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  1. My shooting buddy used to soak his T8 with WD and first firing was smoky but nothing else. Too many Doctor Dooms
  2. Can I have one of the RCBS primer pocket brushes please. How do send the £6.00 Cheers
  3. eddieb

    Stock choice

    OK no probs
  4. eddieb

    Stock choice

    I am intrigued who are the "us" in your posts. Are you a company or some other form of business. Just asking so I can understand your posts we seem to have a group or something similar about them. With respect eddieb
  5. Hi Hillhunter IF not already sold I will take your Harrell thrower. No further questions If you want to PM me details of how I pay you etc etc.
  6. eddieb

    Swiss Load Data

    Hi Is the RS50 the nearest to Varget and RS62/H4350. Both of the Hodgon ones have been my go to powders for sometime. I was thinking of going back to N140 but lots of folks are talking about the RS brand as being a bit superior.
  7. eddieb

    Barnes 165 and Varget Help

    Help needed if possible. Looking for a load for Barnes 165grn TTSX bullets and Varget powder. Calibre 30.06 Sprg. I know its not on the recommended list by Barnes but according to its burn rate it doesn't look a lot different. Maybe I am missing something basic.
  8. eddieb

    Rifle stock

    The barrel channel look a bit wide for me initially. But all of the other benefits of the stock outweighed that. Still everybody to their own,
  9. eddieb

    Rifle stock

    Edi did a left hand stock for my T3X 7mm-08. Nice piece of kit.
  10. eddieb

    Extra low 30mm rings

    I have some Talley Rings on a Tikka that go straight on no bases needed and I am sure they do low rings plus they come with screws. You try try optics warehouse.
  11. Someone on this forum sold a similar product a few years back. I had one and it worked fine, then I somehow managed to lose that bipod. They were obviously copies but were at a very reasonable price, Wish I could get another
  12. Got a muzzle mounted one on my 7mm-08. It has the first s/s baffle. Very light not the greatest in noise reduction but as other posters have stated a good compromise for stalking rifle.
  13. Also have a couple of Shooting shed rod guides. Really well made although I will be putting a little charging hole for solvents in mine. Also Dave was the only person who could supply one for my Tikka T3X Lite in 223.
  14. Hi Raptor Would like reloading trays in both 223 and 7mm-08. Can you PM me info on payment deals etc, Cheers
  15. eddieb


    Hi I have a synthetic stocked 84M in 7mm-08. it is about to become redundant due to purchase of a couple of true left hand rifles. Mine was purchased last year from one previous owner. Really like the rifle, nice little Mauser type action. Very light and pointable. Solid stock, generally a well built rifle However I have found that it shoots better with the 120gr bullets than the usual 140s that most people seem to use. Its a short 18" barrel. Having said that I shot quite a few plains game animals in Africa using 139 SST bullets and all went down 1 shot no probs and a good few deer since in the UK fallow, roe and Muntjac. Cheers

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