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  1. firedoc

    George Balfour

  2. firedoc

    Primer seating tool

    Sinclair hand primer
  3. firedoc

    couldn't help noticing

    1980 Rd350LC Higgspeed expansion chambers, very anti social and not very environmental 😁.
  4. firedoc

    couldn't help noticing

    When I am not on the range I like to get this little beauty out of the garage 😁.
  5. Glad you enjoyed the FCLass Ian, hope to see you at future matches.
  6. firedoc

    FTR Bipod

    Plus 1 on the Seb Joypod
  7. firedoc

    F TR Questions

    Hope you have a good time if you are at a loose end look for Team Diggle Ringers (FTR) we will there from Wednesday.
  8. firedoc

    Starting in F-class

    If you look on the GB F Class website they run a course in February for F Class shooting. I think that they run one every year so it would be worth contacting them to see when the next course will be. Regards
  9. Well shot Mike great score.
  10. firedoc

    Group diagnosis

    I find it easier when shooting groups to adjust 1 MOA down resulting in your point of impact being lower thus whilst maintaining a clear aim point.
  11. As per title M18 thread Sako brake £70 plus postage
  12. firedoc

    .308, N140, loose primers

    We use Palma brass and Vhit 150 although a bit slower, never had any loose primers.
  13. firedoc

    Ballistics apps

    Strelok is not a bad one

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