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  1. I am looking for a cz stock to fit my .22 cz 452-2e zkm Thanks Pete.
  2. pete52

    221 or 223 brass

    Hi could you sell me about 10 just so I can see how I get on with them Thanks Pete.
  3. pete52

    221 or 223 brass

    Hi all I am looking for some 221or 223 fireball brass can you Please help me. Thanks Pete.
  4. pete52


    Neck sizing die for a 17 fireball centerfire
  5. Could you please pay me with paypal  Thanks       peterppri@aol.com  I will need your address .


  6. pat number316-7213222 If you want pic Please send me your email . All it has on it is the pat number and the web site address that is www.accu-shot.com a little more info BT05-QK: Mid-Height Sling Stud Mount Accu-Shot® Precision Monopod Reference: The BT05-QK is our mid-height Sling Stud Mount with QK02 Quick Knob. Additional Thumbnut installed to LOCK the unit into a fixed elevation. Available in black only. Elevation Range: 4.80 – 5.85" Folded Length: 4.95" approximate Weight: 8.2 ounces --- NOTICE PART BT03 REQUIRED FOR USE WITH M1A/AR FAMILY OF RIFLES
  7. For sale is my Standard Range Monopod 3.75-4-75 Quick Knob I payed £146-90 selling for £80 posted Thanks Pete. NOW SOLD
  8. pete52

    mag conversion

    Hi Steve could you Please hang on to one for me I need to get a bottom metal first Thanks Pete.
  9. pete52

    mag conversion

    Hi Steve what do you want for the mag . Pete.
  10. pete52

    mag conversion

    I would like the bottom metal as well if you have them. Thanks Pete.
  11. pete52

    mag conversion

    looking for mag conversion for a 17 centre fire fireball Thanks Pete.
  12. pete52

    Has the .17 HMR had its day?

    I had a one till it blow up on me It was the ammunition at fault. Tuck the gun back to the shop were I got the ammunition from. He was very good with me and gave me a new gun .I put it up for sale and got my self a rem 700 17center fire the best thing I ever did I would never buy a17 hmr again.
  13. pete52

    700 rem 17 fireball

    Hi all I am looking for some one that has a mag for my 700 rem 17 fireball or know were I can get one. The rifle I have. Has got a floor plate. I do not know if it is possible to get a mag that will fit this rifle. Thanks Pete,
  14. pete52

    Rem 700 fireball 17

    Hi all I am looking for a rem 700 fireball 17 centerfire. Thanks Pete.
  15. pete52


    now fixed Thanks all.

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