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  1. Bangbangman

    PRl round 4 @ Roundhouse

    So are we, for the official results anyway.
  2. Bangbangman

    PRl round 4 @ Roundhouse

    The biggest surprise was the guy with the dope chart taped over his eye and the same chap driving is Hilux naked...
  3. Thanks. Does forcing the bolt over the empty mag cause undue wear of the mag?
  4. Is this for p-mags in the RPR?
  5. Bangbangman

    First Official PRL comp at Roundhouse.

    I'm going- can't wait!
  6. Bangbangman

    Sierra 130TMK 6.5 accuracy

    I had similar accuracy from the 140SST, which is my deer load: The Hornady 130ELD-M shot nearly as well at 100m but I decided to use the 130TMK so I have no idea about long range performance.
  7. Bangbangman

    Sierra 130TMK 6.5 accuracy

    36.6gr RS52
  8. Bangbangman

    Sierra 130TMK 6.5 accuracy

    My 6.5x47L seems to like most bullets but the 130TMK is my "go to" bullet for target/range use. 0.3-0.4moa 5shot groups from my PRL rig, which is probably as good as I can shoot under these conditions (Harris bipod and basic rear bag). I didn't play with seating depth thereafter as this was plenty good enough for my needs. When shooting 900yd IPSC torso at an RRC, I got 4 hits ex 5, the first shot having gone high. Truing the drops in Strelok using this field data thus required an increase in the MV used, suggesting the advertised BC is realistic (or my chrono is pessimistic).
  9. Also worth checking the data you have entered - scope height above bore, temp etc (when chrono'd and competition).
  10. Bangbangman

    Varget and 77gr TMK’s

    I had good results using Varget in 223Rem pushing 77TMK.
  11. Hi Liam, please respond to my PM. Thanks.

  12. Bangbangman

    308 Win intrinsic accuracy - what should I aim for?

    I'm also interested...
  13. Bangbangman

    Advice for an alternative approach to .357 underlever?

    Exactly my point, if you're going to shoot cast. If you're going to stick with jacketed, it isn't going to help much, unless you make your own jacketed, which can, of course, be done. But the OP doesn't want to go down that route. I've slugged the bore and made a chamber impression of every rifle through which I shoot lead, with the exception of .22LR, definitely worth doing.

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