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  1. alpha1

    rebarrel time

    Nice. The new paint job looks good.
  2. The head is the base of the cartridge the bullet goes in the other end. ?
  3. alpha1

    Kit Advice Please!

    The shooting shed COAL gauge is far superior to the Hornady version
  4. alpha1

    308 dies neck size only

    Pm replied to.
  5. alpha1

    308 dies neck size only

    My routine for all my full bore calibers. I use redding body dies with competition shell holders to set the shoulder back. I then use a L.E.Wilson neck sizer bushing die. I record everything on a spreadsheet so I have a record of the cases life.
  6. Is there no machinists on the forum they should be able to make you one quite easily.
  7. alpha1

    Reloading solutions

    I had a look no prices for anything so I went elsewhere.
  8. alpha1

    Powder measures

    The targetmaster trickler a good beam scale and a RCBS powder measure are hard to beat for accuracy and simple to set up and use.
  9. Just had mine serviced and a repair by Omega cost me £390.00 All the work is warranted by Omega.
  10. alpha1

    Bullet pointing

    If you shoot long distances then yes short range 100 to 200 yards probably not worth the bother. I don't think the make of press makes a difference.
  11. alpha1

    reload costs

    Luckily my Wife has no interest whatsoever in shooting. She has no idea what stuff costs and I would like to keep it that way.
  12. alpha1

    Shooting Shed Comparator Set .308

    That is correct but it only applies to the drilled and tapped cartridge cases it should not affect the use of Davids comparator's. The comparators are a measuring tool in them selves. I have the Hornady and the Shooting sheds over all length gauges. Davids is far superior to the Hornady offering it fact I don't use the Hornady offering any more its some were in a drawer. I can not remember the last time it was on my reloading bench.
  13. alpha1

    Shooting Shed Comparator Set .308

    I use there comparator's all the time. They are good people to do business with. http://shootingshed.co.uk/oscom/index.php?cPath=38&osCsid=38b9b9918d83c9d552d560b34dd47daf
  14. alpha1

    Micro carbide boring bar inserts

    I am thinking I will probably purchase some of the Cutwell stuff as well to compare.
  15. alpha1

    Micro carbide boring bar inserts

    I went with the ISCAR PICCO range I bought the holder and a couple of inserts. I intend to add other inserts as I need them.

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