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    varmint and fox shooting ,shotgun ,air rifle
  1. Scopes

    Site was acting up earlier.youve made a deal buddy and you should stick to it It's fine that which promotes growth and vigour happens I realise it was a miss understanding and I'm not that petty No hard feelings
  2. Scopes

    Stillair 1 there's no need the scope is yours.just a bit pissed because this is twice this week ,I arranged a deal Sunday night for another scope agreed price and place the next day when I contacted seller next day he sold to someone else
  3. Scopes

    Would have been nice to have an answer to my offer one way or another. Surely you must have seen my post as I was the first to respond
  4. Scopes

    I've made an offer if that offer is no good I'll ever leave it or make another ,I don't think it's on for someone to jump in and say I'll take it .wAit your turn
  5. Scopes

    Or you could be decent and wait till I have sorted a deal
  6. Scopes

    Is £100 any good for the 4x16 if I pick up
  7. Remington 700 floor plate.

    i have one but its black
  8. Remington 700 floor plate.

    Try one of the many smiths on here ,they will have them left over from builds
  9. Kroil

    I use it for the reasons you state ,was put on to it by Steve kershaw
  10. new tikka or sako

    I think he means buying a shot out tikka and rebarreling .thats what I did and it does work out cheaper than buying a new sako,did in my case anyhow
  11. Test

    Prity sure load going to stay at 29.5 gr just going to tweak length and see if they will come in slightly
  12. Test

    Slowly getting there checked speed today and I'm getting 3246 average over three shots with 29.5 gr of viht 135 and a 69 gr tsmk even got a solid 200 y zero and drop at 386 yard ,may even get to drop something with it soon lol
  13. 527 .22 hornet

    Just a private get together really
  14. Had that happen a couple of times now
  15. 527 .22 hornet

    Glad to see your sorted,Steve is a really good bloke not seen him in ages.at a range day on Monday and going to have a play with my hornet at 400y ,should be fun

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