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  1. Cumbrian 1

    SVLK-14S Sumrak 4K capable!

    Link to article: https://www.rbth.com/science-and-tech/327095-ultra-long-range-rifle
  2. I might be talking drivel but if it was proofed in Germany it would be valid here, isn't CIP recognised here in the UK?
  3. Cumbrian 1


    I don't think Christensen Arms are aiming for the tactical market they specialise in lightweight rifles for high altitude hunting. Their early rifles were very hit and miss I don't know if they have upped their game in the last few years.
  4. Cumbrian 1

    An exiting wait and small victory laugh... ?

    Tiish-pok - that is the perfect onomatopoeia
  5. Cumbrian 1


    Did you ever consider an ETAC stock they come in at 2lb and are rock solid.
  6. Cumbrian 1

    When a zero is not really a zero

    I agree I use a simple turret wrap when stalking in conjunction with rf binos I can range and dial quickly none of this holding over
  7. Cumbrian 1

    Advise on AICS mag length bullets in Rem 700

    If you apply pressure upwards on the magazine does it feed? I had the same problem on a long action remmy clone and it was caused by the magazine being too low and if I applied pressure upwards it would feed flawlessly David Wylde aka Baldie extended the magazine release catch so the mag sat higher.
  8. I assume that this is on a picatinny rail? Has the rail got an incline? It is on the right way (i.e.the higher end towards the back) Does the mount have an incline is it the right way around? If you are using a flat base you may need to invest in mount with an incline built in like spuhr to gain the extra elevation required.
  9. Cumbrian 1

    McMillan 300 win mag

    Very nice Dave, what is the heaviest bullet these days for .30cal is it still 230/240 grains? Have you built any .300 norma chambered rifles?
  10. Many thanks Tisme it arrived in post this morning
  11. Not sure about the authenticity but if it is true then it was a hell of a shot: https://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/politics/canadian-elite-special-forces-sniper-sets-record-breaking-kill-shot-in-iraq/article35415651/
  12. Cumbrian 1

    A lot of S&B PMIIs for sale?

    I agree it's the SFP and/or MOA that are the slowest to move.
  13. Yes please, send me your bank details via pm and I'll arrange payment ASAP
  14. Surely one consideration for ultra long range (like a mile plus) is the amount of elevation in terms of clicks and reticle or a combination of both.
  15. The government game wardens from the adjoining national park deal with the poachers when they are arrested, here they can be seen with what I think are FN Scar rifles. Within the national park they make no arrests as they cannot be bothered with the hassle or risk. The hunting company employ around 60-70 staff and they operate two anti poaching teams which go out everyday and make many arrests.

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