheers.
  6. Bangbangman

    Additional Data for Lovex Powders

    It seems to have caught on... for now. It fulfills a hunting role in the US, which it can't do in UK (except smaller deer species in England/Wales, fox etc) I enjoy it in a short-barrelled AR-STYLE platform: cast 240gr subs, jacketed 125gr supersonic. Easy brass conversion from .223Rem (but avoid thick-walled donor brass). Doesn't lend itself to accuracy/precision roles (though some Internet groups look impressive!) Time will tell if it's a survivor.
  7. Bangbangman

    Delta Stryker

    I have a Delta Striker HD 4.5-30x56 with the LRD-1T retitled (FFP)mil/mil. I used it for load Dev and practice, plus in a comp at the excellent Roundhouse Rifle challenge this weekend just gone. It held zero, tracked repeatably and the dialed corrections measured off reticle were accurate. The reticle at full mag is still reasonably fine for a FFP scope, though the flip side is that it's very fine at 4.5x. Only the very centre X of the reticle illuminates (personally, I like this). Optically, it's about what I'd expect for the money (v good but not exceptional.) generous eyebox, no tunneling. It feels well made. Positive turret clicks. Space on elevation turret for your custom drops (but windage is lower profile, which I like, but no space). Minor Gripes: Non-locking turrets (so possible to turn by accident when sliding rifle in and out of eg: Eberlestock pack.) Windage turret has no markings/indications for direction of adjustment when viewed from usual position behind rifle (there is an arrow on the flat of the turret) Illumination dial easy to turn by accident when adjusting parallax. Battery cover easy to unscrew by accident when adjusting brightness or parallax. Cat-tail throwlever good length but needs (careful) threadlock to stop it loosening. I'm pleased so far. Hopefully won't need the 10year warranty.
  8. Bangbangman

    Additional Data for Lovex Powders

    Thanks Laurie. So DO63 (v similar to AA1680, if no longer the same thing) has become "Blackout" Hopefully updates will follow.
  9. Bangbangman

    Czech mil comp

    That sounds... challenging.
  10. For sale 2 scopes that punch well above their weight.Bushnell Elite 3200 4-12x40, 1 inch tube, Adjustable Objective, Duplex reticle. Japanese glass- optics excellent, mounting and cosmetic marks only (currently has electricians tape to allow snug fit of NV add-on. Boxed with paperwork: £150 Posted UKThis scope has remarkably clear glass and a generous eye box. At present it is mounted on a rifle with QD Recknagel rings for Picatinny/weaver. The mounts can be included for a small extra cost. ——— Simmons Whitetail Classic WTC 1.5-5x20mm with Weaver/Picatinny mounts. Light weight, compact, bright, wide-angle field of view. Preferred Philippines-made model. Cosmetic signs of use. Function and optics faultless. Boxed. Paperwork and Bikini covers. £90 posted UK Both Scopes advertised elsewhere.
  11. Bangbangman

    New Tikka rimfire

    Here's hoping the Precision Rimfire Match happens!
  12. It's a good idea, so long as the mounting is sufficiently rigid to avoid mishaps! Are you mounting off the fore-end? I'd like to see the finished result and hear about how it functions.

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