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  1. alpha1

    Which electronic powder thrower/dispenser

    This is the set up I use have done for years I can not fault it for accuracy and ease of use.
  2. alpha1

    Which electronic powder thrower/dispenser

    Target master trickler is hard to beat. I use one all the time have done for years.
  3. alpha1

    Decapping die

    I just make my own.
  4. alpha1

    How do You prep Your brass? UKV survey.

    Shoot. Resize either full length or neck size. Check case over all length trim if necessary Reload. Shoot.
  5. alpha1

    Rings for a Khales ZF95 6x42. I22 tube

    Google sorted it out for me. Mount/rings in the post.
  6. alpha1

    Neck tension

    How are you proposing to control your neck tension what is your re loading regime. I use bushing dies to set my neck tension.
  7. alpha1

    Rings for a Khales ZF95 6x42. I22 tube

    According to the documentation its a one inch tube. (Edited) Actually the original documentation shows the tube to be 26/25.4 mm as 25.4mm equals one inch Im guessing one inch rings will be fine. Im sure its all ready sitting in a one inch mount. The current mount is pants by the way I need to mount it properly.
  8. I want to mount a Khales ZF95. 6x42 with a one inch tube on my Tikka M55 action. Im struggling to find mounts can any one make any suggestions recommendations on suitable rings or rail and were can I get them from. Cheers.
  9. alpha1

    Lee Breech Lock quick change bushings

    https://www.henrykrank.com/lee-breech-lock-bushings-pack-of-2.html Henry krank sells them £9.40 for two.
  10. £450 for a Steyr SSG in .308 is a bargain.
  11. alpha1

    Whidden pointing die set pm me

  12. alpha1

    .223 Hornady Modified case

    You did not include a return address can you pm me were you would like them sent to.
  13. alpha1

    .223 Hornady Modified case

    Has far as I am aware Dolphin dont make an Overall length gauge. If you post a picture of the item I will be able to tell you who made it. If it's the Shooting sheds stainless version it's a different thread to the hornady jobby. Send four cases I will tap two with the Hornady thread and two with the shooting sheds offering then you should be covered either way.
  14. alpha1

    .223 Hornady Modified case

    The Hornady overall length gauge as far as I am aware is not made in stainless steel. I can drill and tap cases for the Hornady gauge for the price of postage. If its a stainless steel over all length gauge then it's probably the far superior offering made by the shooting shed I can also drill and tap cases for this OAL gauge for the cost of postage. But if it is one of the shooting shed offerings I suggest you contact them to tap them for you there rates are reasonable. If you post a picture I would be able to identify witch gauge you have.
  15. Is the STYRIA ARMS bottom metal .308.

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