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  1. Bullet pointing

    If you shoot long distances then yes short range 100 to 200 yards probably not worth the bother. I don't think the make of press makes a difference.
  2. reload costs

    Luckily my Wife has no interest whatsoever in shooting. She has no idea what stuff costs and I would like to keep it that way.
  3. Shooting Shed Comparator Set .308

    That is correct but it only applies to the drilled and tapped cartridge cases it should not affect the use of Davids comparator's. The comparators are a measuring tool in them selves. I have the Hornady and the Shooting sheds over all length gauges. Davids is far superior to the Hornady offering it fact I don't use the Hornady offering any more its some were in a drawer. I can not remember the last time it was on my reloading bench.
  4. Shooting Shed Comparator Set .308

    I use there comparator's all the time. They are good people to do business with. http://shootingshed.co.uk/oscom/index.php?cPath=38&osCsid=38b9b9918d83c9d552d560b34dd47daf
  5. Micro carbide boring bar inserts

    I am thinking I will probably purchase some of the Cutwell stuff as well to compare.
  6. Micro carbide boring bar inserts

    I went with the ISCAR PICCO range I bought the holder and a couple of inserts. I intend to add other inserts as I need them.
  7. Micro carbide boring bar inserts

    Thanks for the replies I think I am sorted now.
  8. Hi guys could any body help me I am trying to find a supplier of carbide micro boring bar inserts the type that fit into a holder. For a project. This type of thing.
  9. Another Arbor press wanted + .308w dies

    Spud reloading sells them.
  10. GGG Brass

    I have several hundred .308 GGG once fired brass I bought for £10 a hundred once its prepped and the primer crimp removed it works fine.
  11. As per the title any one know were I can get a replacement Anschutz .22 hornet extractor.
  12. Problem with reloading press

    Spray it with WD40. The ram probably needs cleaning.
  13. Modified Cases

    I will do them for free just send them to me and put a couple of first class stamps in with them to return them to you. pm me if you want
  14. Trimmer advice

    L.E.Wilson trimmer is my favourite.

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