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  1. I will offer £22 for 292 223 including postage. Beileve you can send a small parcel of up to 2kg via Royal Mail for £2.95. That equates to about 292 cases? Let me know what you think.
  2. Cj10

    Dta srs 223 conversion

    Anyone got a Dta srs conversion in 223? Looking for a 22 inch plus barrel in order to clear the standard handguard. if not, I guess I’m goi g to have to try and import direct from Short Action Customs.
  3. Cj10

    DTA SRS rifle

    Hi Ewen, Are you going to be getting any of the SAC 223 conversions? Regards Ceri
  4. Cj10

    DTA Kahles co-operation

    Mine too, although I understand the chassis will need machining to accept the adjustable cheekpiece ?

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