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  1. rem700

    Competition micro seater die 7x57

    As title competition seater die with micro adjustable top in 7x57 pm me please thanks
  2. rem700

    Nosler bt 7mm 120gr

    Pm sent
  3. rem700

    Advice on vintage watch

    Thankyou All for your comments the search continues atb
  4. rem700

    Advice on vintage watch

    Thanks Lukas for me vintage means quality materials and build quality and built to last not keen on this cheep and cheerful throw away products we seem to all use AND throw away atb paul
  5. Hii am looking for a vintage watch for my sons 21stsomething well made that he can keep and maybe pass oni would like an incablock/self/auto winder typemy budget is £200 onlycan any of you advise me on good/bad makeswhat to look out for, questions I should ask the sellermy son found an Stainless Steel Omega (1970s) with a blue face onlinethat he liked , but before I part with my hard earned cash though I would ask for advice thankspaul
  6. rem700

    Nosler bt 7mm 120gr

    Hi All looking for Nosler bt (hunting) 120gr 7mm/.284 pm me Thanks
  7. rem700


    Thanks George for the info ?
  8. rem700


    Thanks baldie will call them Monday (dodgyrog) I have no idea if other triggers will fit this
  9. rem700


    Hi all looking for a trigger mechanism for a bsa cf2 knibbs hasn't got any
  10. rem700

    Now sorted thanks

    Thanks all now sorted
  11. rem700

    Now sorted thanks

    Replied thankyou Alan
  12. There's a chap on SD looking for one
  13. Wrong thread for me or I would take it good luck with your sale
  14. rem700

    Now sorted thanks

    Hi alli am looking for a 2nd hand 7mm/308 moderator with 1/2in thread, rifle will be threaded to new modto go on a 7x57 will need it rfd to rfd not unless your close to berkshire my top choice would be a pes/mae T12but if offered other types/makes ,I will do some research on these as not familiar with most of themthanks
  15. rem700

    Competition Seater Die 7x57

    Hi all wanted Competition Seater Die in 7x57 pm me what you have thanks

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