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  1. Hi Liam, please respond to my PM. Thanks.

  2. Bangbangman

    308 Win intrinsic accuracy - what should I aim for?

    I'm also interested...
  3. Bangbangman

    Advice for an alternative approach to .357 underlever?

    Exactly my point, if you're going to shoot cast. If you're going to stick with jacketed, it isn't going to help much, unless you make your own jacketed, which can, of course, be done. But the OP doesn't want to go down that route. I've slugged the bore and made a chamber impression of every rifle through which I shoot lead, with the exception of .22LR, definitely worth doing.
  4. Bangbangman

    Advice for an alternative approach to .357 underlever?

    180gr T/C is the one I mentioned- not sure where 185gr came from?! There is no real point in slugging bore or making chamber cast as these are only really relevant if you are going to cast to get correct fit, etc. There is lots of online info if you wanted to know more: it might be relevant if you then used the data to ask a company like Shellhouse to make you some bullets sized to your bore (they did this for me before I started casting). Personally, I wouldn't chase a specific velocity in this situation. Chrono would be useful for ES and SD, though. If you are single feeding, you might be able to play with seating depth (jam/jump), with usual precautions re: excess pressure/starting low and working up. 3.5gr of Bullseye (or any "normal" powder) tends to take up very little space in case and will settle along the side of the case when the rifle is horizontal. People speculate that this will cause inconsistent ignition (even detonation). Powders like Trail Boss (soon to be unavailable due to REACH) are bulky and intend to avoid this problem without recourse to fillers and other potentially hazardous methods.) Checking the Base of your bullets and rejecting the damaged ones might help, as could batching by weight.
  5. Bangbangman

    Advice for an alternative approach to .357 underlever?

    I found 180gr Truncated cone commercial "hardcast" were more accurate in my Marlin 357mag than 158gr. I used 3.6gr Bullseye but found 5.0gr GM3 better and 5.0gr Vihta Vuori N340 better still. Are you crimping (I presume so, if tube mag)- check all cases are trimmed to same length for even crimp. Have you slugged the bore or made an impact cast or other chamber impression? Is it Ballard or microgroove? Casting your own is rewarding but involved. It allows you to control many more factors in the load Dev process (bullet fit, alloy, quenching, powder-coat/lube...). It might be a step you don't want to take, though. Because underlevers have non-floated barrels, consistency of grip/rests is all the more important. Thermal drift is also a problem with hotter loads or longer strings. Ultimately, as you said, it's not a precision tool, so if it'll hit the X ring at your max comp range, you're in business.
  6. Please could I buy the AD-Recon 34mm QD 20moa mount, £100
  7. Bangbangman

    Sako 75 stock

    If it helps, I have an action III factory stock, Varmint barrel channel for sale.
  8. It might not just be the Kestrel. My Weatherflow sometimes takes several goes to connect to Strelok Pro on iPhone. Have you tried asking on the Strelok Facebook group? Igor is generally responsive.
  9. Bangbangman

    .20 practical

    That’s good to know, thanks.
  10. Bangbangman

    6mm heads

    Yes please Please can you chuck these in too? 16x Lapua 90gn Scenar 
  11. Bangbangman

    .20 practical

    Hi Treetop, FYI, I think CFE223 is going to be out of reach once REACH restrictions kick in. I'd hate for you to develop a load with it, only to find its unobtainable.
  12. I've heard about the random checks but not by armed officers. The appearance of armed police on a doorstep us enough to get the public snapping/videoing with the ubiquitous smart phones and uploading to their local rag/social meejah etc. If anything, such ostentatious checks may be detrimental to firearm security. If this happens to me (armed police on doorstep, unannounced) I will be contacting BASC, NRA etc. If they see FAC holders as some sort of threat, or criminal-in-waiting, they have a seriously warped view of their priorities.
  13. Should I be worried about the emails advertising penis enlargement then??!
  14. Hi, I've now deleted lots of conversations, please let me know if that hasn't fixed it. Thanks

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