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  1. I have actually been looking at those bullets! There is also a local guy here who makes a similar bullets with a plastic tip. I've seen film of him shooting giant reds on NZ with his 6,5mm 85gr (?) bullet and they droppednlike a sack of potatoes. In the interest of being a lawful shooter, the Grendel is now being sold. I didn't read the swedish legislation carefully enough and didn't catch the exemption for bird hunting in the mountains (one of three intended uses for my Grendel). So I am currently building a 221 Fireball as swedish legislation names this the largest cartridge I can use for the mountain birds and still use a scooter for transport. For deer I will return to my 6,5x284
  2. Just use the new ELD X. Amax branded as a hunting bullet or refer to the Hornady Reloading Manual/ The Complete Hornady Bullet Guide which classes the Amax 6mm and above as suitable hunting bullet for varmint and medium game whereas the SST is medium and large game. The base configuration is called a boat tail. A-MAX bullets are generally for match shooters, with our new AMP jackets drawn to less than 0,0001" concentricity. This bullet is also excellent for hunting thin-skinned game. Hornady also documents and publishes it's reliable expansion I suspect the British AMAX issues are largely a manouver to dodge the wording in the Firearms Act which makes it an offense for target shooters to be in possesion of expanding bullets or "any ammunition which incorporates a missile designed or adapted to expand on impact;" and further "references to a missile’s expanding on impact include references to its deforming in any predictable manner on or immediately after impact." But the killing of deer is found under the deer act? If I'm not mistaken Schedule 2 of the Deer Act 1991 prohibits the use of any ammunition, other than expanding, for the killing of deer and the authority on your firearms certificate should say so? The wording is Any bullet for use in a rifle other than a soft-nosed or hollow-nosed bullet The Deer Act 1996 (Scotland) adds Any person who fails to comply with an order under subsection (1) above shall be guilty of an offence Subsection one being: equipment which may lawfully be used in connection with killing or taking deer, and the circumstances in which any class of firearms, ammunition, sights or other equipment may be so used. And finally, I believe the legal requirements to a bullet for roe in Scotland is: Expanding + =>50 grains weigt +V0 2450fps +1750 ft lbs muzzle energy. So Expanding + 123gr + V0 2560 + 1770 ft lbs should be compliant? I might be wrong, I'm not that familiar with British legislation.
  3. Bah, not sure. It is not more than 3000 rds total (all calibres). It is more often closer to 2000 than 3000. I seem to get around 2400/2500 rds out of my 6,5x284's. They still shoot excellent out to 400'ish meters, but lack that extra for LR. A barrel seems to last 1,5 -2 seasons.
  4. I still have 4 barrels chambered for 6,5x284 so I'll be shooting that.
  5. The Grendel will likely last 6-8000 shots and I'm not keeping the rifle for that long. In this rifle, max cartridge lenght is 59mm which leaves me with no other option than 6,5 Grendel - it is the most powerful cartridge that can be stuffed into the small Sako action. If you have a normal short action, I can see no reason to handicap yourself. Any of the other 6,5mm offers higher velocity and more versatility. The Grendel is perfectly capable, but why bother with it if you don't have to?
  6. That was my immediate reflection as well when I transited to Amax! I feel very confident using the same bullet for everything, know exactly what it is doing. I use a Minox ZP5 scope.
  7. This one might be of some interest. The Grendel performed surprisingly well on the roe. Well, perhaps not considering it mimics the old anemic 6,5x55 loads that dropped game in the thousands. However, I still think it's daft to build a Grendel unless you have external restriction. (I have the short Sako action with maximum cartridge length 59mm). In an AR15 and when compared to a 223, the Grendel is a super cartridge. Put in a shortaction bolt, 6.5 Creedmoor, x47 or 260 is simply a better choice. I simply see no need to willfully build a rifle with a ballistic handicap. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=srOveJ4UnTA
  8. Roe

    Jacket quest......will it never end

    Ulf wears a jacket from swedish Cold Skills.
  9. Not sure how you guys cook them... Hang and cure the bird. Take out breast fillet. Give a quick fry in pan. Heat in oven until pink core. Serve with mushrooms, potatoes etc. It can easily be overcooked and become very dry. Good taste, not as good as ptarmigan (grouse) though.
  10. Thanks for that guys. I can remember hearing stories from oldtimers on how plentiful they once where in Scotland, apparently some were under instructions to remove nests. A bit sad, it is a wonderful gamebird.
  11. I think this form of hunting doesn't exist in UK so might be interesting to watch. Also the concept of shooting birds UP in a tree with a centerfire rifle will raise the hairs on people living in more densely populated areas. This hunt was filmed in a true wilderness area in northern Sweden. The dog finds birds on the ground, they are treed and the dog will bark at the tree the bird hides in. The hunters then crawl in. This is a difficult hunt to film, but hope you get the idea... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZFGtHQ63Pg
  12. Roe

    Short Sako Actions

    The S491 is significantly heavier than the Vixen and puts the rifle into the realm of ordinary shortaction rifles. My S491 weighs 3150gr with a lightweight synth stock and a 20" fluted barrel.
  13. Roe

    Stock AR

    Very nice, love the colour!
  14. Roe

    6.5x55 140gr Hunting VLD's

    Had the same experience on red deer with 6.5mm 140gr Berger Hunting. First attempt and first shot pencilled, followup worked as it was supposed to and saved the day. Stopped using the bullets the same day.
  15. Roe

    Anyone use 6.5 Grendel?

    Well, the Grendel build is finished. I have not previously owned any rifle this precise. A short film here

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