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  1. 6.5 Creedmoor

    Can anyone advise on the ideal barrel length for a 6.5 Creedmoor. I wish to be able to shoot out to 1000m. I wish to rebarrel a 308. Will I need a 32in tube? Thanks in advance Badger
  2. 6mmbr V 6X47 or 6mm xxxxxx

    Gents Thanks for your input. Off now to do the 6mm Br boogie. Badger
  3. 6mmbr V 6X47 or 6mm xxxxxx

    Chaps one further point with the BR is Dies. All my dies are either Redding or Forster. Would the BR benefit from my using Wilson Dies in this case. I do not want to start a die war but merely wish to gain from the benefit of your extensive experience Badger
  4. 6mmbr V 6X47 or 6mm xxxxxx

    Chaps many thanks for your advice I am now of the opinion that Br may be the best option for me at this time. Type of shooting Inherent accuracy Availability of reloading components Barrel life. The Badger
  5. 6mmbr V 6X47 or 6mm xxxxxx

    Thanks chaps for your help. I will not have the opportunity for serious competition at this time but wish to have an accurate a rifle for" our league" competition. Any further comments are welcome with regard to other 6mms as I appreciate to your comments and advice. Badger
  6. 6mmbr V 6X47 or 6mm xxxxxx

    Thanks chaps for your comments. As big Al pointed out I neglected my intended use which will be target work out to a max of 600m. Most of shooting will be carried out at 300 to 500. I currently have a 243 and a 260 which is my deer gun. My intention is to replace the 243 with another 6mm. 6BR has a reputation as very suitable for this type of shooting and has a reasonable life expectancy. As previously mentioned I had a BR in the past and was very pleased with its performance. I regret selling it. What I am trying to find out is peoples honest comment on the other 6mm options as other than 243 or 6ppc I have had no first hand knowledge of their performance. Badger
  7. Chaps as I have never saw a 6 X 47 but have read lots about how it is the next great thing could anyone please advise on the difference if any. I had a 6Br some time ago and always have regretted selling it. You comments would be appreciated as I am considering building a new 6mm. Badger
  8. Hornady ELD Bullets

    Can anyone advise if they have had a view of these new bullets. It would appear they are to be gamechangers for long range shooting. I await your comments. Badger
  9. 6.5 Credmore ammunition

    Hi Laurie I hope not to confuse the issue But is the 6mm Creedmoor a viable alternative for a 1000m calibre. It seems to be making lots of noise in the US I know there will be all kinds of difficulties brass, powders, heads, but I believe 6.5 brass is easy to convert to 6mm. I welcome your comment
  10. .308 chubby

    John THat is a very tidy rifle and I am sure very accurate.
  11. Varget back in

    can anyone advise is H4350 also available. The badger oop's
  12. Varget back in

    can anyone advise is H4350 also available. Thew badger

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