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  1. Stutleygun.co.uk have them
  2. Try this http://www.mil-rad.com/scope_ring_calculator
  3. .223 and 300 rifle wanted

    Pm sent
  4. .223 and 300 rifle wanted

    I have a browning tct varmint 223 with a 1 in 8 twist fluted barrel I might sell, it's had about 450 through it.
  5. Got an update today if anyone else has one on order & is interested they are at the proof house & should be with your rfd in the 1st or 2nd week in February
  6. Nope I'm getting the enhanced version
  7. £200-£300 saving from my rfd to those that are available now
  8. I've got one on order I'm just waiting for the call
  9. I've got one on order just waiting for the call.
  10. Anyone know when the next batch of ruger precision rifles hit these shores?
  11. Best s/auto .22LR

    If you can find one second hand a rimfire magic fits the bill & are superb
  12. As title 30 cal 150gr hpbt sierra matchking, opened the box of 100 but never used them. £25 posted.

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