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  1. firedoc

    NRA RCO Handloading Rule

    Its very simple from an RCO point of view is that he or she has full responsibility for conducting the range and complying with the range orders (non negotiable).Should something go wrong it's the RCO that completes all the paperwork when all the shooters have gone home. If it is found that hme tests have not been undertaken when required it is the RCO who is called to task. Even worse if the round leaves the danger area or an action fails and causes injury everybody is in a world of pain. We are all classed as competent shooters and this will probably be the first question asked in any inquiry of which you will have to answer ,"yes" or you have admitted you are not. The second question could be tell me what speed or energy your round was? If you know fine. If you don't they will refer you back to your original answer of being competent and perhaps challenge the answer you gave. As an RCO of course I am going to cover my back when conducting on ranges as I will probably be the first person to face an enquiry.
  2. firedoc

    MOA - Mills

    I always thought that radian measure came from the formula 360/2pi 😀.
  3. That's why we save lives by enforcing fire safety legislation to make buildings safe 😁
  4. All enforcers undertake random visits these include the fire service, trading standards officers to name 2 so why should the police be any different?
  5. Yes Nick you would be in sporter class.
  6. There is LV and HV for 6 PPC of which have weight limits, but the other class is sporter which there are no weight limits.
  7. There are three classes in 600 and 1000 benchrest namely factory, light gun max weight 17lb (including scope etc)and heavy gun over 17lb. To my knowledge there is no upper limit as long as you can carry the gun to the bench ?
  8. firedoc

    2018 50 calibre world championships

    Great result Darrel see you when you get back
  9. firedoc

    Tight Neck Rules

    In regards to FTR 308 and 223 the chambers must be in line with CIP and SAAMI specs. Rule F2.3, I don't think there are any restrictions on F Open. FC_Rules_2018_final.pdf
  10. firedoc

    F class open rests

    If am correct it comes with a Picatinny to slot adaptor.
  11. firedoc

    George Balfour

  12. firedoc

    Primer seating tool

    Sinclair hand primer
  13. firedoc

    couldn't help noticing

    1980 Rd350LC Higgspeed expansion chambers, very anti social and not very environmental ?.
  14. firedoc

    couldn't help noticing

    When I am not on the range I like to get this little beauty out of the garage ?.
  15. Glad you enjoyed the FCLass Ian, hope to see you at future matches.

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