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  1. simonl

    Ocw results

    if you pick a single charge you are, in my opinion, not doing it right. I understood the best approach was to find 3 consecutive nodes with consistent POI. That way you can use the middle one & know that any changes in temperature, charge weight etc will have no noticeable difference.
  2. I have a wide range of calibres and do lots of fox control. I too started with 17 HMR. 117 foxes in my first year with it. I now prefer my 243 over my 223 & 204. Trajectory wise there's not a fat lot in it for typical fox ranges between most calibres, but the devastation from the 243 is pretty brutal: They are all instantly dead. Very dead.
  3. Hi, I'm looking to get a 17 Hornet. I don't anticipate getting the barrel hot. I can't imagine shooting past 350 yds. I'm struggling to choose a barrel profile (might be limited on choice anyway, but that aside for now). I would previously have opted for the heaviest profile available to give greater stiffness, which I have always assumed gives better accuracy. I'd never carry for more than a few miles so the weight has never worried me. I can feel my knee moaning slightly when I carry heavy loads. Assuming this gets worse I'd like to go for the lightest gun I can - but I'm not prepared to sacrifice much accuracy. If I am careful & methodical in developing a load (I'm thinking more flex in the barrel might actually help here, making the nodes more obvious) do you feel I will regret going for a thin sporter barrel over a heavier varmint barrel? Thanks.
  4. simonl

    New .204 load

    2.7" drop @300 yds? So how high above bore is the highest point of the trajectory?
  5. simonl

    George Balfour (gbal on this site)

    I may go a month or more without visiting UKV so I missed this post with its many fitting tributes. I assume George hasn't improved?
  6. simonl

    New .204 load

    @baldieWhy does the 20 prac go quicker? Can't get my head round that
  7. simonl

    Bit of a mystery?

    Have a google of barrel harmonics. Your barrel wobbles all over the place as the bullet travels down it. When it exits there's no saying which way it'll be pointing.
  8. What results did you get with it?
  9. Where are you travelling from? Bit of a long shot...!
  10. simonl

    Has the .17 HMR had its day?

    I lost faith in my CZ 453. Lots of duds. I also got a bit disillusioned with the accuracy last time I tried it on paper. I went into a field a few months back & shot 9 rabbits in 10 shots in quick succession, up to 130 yds from a gatepost. No runners. I'd forgotten just how good a bunny bashed they are. Any misfire or strange noise & I'm now pretty diligent about making sure the next shot isn't my last.
  11. Picking up not viable for me, but could you let me know what size box it would fit in, and roughly how much it'll weigh? Assuming you're prepared for me to get it collected
  12. This is from an ISIS promo video (shown on 10 o'clock news - I'm not out looking for sht like that) What the hell is it?
  13. Title says it all really. Will spend a month or so over there & wouldn't mind doing some shooting. Anybody recommend anything?
  14. Where in co Durham? PM me with detail?

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